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FFXIV New Player Tips

Nightmare October 31st, 2021 Final Fantasy XIV    FFXIV Gil    FFXIV Power Leveling    FFXIV Gil Help   

When new players start to play Final Fantasy XIV, they might miss out on some important things along the way. Here I have some tips from someone who has made many mistakes during his journey. Hopefully, you don’t make them.


FFXIV New Player Tips


Hunting Log


To level up fast in Final Fantasy XIV, the first way you can get is to active the Hunting Log. It is available after completing your first class quest at your class guild.


Some players might have activated it without knowing. You can press H to find out. There is a list of monsters you need to kill for every ten levels. These mobs are in areas you need to visit anyway. So, look up in your Hunting Log when you are out doing other quests. They also have a crescent symbol on their name.


When you finish killing one of them, you get a small reward of experience, but you can get a massive reward of experience when you kill all ten.


hunting log



Food Buff


Just like in real life, you have to eat. Food buffs can give you 3% extra experience, so always have some food on you and always have the food buff on when you are killing.


Do not worry too much about the stats in the early game, as long as it can increase experience. You can use FFXIV Gil to buy food from vendors or on the Market Board.



Sanctuary Boost


Sanctuary is the big Aetheryte Crystals that you can teleport to. A message will display when you enter a sanctuary, and a crescent moon will show at the right of your experience bar.


Be sure to put your character at a Sanctuary place when you log off. Next time you log in, you will get some rested experience bonus. The longer you rest, the more experience bonus you get. It increases the battle experience by 50%.


Aetheryte Crystal



Free Company


Joining a Free Company will give you buffs like increased experience earned through battle, up to 15%, increased experience earned by companions, up to 15%, reduced teleportation fees, and many other types of buffs. It depends on the FC.



Hall of The Novice


When you reach level 15 with at least one Disciple of War or Magic, you can speak with the Smith NPC at the Adventurers’ Guild in each city and several other locations to register for Hall of the Novice training. You can get a Brand-new Ring after you finish it, which increases 30% experience gain when at or below level 30.


Please keep it in your inventory after hitting level 31 because you still need it for leveling other classes.


Brand-new Ring



Daily Roulette


Daily Roulette is a way to get a massive chunk of experience for doing a dungeon or a guild quest for the first time that day. So, make sure you go and do them.


If you don’t want to do it on your main class, try to level up a second class, it is a perfect system for bringing up a healer or a tank. First, you have to level them up to 16, then do Daily Roulette every day.



Chocobo Companion


Chocobo isn’t only a Mount but also your companion and your best friend.


At level 30, your Chocobo can fight with you. There is a quest called “My Feisty Little Chocobo”, the quest is in South Shroud X: 20.3 Y: 21.6, NPC name: Luquelot.


After you complete the quest, you can summon your Chocobo with Gysahl Greens, and you can change the stance in the companion menu. There are Free Stance, Defender Stance, Healer Stance, and Attacker Stance. You can choose one that fits you the best, and remember to summon it out when you are fighting in the open world to progress and level up your Chocobo.



Chocobo Companion



Vesper Bay Aetheryte Ticket


It is a small thing, but this one can drive you crazy if you don’t know about the tickets. As part of your MSQ (Main Scenario Quest), you will have to go to an area called The Waking Sand in Vesper Bay, and you have to go there A LOT to pick up quests and hand in quests. It is a long way to get there if you don’t use the Vesper Bay Aetheryte Ticket.


Check your inventory first if you need to go there, it will teleport you straight to Vesper Bay, and there are enough tickets to take you there for every single piece of story content you need to do. As you progress the MSQ, you will get more of them.


Vesper Bay Aetheryte Ticket



Grand Company


Once you join a GC (Grand Company), level your GC as soon as possible because many things are behind it. The way to level your GC in the early game is the GC Hunting Log.


When you press H, there is a GC icon under your classes. Click it to check your GC Hunting Log.


Instead of giving experience, GC Hunting Log provides seals, do whatever you can to promote your GC to Sergeant Second Class, then you can do Expert Delivery. You can exchange items from dungeons and trials that you don’t want for easy seals.


buy ffxiv gil


Palace of the Dead


The Palace of the Dead is an ever-changing dungeon. It is never quite the same each time you enter to explore its depths. All players will begin at level 1, and only by fighting the enemies within will you be able to gain the strength and experience needed to explore its shadowy depths.


The MSQ will not lead you there, so you have to get the quest yourself. It is a blue quest called “The House That Death Built” in New Gridania X:12.0 Y:13.1. You have to complete the MSQ “Into a Copper Hell” first, which means after you finish your first dungeon.


It is an excellent way to try out new classes or try your current one. As you progress up, you get to see what the skills look like at level 60, and you can find out you like the class or not.


Palace of the Dead



Have Fun


My final tip is to have fun, the MSQ isn’t going anywhere, and you only get to experience it once.


If you enjoy fishing, you can go ocean fishing whenever you feel like, take some breaks from leveling. If you enjoy the golden saucer, go and have fun, or do whatever you want to do, make sure you’re having fun.


The game gives you as much as you put in, so don’t fall for the grind, pace yourself and enjoy the game.


If you are on the fence about trying the game, there is a free trial up to level 60. Go ahead and have fun!




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