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Final Fantasy XIV Alt Jobs Leveling Guide 2023

By Nightmare2023-03-10

This article will cover a 1-90 leveling guide for alt jobs in Final Fantasy XIV, the new leveling method for 2023. The guide is for players trying to cap all the jobs or wanting to play other jobs. Using the fastest way to level up can save you time and energy.


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Level 1-15

An alt class at level 1-15 using the class quests and Hunting Logs are the quickest EXP for as easy as possible.


By using this method, finding the targets is the most time-wasting, but don't worry, here is a link for all the classes' Hunting Logs, find your class and rank, then all the monsters' locations are right there.


Hunting Logs


Level 15-60

When you hit level 15, you can start doing dungeon runs, but many used to say Palace of the Dead. With all the changes to dungeons and trusts, this is no longer the way to level alt jobs, there is only one truly effective way, even for DPS, and that's running dungeons.


Dungeon Runs for Tanks and Healers

Tanks and Healers should do Leveling Roulette and then spam the highest-level dungeons because the queues are incredibly quick. It's hands down the fastest method.


Dungeon Runs for DPS

There are two ways for DPS to run dungeons. One is to do Duty Support, which means spamming dungeons with NPCs since no queue time is associated with that. Another is to queue for dungeons and do other things while waiting.


By testing, Duty Support takes longer to finish because they kill very slowly. You can finish it much faster when doing a regular queue for dungeons, and you can do crafting, gathering, or other things while waiting. So doing the regular dungeons are better for most players.


But if you play on off times and the queue time is like 20 minutes long, you might as well run the Duty Support with NPCs. If you are in peak times, I suggest queueing for the dungeons.


Dungeon Spamming Tips in FFXIV

A very important tip when dungeon spamming is to use the Leveling dungeons because they offer more EXP, and here is a link for all the Leveling dungeons. It covers from level 15-89 dungeons.


Leveling dungeons


Also, don't forget to keep doing your Hunting Logs until you finish them all.


Level 60-70

From level 60, you can keep spamming leveling dungeons, but now you can include Wondrous Tales. You can unlock this in Idyllshire. It is a weekly book that you can complete and turn in for 50 percent of your experience bar, and this is not as good for lower jobs, so you should use this on your highest non-maxed job.


Level 70-80

At level 70, a few things open up for you. The first thing that does open up and is worth doing is the Pixie Beast Tribes, these are daily quests, and you can get a huge amount of EXP every day. You can also exchange for Mount, Minions, and other stuff.


Another thing is Bozja and Zadnor if you have them unlocked already. If you don't have them unlocked, then I don't recommend them because it takes time to unlock, but if you get tired of dungeon spamming, this could be an alternate way to get some easy EXP.


Level 80-90

Once you get to level 80, this is where Duty Roulettes can make a big difference, and it's worth doing the Leveling and Alliance every day. You can also unlock the Arkasadora Tribal quest, similar to the Pixies, which gives you a lot of EXP daily. You can also exchange for Mount, Minions, and other stuff.


Arkasadora Tribal


Leveling Through PvP

Leveling through PvP is a really good way of leveling alt jobs that you don't necessarily want to play, as when you queue into the Frontline, you can change jobs to play the job you want. Players who hate playing Tank or other roles can use Frontline to level up.


All EXP Boost in FFXIV

There are many ways to increase EXP earned in Final Fantasy XIV. You can check all the bonuses on the wiki with this link.


Here I hope you can cap all the levels as soon as possible. Thank you for reading, and have fun playing Final Fantasy XIV.


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