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How to Get the Sacred Hourglass of Alkosh in ESO

Michel Z October 28th, 2022 The Elder Scrolls Online    ESO Gold    ESO Items    ESO Power Leveling    ESO Help   

During the past three quarters of 2022, players could earn Scales of Akatosh Skin (Q1), Aurelic Quasigriff Mount(Q2), Daggerfall Paladin Costume (Q3) by taking part in events of The Elder Scrolls Online. In the fourth quarter, players can collect the Sacred Hourglass of Alkosh, a new furniture item that lets you change the time of day in your ESO house.


Since the Sacred Hourglass of Alkosh is a furniture item, you need to place it in your ESO house. It can switch between Sunrise, Morning, Midday, Afternoon, Sunset, and Midnight. 

The Sacred Hourglass of Alkosh

The Sacred Hourglass of Alkosh can change the time in your ESO home


Earn 45 Event Tickets for The Sacred Hourglass of Alkosh

To get this fantastic item, you must first obtain the Soulfire Dragon Illusion pet (15 Event Tickets). Besides the Soulfire Dragon Illusion pet, you also need three Sacred Hourglass of Alkosh fragments: Engraved Glassblowing Tools (10 Event Tickets), Hallowed White-Gold Ingot (10 Event Tickets), and Mysterious Time-Lost Sands (10 Event Tickets). 



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You will need 45 Event Tickets in total to obtain the Sacred Hourglass of Alkosh. Once you have collected all the required items above, go to your Collections – Fragments – Sacred Hourglass of Alkosh, and click Combine. That will add the Sacred Hourglass of Alkosh to your Collections. Remember that this action will consume your Soulfire Dragon Illusion pet, so you will have to collect it again. 


ESO won't release all the fragments immediately, which means you will find new fragments at The Impresario during each event of the fourth quarter. The first fragment, Engraved Glassblowing Tools, will be available during this year's Witches Festival Event. The second fragment will be added to the game during the Dark Heart of Skyrim Celebration 2022. In the third event of quarter 4, the New Life Festival 2022, you will gain access to all three fragments. 


Last but not least, the Sacred Hourglass of Alkosh is a limited-time collectible rather than a widely available feature, so if you are interested in collecting this item, you have to obtain the three fragments in the fourth quarter of 2022.


That is how to get the highly-requested furnishing item in The Elder Scrolls Online. For more tips and tricks, please stay tuned.


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