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  • All ESO Mythic Items Ranked from Worst to Best 2022

    By Michel Z2022-09-23

    Until Update 35, there are 20 Mythic items in The Elder Scrolls Online, and they provide unique effects to their wearers. However, not every Mythic item is quite helpful. Jakeclips lists all the Mythic items and ranks them from the worst to the best so that you know which ones are worth farming and which are not.



    20. Dov-Rha Sabatons

    Dov-Rha-Sabatons ESO

    Dov-Rha Sabatons is the worst Mythic item because you have to sprint for 10 seconds to gain the max stacks of 20. Moreover, the Dov-Rha Sabatons is a PvP item, but the other PvP items are better than this one. For those reasons, Dov-Rha Sabatons is mostly useless.


    19. Lefthander's Aegis Belt

    Lefthanders-Aegis-Belt ESO

    The Lefthander's Aegis Belt replaces the invincibility of a Dodge Roll with a damage shield. The damage shield is massive, but it only lasts one second.


    The only thing you will be evading is an AoE on the ground, but you would still get sucked into it because the Lefthander's Aegis Belt doesn't prevent you from being snared or pulled. The only benefit is that you'll take moderately less damage from an AoE attack. Thus, the Lefthander's Aegis Belt is the second worst item on this list.


    18. Belharza's Band

    Belharzas Band ESO p2

    The set increases your Light Attack damage, and if you deal consecutive Melee Light Attacks, you gain stacks of Belharza's Temper. If you reach the max stacks, a minotaur will appear to deal damage and stun enemies. The buffs Belharza's Band gives are not bad, but having to Light Attack five times in a row to get a stack looks pretty unpractical.


    Also, the Belharza's Band is directed at Melee damage dealers. It requires consecutive Melee Light attacks to proc and doesn't work on staffs and bows.


    17. Pearls of Ehlnofey

    Pearls of Ehlnofey ESO

    With the Pearls of Ehlnofey, every Healing ability you cast will generate 5 Ultimate once your dominant resource is under 30%. It is a very decent item, but it's outclassed by the other Healing items in the game.


    16. Torc of Tonal Constancy

    Torc of Tonal Constancy ESO

    Torc of Tonal Constancy is also a decent item. But as a PvP item, it gets outshined by another PvP item – Grundwulf, which adds Critical Chance and restores 700 Magicka or Stamina.


    15. Shapeshifter's Chain

    Shapeshifters Chain ESO

    The Shapeshifter's Chain reduces the cost of your Transformation Ultimate and Werewolf abilities by 15%. Also, while you are transformed, it increases your Maximum Health, Stamina, and Magicka by 1707. This item has gained a massive buff, and after the Oakensoul Ring gets nerfed, Shapeshifter's Chain will become the best-in-slot for Werewolves.


    14. Bloodlord's Embrace

    Bloodlords Embrace ESO

    With the Bloodlord's Embrace, you can keep blocking and get a consistent amount of Magicka back. This item gives a good number of Magicka. The only reason it is not rated higher is that Tanks do not need so much sustain: When you're doing Trials, you will have a lot of sustain that will be brought to you by your teammates, and you won't need to sustain yourself necessarily. Also, Tanks run sets providing buffs to their team instead of keeping them alive.


    Although Bloodlord's Embrace has tons of viability for Tanks, especially for those in dungeon crews, it tapers off a little bit for Trial Tanking because there are so many other builds that will outshine it. However, the Bloodlord's Embrace is still a very good item.


    13. Sea-Serpent's Coil

    Sea-Serpents Coil ESO

    The Sea-Serpent's Coil grants a big buff, and being snared by 40% is not very difficult to overcome, especially if you have built-in mobility on your sets. The other good thing about this item is that both Major Berserk and Major Courage usually require a two-piece or five-piece individual set, so being able to get those buffs from a one-piece set is pretty good.


    Furthermore, Sea-Serpent's Coil gives you 40% damage resistance to the initial attack you take when you are at full Health, so it is also regarded as a good anti-Gank Mythic item.


    12. Spaulder of Ruin

    Spaulder of Ruin ESO

    In ESO, you cannot stack two Minor or two Major buffs of the same name, but the Spaulder of Ruin is a Mythic item that does not give a specific Minor or Major buff, which means it can stack with all other buffs. Additionally, it boosts the overall damage of your group, so the Spaulder of Ruin is a decent Mythic item for group play.


