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Why You Should Craft and Gather in Final Fantasy XIV

By Nightmare2022-12-23

Players can play many different things in Final Fantasy XIV, and some think Crafting and Gathering are boring, and some enjoy doing them. Still, there is a good reason for those who haven't touched them to level at least one Crafter and one Gatherer.


This article is not about how to get rich with Crafters or Gatherers. It's about the loot you can get from them: Mounts, Minions, Emotes, Hairstyles, Music, Housing items, Titles, and more. Are you interested?


FFXIV Crafting


Some players don't have much time to play this game, and some are too lazy to level Crafters or Gatherers, but once you try it, you might love it. Well, if you are a battle-focused player, short on time, and looking for low-effort rewards plus a ton of extra content, then it's time to get a Crafter and Gatherer job.


Back then, it was tough to level up a Crafter or a Gatherer, but nowadays, many Crafting and Gathering contents can grant you a ridiculous amount of EXP so that you can do this the easy way, the easier way, or the easiest way.


The Laziest Way to Level up a Crafter or Gatherer

Suppose you don't want to Craft or Gather, and you want to keep it to a minimum, or you are lazy. You can buy cheap and fast-delivered FFXIV Gil to do supply missions after joining a Grand Company (GC). You have to deliver the items they ask for, and you will get a ton of EXP. You can even get double EXP if you turn in the HQ version, and you don't have to make the items because you can buy them from the Market Board (MB) to save all the trouble.


Suppose this is the way you want to level up your Crafter or Gatherer. In that case, you should know that there is a Timers menu in the main menu, which will show you what they are asking for each day, so you don't have to go to the GC every time, you can only do this once a day, but even then, you could probably level up your Crafter or Gatherer in a few weeks. It might not be the fastest or cheapest since you are buying a ton of HQ stuff, but it could be the laziest.




Another way you can get a ton of low-effort EXP is from the Crafter or Gatherer Leve quests, and you can buy the items from the MB, too. HQ items can also give double EXP.


If you want to craft the item yourself, and usually making it is not that hard, you can check on Gamer Escape for the ingredient sources, so you don't have to pay more Gil to buy it from the MB when Vendors are selling them for a low price.


The only problem with Levequest is that you only get 100 allowances, and they recharge slowly, but it's still a pretty good lazy option with a high return of EXP for a minimal time investment.


Ishgardian Restoration Leveling Method

There is a much faster and easy method in Ishgardian Restoration, the best EXP for Crafters and Gatherers, and you can Power Level up to 80 plus in a matter of hours. You can unlock it by finishing the Heavensward Level 60 Main Scenario Quest "Litany of Peace."


As a Crafter, you can start leveling in there at Level 20. As a Gatherer, you can begin to level there at Level 10.


Crafters have to craft in there, but there is a lazy way by using Ishgardian Restoration Crafting Macros. Also, keep your gear up-to-date and use the recommended food or potion on the website for the macro to work. Remember to set the slider to your Level so you can see the macros for that Level.


On top of being a fantastic leveling method, there are also fabulous prizes because anything you turn in will give you Skybuilder's Scrips, the currency for the loot. You can get many Mounts, Minions, and other things with the Scrips. Many are tradeable, so you can sell them to make Gil if the price is worth it.


Custom Delivery Leveling Method

Another source of scripts, loot, EXP, and Glamours for doing the absolute bare minimum is Custom Deliveries, and this is the lowest effort you could make. You can start this at Level 50 and get a Mount from one of the Custom Delivery NPCs. It is a little dragon guy, and you can get a cool red dragon Mount after finishing all the quests there, which is not hard. The stuff they ask you to make is super easy, and there is a vendor nearby that sells everything you need to make them.


FFXIV Red Dragon Mount


If you don't want to level at all, another option is to buy Crafter or Gatherer Power Leveling to boost the job you want to the max Level, then go for the loot. MmoGah only does handwork leveling. No worries about your account.


Tribal Quests

You will get the best EXP if you are in the level range for the Tribe, and you got to go it because there will be Mounts, Minions, Emotes, or Glamours. That's why we are all doing it.


Every Tribe has unique Mounts, Minions, and other unique stuff. Some Tribes are only for Crafters, some are only for Gatherers, and some are for both, so if you want the loot, you need to level up at least one Crafter and one Gatherer.


FFXIV is story-driven, and its players love the stories, which means every Crafter and Gatherer has a personal storyline, too, up to Level 70. Afterward, you get the facet stories from Crystarium and the studio stories from Old Sharlayan.


Any activity in this game comes with stories of its own and loot, which is usually fun. Are you interested in leveling up Crafts and Gathers now? Have fun playing Final Fantasy XIV, and thank you for reading.


The information is from Zepal HQ's video. Check the video out if you are interested.


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