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Five Easy Ways to Make Gil in Final Fantasy XIV

By Nightmare2023-02-17

In this article, I will share some easy ways to make an income in Final Fantasy XIV. Please be aware that this is not a get-rich-quick guide, but are steady income streams that can build up FFXIV Gil for you over time and are also low-effort.


Gil Making Way One - Grand Company Seals

The first one is Grand Company (GC) seals because this is the basis for other money-making methods. Getting GC seals is pretty easy, and there are multiple ways to get them, but it all comes down to turning in gear, and there are multiple ways to get gear. Hand them to the GC Personnel Officer under the Expert Delivery tab.


Grand Company Seals


It would be best if you constantly roll on dungeon gear drops since we need as many gears as possible and turn them in for seals. Once you get enough seals, you can exchange them for several different goods.


The best things to use your seals on are in-demand crafting items like Potash, Coke, or Glamour Prisms. You can also check all the exchangeable items on the Market Board to find what's good to sell.


Gil Making Way Two - Retainers

You can send your retainers out on missions called Ventures once per hour, and they will bring back gear, housing items, or Venture coffers. If you are lucky, some may sell for a really good price. So, sending them out as often as possible is good to increase the chance of getting high-price items.




You can also do 12-hour Ventures if you are going to bed or work, and your retainers might bring back a rare minion or an in-demand crafting item, maybe something that's more expensive.


Gil Making Way Three - Tomestones

You will naturally build up tomestones if you do any battle content, whether you are doing Roulettes, Trials, or whatever. Pretty much everything is going to give you tomestones. Allagan Tomestones of Poetics can be exchanged in the Crystarium for old gear pieces, so I recommend you buy a bunch of rings from the highest ilevel Poetics gear. So, right now, that would be the Augmented Cryptlurker's gear, and then you repeat the first method on this list, which is turn-in for GC seals.




You can also make money by selling the Allagan Tomestones of Astronomy exchanged items.


Gil Making Way Four - Island Sanctuary

After leveling your island to the max level, you only need about five minutes per day to set your workshop, and the rest is all automated by the mammets. I highly recommend joining the Overseas Casuals Discord to get the best Cowrie output from your workshop.


How is money made on the island? You just need to use your stockpile of Cowries to buy things like crafting and gathering Materia or rare dyes.


Island Sanctuary


Gil Making Way Five - Hunt Trains

Hunt Trains will give you Poetics, capped and uncapped Tomestones, Nuts, and Clusters. There are guides about how to make Gil with Tomestones above. Now let's see how to make Gil with Nuts.


Hunt Trains


After you have gotten all the fun Mounts and Minions that you want with Nuts, you should head over to the Crystarium again and go to the hunt NPC Xylle by the Tenemos Rookeryy and trade your Nuts for Ronkan Rings. It could be like the Ronkan Ring of Healing, Casting, or Fending, then trade them for GC seals.


The Clusters you get are perhaps the most lucrative item from Hunt Trains because you can use them to exchange for Battle Materia, and plenty of players might need them when there are newly added gear sets or new players level up to the max level.


Remember to check for the prices first before exchanging anything other than gear for the GC seals. Thank you for reading, and have fun playing Final Fantasy XIV.


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