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Unwritten Rules of FFXIV

By Nightmare2021-04-19

Maybe you are a new Final Fantasy XIV player, so you do not know any unwritten rules.

Maybe you are an old player but did not notice that there were unwritten rules.

Maybe some you well know of but have not realized.


I have gathered most of the unwritten rules, some are from a video made by Zepla HQ, and some are from the commendations posted by other players.



What are the rules exactly? Scrolling down to find out:

  1. Things you do not know.
  2. Things you have already known.
  3. Things you know but I have not pointed out.
  4. Things that does not apply to your server.



Things about dungeons:


  • ●  Do not queue up for extreme or savage content using the Duty Finder.


●  Use the Party Finder if you need to get it done. If it is a lower extreme trial or savage raid, you can do it with the Undersized Party option turned on, which will allow a smaller group of max-level players to blaze through the content.


  • ●  Tell people if you are new. In nine times out of ten, they will be helpful.


  • ●  Never stand in front of the boss with the tank unless it is specifically needed.


  • ●  Do not pull stuff on your own unless you are the tank. If you get aggro by something, you should bring it to the tank, and you will be fine.


  • ●  When someone is jumping up and down in one place in a raid, it usually means that they are showing you the safe spot, but it's not always like that. Some people are just jump-happy.


  • ●  If you are in a deep dungeon, do not try to kill every mob. Kill as many as you need to unlock the portal, then get out of there to the next room.


  • ●  When a healer puts a bubble on the field, you stay in the bubble.


  • ●  If you pull a boss instead of the tank, the tank(s) and healer(s) will have an unspoken agreement to let you die before they  start the fight seriously. It is the You-tank-what-you-pull rule.



Things a tank should know:


  • ●  Do not use Limit Break if you are the Tank/Healer in a dungeon unless it is needed. Most of the time, the LB is reserved for a DPS player to get out extra damage.


  • ●  If you notice a party member is watching a cutscene, let them finish, then pull.


  • ●  If you are the tank, ask the healer how big of pulls he/she is comfortable with.


  • ●  If you are a tank in a raid and another tank does not have the Tank Stance on, that usually means you are the main tank.


  • ●  Pay attention to party chat in dungeons. Do not be the tank who ignores "Put the tank stance on" spammed in chat because you forget. Also, do not miss "BRB phone" or "BRB door."



Things about respect:


  • ●  Say “Hi” when you join a group and say “Bye” when you leave it, or put a little waving guy in the chat, which is "o/." "o"  is the head, and "/" is the arm.


  • ●  Do not randomly invite people to your FC without whispering them first.


  • ●  Do not spam emotes in the chat. If you really want to spam the emotes, make sure you turn off the Display log message.


  • ●  Do not cover the quest NPC with your mounts. If somebody is doing that, you can go to Keybind-Targeting-Target Nearest NPC or Object to make a shortcut key to target the NPC.


  • ●  Do not join the farm party unless you are ready to farm the fight. If you are in a farm party and you are there to get the mount, do not leave right after you get it.



Things you do for fun in FFXIV:


  • ●  When there are players on Behemoth mount, you get on a Behemoth mount, and you all will be jumping. It applies to more than just that mount. Like if there are three plus of any mount hanging around, you will pull that mount out and join if you have it.


  • ●  In the Thornmarch trial, when the little Moogles start banging the drums and summoning the king, you have to dance.


  • ●  If you are in Shiva and she is about to cast the Diamond Dust, you need to be doing an emote during that time to get a perfect freeze-frame.


  • ●  If you are going to be doing weird stuff, there is a time and a place for it - Limsa Lominsa Aetheryte Plaza, and the time is always.


  • ●  If you see someone in the same glamour as you, switch to the same idle pose and stand next to them.


  • ●  If you are a Lalafell and you meet another Lalafell, you two are the best friends now.


  • ●  If a Lalafell walks up and targets you and does nothing else but stare, they expect a /pet.



An entire list of unwritten jumping dialogue:


  1. Jumping in place when you have not moved yet: Hurry up.
  2. Jumping once, turning, and jumping again: It is that way!
  3. Jumping while moving: I am bored.
  4. Jumping in place during fight: Either “over here is safe” or “holy crap, I just barely survived.
  5. Jumping after another person jumps usually means: Hi!
  6. When zoning, always try to jump over the zone line.



Things you do to warm up FFXIV new players:


  • ●  If you see someone is about to die while they solo a fate, please take a minute and help them out. If you are a healer, especially a shield healer, you can toss a shield or heal on them without even having to sync your level. It is super useful for level 80s to walk through ARR areas.


  • ●  Always wait for the sprout to watch their cutscene in dungeons, let them explore their story journey.


  • ●  Give your commendation to the sprout in the party, which can make them feel so welcoming.



In the end:


  • ●  If you are max-leveled, remember to have all your gears melded.


  • ●  If SE ban accounts, they particularly ban those who farm it, not those who buy it. There is a website called MmoGah. You can buy safe ffxiv gil there.



Do all these apply to your server? Are you shocked that there are so many unwritten rules in the game? Anyways, I was shocked. If you know more unwritten rules or disagree with some that I have listed, please let me know by leaving your commendations.


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