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How to Increase Your Movement Speed in ESO

Michel Z September 30th, 2022 The Elder Scrolls Online    ESO Gold    ESO Items    ESO Power Leveling    ESO Help   

In The Elder Scrolls Online, when you are completing a Dungeon, harvesting, or doing PvP, it is essential to have a good Movement Speed. In this guide, Exploration Gaming ESO shows you some ways to run faster without depleting your Stamina pool.


What Is the Max Movement Speed in ESO

In ESO, your speed cap is 200%, and walking already accounts for 100% speed. You can reach that cap without much fuss, and there are many ways to get there.


As a level one character, you are at 100% Movement Speed while walking. If you start to Sprint, your speed will be at 140%, as Sprint gives a 40% bonus to speed. But Sprint costs Stamina, and this guide is trying to show you how to run faster without Sprinting very often.


Choose the Wood Elf Race

One of the easiest ways to run faster is to be an Orc because their Racial Passive – Swift Warrior increases the Movement Speed bonus of Sprint by 10%. However, Sprint speed is not Movement Speed, and it costs Stamina.


You can also get a boost from being a Wood Elf (aka. Bosmer) because one of their Racial Passive skill – Hunter's Eye, increases your Movement Speed by 5%.


Get Expedition Buffs

Usually, people get a speed boost by acquiring the Expedition buffs: The Major Expedition grants a 30% bonus to Movement Speed, and the Minor Expedition grants 15%.


Note that you can't have two Minor or Major buffs of the same name in ESO. For instance, you cannot have two Major Expedition buffs stacked up. But you can have one Major Expedition buff and one Minor Expedition buff. 



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Use the Steed Mundus Stone

Another quick way to gain speed is to use the Steed Mundus Stone. The Steed will increase Movement Speed by 10% and add Health Recovery. It can even give you up to 16% speed if all your armor is golded out with Divine Traits slapped on.


Drink Speed Potions

Speed potions are also an option for gaining Major Expedition, but they don't last very long.


Get the Ring of the Wild Hunt

The Ring of the Wild Hunt, is one of the most popular Mythic items in ESO, and even some PvP builds use this ring. It grants a whopping 45% speed buff when you are out of combat and a 15% speed buff while you are fighting. It also comes with the Swift Trait, which adds up to 7% Movement Speed on any gold-quality Jewelry. So this ring gives you a 52% boost when you are not in combat. 


Unlock the Skill of Athletics

The Athletics is a Medium Armor Passive skill that gives you a Movement Speed bonus of 3% per piece. With the skill, a five-piece armor set will add a 15% bonus, which makes a huge difference.


Invest Champion Points for Speed

The Steed's Blessing in the Craft tree is a slottable star that gives you a 20% Moment Speed boost. 


In the Fitness tree, Hasty is a Passive star that can give you an extra 8% while you are Sprinting. But there is a better choice in the same tree – Celerity. Celerity is another slotted star that will give you a 10% bonus to Movement Speed.


If you're a Wood Elf (5%) and have the Ring of the Wild Hunt (52%), five pieces of Medium armor (15%), and both Steed's Blessing (20%) and Celerity (10%) slotted, the speed buff you get will be: 


5% + 52% + 15% + 20% + 10% = 102%


Those five buffs put you at 202% or 2% above the speed cap without doing anything else, and you never need to Sprint to run at full speed. Note that your character's Advanced Stats UI does NOT take into account Celerity, Steeds Blessing, or the Ring of the Wild Hunt. 


Wear Run Speed Sets

In The Elder Scrolls Online, some Armor sets also add speed buffs, and three of them might be worth mentioning in this article:


Adept Rider is a Crafted set that gives Major Expedition at all times, increasing your Movement Speed by 30%. Plus, it can be crafted in Medium, giving you another 15% speed buff when you have the Athletics Passive. 


Jailbreaker is a Dungeon set from the Banished Cells. It gives Minor Expedition, increasing your Movement Speed by 15%, and it's also a medium Armor set. 


Fiord's Legacy is a medium Overland set from Eastmarch. This set reduces the cost of Sprint and increases the Movement Speed bonus of Sprint by 15%. However, it is not an ideal alternative because it is a Sprint speed boost.


Be a Nightblade

Last, the Nightblade class has a skill called Concealed Weapon. The skill grants 25% Movement Speed while you are sneaking or invisible, thus making it possible for a Nightblade, especially a Vampire Nightblade, to sneak at full speed.  


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