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Top 10 FFXIV Guiding Websites

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Top 10 FFXIV Guiding Websites


When you have problems or questions playing Final Fantasy XIV, you'll probably need helps, so here are some popular and useful guiding websites that provide all kinds of information. The video is shared by Zepla HQ. I hope you can find what you need.



Number 1.


This website covers the true endgame for Final Fantasy XIV. You can find all the gearsets for all jobs in all levels, and you can choose the model to male or female, and when you click on it, you can see all the equipment and where to get it.


Then there's Glamours. You can look through to see what glamorous people have uploaded recently or look for inspiration ideas. You can also work around a particular body piece and see what sort of outfits people have put up there. You can see a lot of great ideas and also have a really good time here.



Number 2.


This website is such a convenient resource where many different resources have been gathered together, easy to read, easy to navigate. There are job guides for Tank, Healer, Melee, and Physical Ranged. If you play Casters, click the link Number 3 for more information.


There are Encounter Resources, and here you can look at any Savage fight video. There are not just video guides but also text guides. They have timelines for the fight, which can be really helpful if you're trying to work with your group to line up buffs.



Number 3.


They have guides for Summoner, Black Mage, and Red Mage, so this website is what you need if you are playing a Caster.



Number 4.


You can track all of your collections of Mounts, Minions or questions, and other various things on this website. On the side in Minions, it will show you where to get them. A fun thing that it does is show you the percentage of people with this particular item. It also shows in which Patch it was added, and if it is tradeable or not, and how much FFXIV Gil they sell in-game.



Number 5.


This website is for Crafters, Gatherers and Fishers.


Garland Data is a huge database that you can search for anything at all in the game. When you search for an item, it'll show you what Crafter can make it, what materials you need, and you can make a New Group for things that you want to craft. It's so convenient. One cool thing you can do is to check out the new stuff that has been added in the latest Patch.


In Garland Bell, you can see all the gathering timers. It's great to check the timers of various items that you want to gather. If they're green means they're up, so you can go and gather them. There's also a map showing where it is and at what time it spawns. It can make a little sound if you let it do the notifications when something you've been tracking is up to gather.


In FFXIV Fisher, it shows you various fish, what bait you might need for them, and where to catch them.


On this website, materials you can buy with in-game currency doesn't show where or how to get them, but if you don't want to spend your Gil on it, you can click on the cog in the top right then click Open on Gamer Escape, you can find information about how to get them there.



Number 6.


They have excellent guides here: guides for Getting Started, Items, Quests, Duties, Activities, and Logs. Another guide on gamer escape that is very useful is for the Resistance Weapons, keeping track of all the resistance weapon quests. It's nice to have this website as a resource that's always up to date.



Number 7.


This website is incredible for Fishing, like where to get this fish, what bait you'll need, when it is often caught. They show you a map of where you need to go, photos of where you should stand, and all the things that you can fish in that area.



Number 8.


This website is significantly more simple than anything else above. Still, you'll need it because time zones are complex, as you many have discovered trying to communicate any time zone to anyone that doesn't live in your time zone. What is the current event, and when will it end. Usually, they also have these for patch days, like how long until the patch day.



Number 9.


This website is for Final Fantasy XIV Housing, really helpful to see what different furniture looks like in the game. When you click on a piece of furniture, it shows you the pictures of it, and it will also show you related furniture, which is easy for you to choose.



Number 10.


If you want to do Hunts in FFXIV, this website above can provide you information about all types of hunts: S-Rank, B-Rank, A-Rank, Daily Targets, and a guide about how to unlock hunts. It also has a Daily Hunt Route Maker tool for players to make their target list for convenient tracks.



All the websites above can provide you with guides that can improve your playing skills. Here I will also recommend you MmoGah, from which you can buy cheap ffxiv gil. If you don't have much time to level up, they also have FFXIV Power Leveling, which can help you to level up fast.


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