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    11. Snow Treaders

    Snow Treaders ESO

    Most people think this item is either a fantastic item or garbage: Some people think that Snow Treader allows them never to be knocked down again. But that's not true because there are tons of knockdowns and stuns that can not be cleansed.


    Many people think this item is garbage due to the sprint penalty. However, there are plenty of other ways to go fast, such as Major Expedition, Minor Expedition, and Swift Trait Jewelry, so many ways allow you to still have the mobility.


    The Snow Treaders set is easy to be built around. However, it is not the best nor the worst.


    10. Malacath's Band of Brutality

    Malacaths Band of Brutality ESO

    When Malacath's Band of Brutality came out, it completely reshaped PvP. Although the buffs it gives are not as crazy as they used to be, it's still a pretty good Mythic item for a PvP build.


    9. Markyn Ring of Majesty

    Markyn Ring of Majesty ESO

    For every set that has at least three bonuses active, you will gain extra Weapon and Spell Damage as well as extra Armor. For that reason, to get the most out of the Markyn Ring of Majesty, you will have to think about what you wear and how you wear it.


    If you're wearing two four-piece sets and a three-piece set (Clever Alchemist, Unfathomable Darkness, and Stygian, for example), you can back-bar a dual-wield or a sword and a shield to get a ton of Weapon and Spell Damage.


    8. Ring of the Wild Hunt

    Ring of the Wild Hunt ESO

    The Ring of the Wild Hunt makes grinding easier as it increases your movement speed by 45% while not in combat. Meanwhile, as it increases your movement speed by 15% while in combat, it is also perfect for PvP. This is one of the most popular items in the game because it's essential to have a good movement speed when doing both PvE and PvP in ESO.


    7. Mora's Whispers

    Moras-Whispers ESO

    The Mora's Whispers may not be perfect because if you have so many Shalidor's books collected on your characters, you probably don't need to rank up your Alliance Skill or get increased Inspiration. However, the Alliance Rank and the ability to get 15% extra XP while also having an extra Critical Chance can be beneficial. So this is a good item for XP farming in ESO.


    6. Gaze of Sithis

    Gaze of Sithis ESO

    Although farming the Gaze of Sithis is annoying, it is a fantastic set to consider for PvP and can be used for roll dodge playstyle. The Gaze of Sithis is not a best-in-slot item, but it's still a must-have Mythic item to try out.


    5. Thrassian Stranglers

    Thrassian Stranglers ESO

    With the Thrassian Stranglers, you can pre-kill a bunch of enemies and cheese through swaths of dungeons, getting a lot of XP easily. This is a best-in-slot Mythic item for certain PvE content and farming in the overworld.


    4. Death Dealer's Fete

    Death Dealers Fete ESO

    Death Dealer's Fete grants a lot of resources, which is very helpful, especially for builds like Werewolves that require you to be in combat consistently and use Magicka, Stamina, and Health. In addition, losing only one stack every four seconds means you won't lose the buff very quickly when you're out of combat, making it a great Mythic item.


    3. Harpooner's Wading Kilt

    Harpooners Wading Kilt ESO

    The Harpooner's Wading Kilt increases your Critical Chance and Critical Damage, and since it is not a Major or Minor buff, it stacks with Major or Minor Force. What is more, when you're running a lot of Trials and Dungeons, you don't take a lot of hits, so you will be able to build up those stacks and deal a lot of damage.


    The Harpooner's Wading Kilt is considered one of the best-in-slot Mythic items in the game and can be used in most builds, depending on the content that you are doing.


    2. Ring of the Pale Order

    Ring of the Pale Order ESO

    When using the Ring of the Pale Order, you don't have to worry about Health management too much. Therefore, the Arena content, such as Vateshran Arena and Maelstrom Arena, will be extremely easy for new players. Also, the Ring of the Pale Order allows you to complete dungeons and Arena content in a three-man DPS + Tank or even a four-man DPS group. Maybe the Ring of the Pale Order is not good enough to be the No. 1, but it's good enough to make it a solid No. 2.


    1. Oakensoul Ring

    Oakensoul Ring ESO

    The Oakensoul Ring grants you many Major and Minor buffs so that you can slap this onto anything. As long as you don't need the bar swap, you could do almost anything in ESO with this item. All those powerful buffs make this item the best Mythic item in the game.


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