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Final Fantasy XIV Housing Guide 2023

By Nightmare2023-03-29

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Housing is one of the most sought-after features in Final Fantasy XIV. It provides players a space to call their own, allowing for complete customization and decoration. This guide will help you understand the FFXIV housing prices, requirements, types, and situations of losing your Gil or house.


FFXIV housing


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How to Get Your Own House in FFXIV

Whether you are trying to get a house for yourself or your Free Company, a few criteria should be met. From patch 6.1, all housing plots are distributed in a lottery system. And participating in this lottery requires you to meet some requirements:


  • Level 50 in at least one job.
  • Second Lieutenant or higher in the Grand Company.
  • Your Free Company must have at least four members in it and at least rank six if you plan to get it for your FC.
  • All characters must be in their home world.


Once you meet the requirements, here's how you take part in the lottery:

1. Access the notice at the entrance of an available plot of land.

2. Select the "Enter Lottery" option and agree to the T&Cs.

3. Deposit the full sum of the plot's value.


Once you enter the lottery, you can win to claim the land or lose and get a 100% refund. But if you've managed to win but fail to claim the land in time, they will only refund you 50% of the value. If you also fail to accept the refund in the given time, you will lose it as well.


You can only bid on one Private Plot at once, so choose the one that you truly want.


Housing decorat


Where Are the Districts Located

There are currently five housing districts from which people can buy land. They are all accessible after completing their corresponding blue side quests. Here are the five districts:

  • Mist - Lower La Noscea
  • Lavender Beds - Central Shroud
  • The Goblet - Western Thanalan
  • Shirogane - Kugane
  • Empyreum – Ishgard


Each district has 30 instances called Wards, and each Ward contains 60 plots. This means that there are 1800 housing plots in a single district!


How Much Do Lands Cost

As for the cost, there are five types of lands/housing options players can purchase, and each comes in different sizes, features, and prices:

  • Private chambers: They are single rooms within your Free Company building. It costs 300,000 Gil. You lose your chamber if you leave the Free Company.
  • Apartments: Costs 500,000 Gil. Easy to acquire but not available for Free Companies.
  • Small plots: Costs between 3,000,000 – 3,750,000 Gil. Requires a construction permit costing 300,000 Gil to build buildings (small cottage).
  • Medium plot: Costs between 16,000,000 – 20,000,000 Gil. Requires a construction permit costing 1,000,000 Gil to build buildings (medium house).
  • Large plot: Costs between 40,000,000 – 50,000,000 Gil. Requires a construction permit costing 3,000,000 Gil to build buildings (large mansion).


Bidding Lottery


Once you own a property, you can customize them with many customization options that the game features. These options include everything from exterior and interior fixtures to a wide selection of furniture and other items. Housing plots also come with a garden, so you can have an aesthetic garden to match your house.


Tips When Bidding Lottery

Find a few plots you like, and put in your bid a minute before the lottery period ends.


The reason to put your bid until the last minute is that you can look at all the plots on your list to bid on the one with the least bidders to increase the chance of winning. If you are the only bidder, then that house will be yours.


Pay Attention to Auto-Demolition

If you own an estate, remember to enter it occasionally. Suppose you have not entered your estate for at least thirty days. In that case, the status under the Estate tab of the Timers window will indicate the estate is being prepared for auto-demolition and denote the remaining days. The status will no longer display when you enter the estate.


You can press Ctrl+U to bring up the Timers menu.


Housing in FFXIV costs a lot of Gil and effort, buying the plot and all the furnishings, but eventually, you can have your dream house, so it's all worth it. Since housing is costly, and winning the lottery needs luck and time, you better start now.


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