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How to Get Scales of Akatosh Skin in ESO

By Michel Z2021-12-22

In 2022, The Elder Scrolls Online will add new event collectibles as it previously did in the past few years. During the first quarter of 2022, players can get a new skin with event tickets. In this guide, Tianlein shows you how to get the new event collectible – Scales of Akatosh Skin. 



2022 New Collectibles

Quarter 1 – Scales of Akatosh Skin

Quarter 2 – Aurelic Quasigriff Mount

Quarter 3 – Daggerfall Paladin Costume

Quarter 4 – Sacred Hourglass of Alkosh


How to Get Scales of Akatosh Skin in ESO p2 Akatosh Skin

Scales of Akatosh Skin


To obtain the Scales of Akatosh Skin, you need to get the Soulfire Dragon Illusion pet first. Besides having the pet, you also need to collect the Scales of Akatosh fragments: the Aureate Anointing Oils, Lustrous Ritual Sand, and Sacred Scale. Each fragment is available at The Impresario' store for ten event tickets. You can't use the most common form of currency in ESO to buy those event tickets. Instead, you have to take part in the events to earn them. 


Upgrade Fragments

Aureate Anointing Oils Fragment (10 Event Tickets)

Lustrous Ritual Sand Fragment (10 Event Tickets)

Sacred Scale Fragment (10 Event Tickets)


Combining the three skin fragments with Soulfire Dragon Illusion pet will unlock the Scales of Akatosh Skin. You need 45 event tickets in total to obtain the skin:


3 × Soulfire Dragon Illusion Fragments = 15 Event Tickets = Soulfire Dragon Illusion Pet

3 × Scales of Akatosh Skin Fragments = 30 Event Tickets

Soulfire Dragon Illusion Pet + Upgrade Fragments = Scale of Akatosh Skin

Scale of Akatosh Skin = 45 Event Tickets


To unlock the Scales of Akatosh, go to your Collections -> Fragments -> Scales of Akatosh -> right-click on any of the fragments -> click Combine, and then the skin is added to your collection. In that process, you will lose the Soulfire Dragon Illusion pet, and you have to recollect it. ESO does not offer all upgrade fragments immediately, so you have to find new fragments from The Impresario during each event of a quarter. 


Remember that each unique collectible is only available for a specific time window. Every quarter, the items will change, so if you are interested in collecting the Scales of Akatosh, you have to obtain the three fragments in the first quarter of 2022. Usually, ESO brings back the upgrade fragments of all unique event collectibles of the year during the New Life Festival in December, but it is still not known if that will be the case in 2022. 

Quarter 1 Events 2022

There isn't any official information about the upcoming events for 2022. Probably, there will be three events active from January until March:


The first event will be the Daedric War Celebration event (Jan 20th - Feb 1st). You can obtain the first upgrade fragment for the Scales of Akatosh Skin during this event, and you can earn two event tickets per day, per account, during this event. 

The second event will be the Whitestrake's Mayhem event (Feb 17th - Mar 1st), formerly known as the Midyear Mayhem Event. You can obtain the first and second upgrade fragments for the Scales of Akatosh Skin during this event.


The Jester's Festival (Mar 31st - Apr 7th) offers unique rewards, unique event quests, a double XP buff, and more. During this event, you can find all three upgrade fragments from The Impresario merchant for the Scales of Akatosh Skin.


It is uncertain if those will be all the events in the first quarter of 2022, so please subscribe to Tianlein's channel or bookmark our ESO news and guide page for more information about ESO events.


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