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Mistakes You May Make in FFXIV

Nightmare June 24th, 2021 Final Fantasy XIV    FFXIV Gil    FFXIV Power Leveling    FFXIV Gil Help   

People make more mistakes when learning or participating in new things, like playing a new video game, such as Final Fantasy XIV, which has so many things in it. Let's see what mistakes other players have made so that you can learn from their mistakes.



1.  A dead playerDead players


If you find a dead player on the ground, check the player's name first. If it is white, it means the player is playing dead, and if it is grey, it means the player is dead for real, then you can raise the player if you have the ability.



2.  o/ in the party chatParty chat


If you see o/ in the party chat, it means hello. It is a little weaving guy, o is the head, and / is the arm.





ERP stands for Erotic Role Play, so don't take it as an extreme raiding party.



4.  Main Scenario Quest storiesMSQ


The Main Scenario Quest stories will not affect your character's freedom, so you can still go anywhere you want to.



5.  Home Pointhome point


Activate every crystal you pass by, the big ones and the small ones, so you can teleport there in the future. It will not change your Home Point when unlocking crystals, only if you set it as your home point.






6.  Gear Set

gear set


You can create a Gear Set before changing to other jobs, so you will not be naked next time you switch back. You can make up to 45 sets.



7.  Fate



After the end of a Fate, those high-level players would be in low HPs because of unsyncing. For example, when a level 80 player does a level 30 Fate, the player will be synced to level 30, and after the Fate ends, the player will be back to level 80, but the amount of HP stays at level 30 for a moment. No worries, their HP will be full in no time, so there is no need to heal them.



8.  Gatheringgathering


If you are gathering, look out for AOE markers and avoid them.



9.  Limit Break

limit break


If you don't know what Limit Break is or don't know how to use it, you can check out the information about Limit Break.



10.  Sightseeing Log


If you don't know what Sightseeing is, you can check out the information about Sightseeing Log.



11.  Crafter and Gather

crafter and gathering


Crafters and Gathers are not supposed to fight in battles, so do not try to kill anything with them. When you are gathering, make sure your tool lands on rocks/trees, not mobs.



12.  Chocobo Mount

chocobo mount


You can get a Chocobo Mount at level 20. First, you must be part of a Grand Company, and then you can get the quest My Little Chocobo in the Grand Company.



13.  Auto-attack

auto attack


Do not mind the Auto-attacks. You can use your skills one by one.



14.  Aetheryte




Active every crystal in the city, so you can use the nearest one to travel to other crystals for free. The big and the small ones work the same.



15.  New gear

new gear


Remember to update your gear like every five levels so that you can kill mobs much faster.



16.  Gear repair

gear repair


If the condition of your gear reaches 0%, then they are not providing any stats, so you have to repair it. You can repair them with Independent Mender NPCs, which you can find in central cities or camps. It shows a hammer on the map. Well, you have to pay FFXIV Gil to repair them, though.



17.  Side quest

side quest


You do not have to do all the side quests, they will always be there, and you can save them for other jobs you level in the future. But, just so you know, all the side quests are bound with your character, not the job, so if you do the quest on one job, then you cannot do it on another job.



18.  Language setting

language setting


Remember to change the language to all languages when queueing for dungeons.



19.  Market Board

market board


You can find Market Board in any main city, and you can buy stuff there with FF14 Gil. Also, sell things after you get a retainer.



20.  Glamour Dresser

glamour dresser


You do not have to carry all your glamours/gears in your inventory. You can put your glamours in Glamour Dresser and gears in Armoury Chest.



Have you made mistakes while playing Final Fantasy XIV? Are they on the list? If not, what was the mistake that you have made? Let me know in the comment below, and it can also help others to avoid making mistakes in FFXIV. Thank you.

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