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Final Fantasy XIV - Beginners Guide to PvP

By Nightmare2023-03-03

Final Fantasy XIV contains many types of content, and PvP is one of them. In this article, I will explain the PvP modes, how to unlock all the PvP modes, how to access the PvP zone, how the PvP works, etc.


There are three modes of PvP in FFXIV: Crystalline Conflict, Frontline, and Rival Wings.


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Crystalline Conflict: 5v5 in 5 minutes fight, the goal is to push the crystal from the center to the opposing base.

Frontline: 24v24v24, a battle of three Grand Companies. Each alliance has three full parties of eight players. The battle lasts for a maximum of 20 minutes.

Rival Wings: 24v24, players use Machina to destroy Magitek Barriers and the opposing party's crystal. The battle lasts for a maximum of 15 minutes.




Requirements for PvP in FFXIV

Firstly, your main story quests and battle class need to be at level 30 or above, and you finish the level 30 job quest and equip the Soul Crystal.


For example, if your class is Gladiator, you must become a Paladin by equipping the Soul Crystal.


Free Trail players do not have access to PvP.


How to Unlock PvP in FFXIV

Unlock Crystalline Conflict: Complete "The Crystal (Line's) Call" from Gungi Zelungi in the Wolves' Den at X:4.9 Y:6.4.

Unlock Frontline: You must finish the Grand Company quest "Like Civilized Men and Women."

Unlock Rival Wings: Complete the quest "Earning Your Wings" from Softknox in the Wolves' Den at X:5.7 Y:5.5, and you will unlock it easily.


How to get to Wolves' Den

If you have been here already and activated the Aetheryte, you can open the teleport window or type '/teleport' to open the window to teleport there. It is at the bottom of La Noscea.


If you don't have the teleport there, you can teleport to Moraby Drydocks and use the Ferry to travel to the Wolves' Den and activate the Aetheryte.


Go To Wolves Den


When you are in Wolves' Den, you will have new PvP hot bars. You can type '/pvp profile' to open the PvP Profile, and there are all the new actions and some Quick Chat. You might want to set some Quick Chat on your hot bar because chat is banned while doing PvP.


General Tips for Crystalline Conflict

First, you should always try to be pushing the crystal, if possible, fight on the crystal. If you are losing the fight and you cannot escape or get away, then try to die on the crystal. That way, you can delay it as much as possible for the enemy to push the crystal.


The second thing is always to target the person with the lowest HP/MP, MP is tied to HP. In essence, MP is a player's extended HP, and they just haven't converted it to HP yet. You can also use a macro to tell everyone who you are attacking and also put a marker on that player, so everyone in your team can see who you are attacking, and they can all attack the same player for a fast kill.


PvP Macros


Lastly, try to group up after losing a fight. Otherwise, you will constantly be fighting at a numbers disadvantage. You may go in with four versus five or three versus five when the enemy team is well-grouped.


General Tip for Frontline

The most important thing is to have the map opened at all times, and zoom out until it fits your screen, this way you can know what is happening across the map, you can see when an objective comes up, can know when you are losing an objective, so you can help.


The second tip is to always try to play the objective and try not to fly in the middle of nowhere, it doesn't help the team to win the match, and if possible, you should always try to go for the objective closest to your spawn, as if any of your teammates die, it's a lot easier for your team to get to that location than the enemies.


Another tip is that melees and tanks are harder to kill than Crystalline Conflict. Still, physical range and casters are the same, so if you have to target somebody, you should always try to target a physical range or a caster, as they are quite squishy in the Frontline.


Rival Wings - Hidden Gorge Tips

General Tips for Rival Wings is the same as Frontline. It would help if you always have the map opened so that we know what is happening on the other side of the map. You want to push the sidelines to obtain the currency you kill from the mobs. At some point, in the middle, there will be train spawning, there will be a big notification, and you want to fight for the train and then destroy the tower, and eventually, you can attack the base directly to win the match.


Hidden Gorge


Check here for more Hidden Gorge details.


PvP Rewards

For the PvP rewards, you must head to the western side of Wolves' Den at X:4.5 Y:6.1 and talk to the NPC Crystal Quartermaster for the exchange.


PvP Rewards


That's all for the PvP. Thank you for reading, and have fun playing PvP in Final Fantasy XIV.


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