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ESO Events 2022: Daedric War Celebration Event Guide

By Michel Z2022-01-18

The Daedric War Celebration Event of The Elder Scrolls Online begins January 20 at 10 AM EST and runs until February 1, at 10 AM EST. In this guide, Tianlein talks about what rewards you will get during the event.

This year, the event will take place in Vvardenfell, Clockwork City, and Summerset. To participate, you need to own Morrowind DLC, Clockwork City DLC, and Summerset DLC, or have an active ESO Plus subscription. If you want to get any of those DLCs, please check out MmoGah – a trustworthy website to buy ESO gold online. Our cheap gold lets you buy DLC easily from other players through a Crown Exchange.


Double Rewards

During the event, you can earn double rewards for:

•    Defeating World Boss and Delve Boss enemies

•    Defeating Geysers in Summerset

•    Completing Delve, World Boss, and Geyser and Ashlander Daily repeatable quests in Summerset, Morrowind, and Clockwork City

•    Defeating Bosses inside the Halls of Fabrication, Asylum Sanctorium, and Cloudrest Trials

•    You will get double yield from harvesting nodes in Vvardenfell, Clockwork City, and Summerset.


Glorious Daedric War Spoils and Daedric War Spoils 

During the Daedric War Celebration Event, you can earn Glorious Daedric War Spoils and Daedric War Spoils boxes: 


Completing your first daily repeatable quest in Vvardenfell, Clockwork City, or Summerset, you will get a Glorious Daedric War Spoils box. Additionally, you can find rare Daedric War Spoils boxes by completing more daily repeatable quests and participating in activities within Vvardenfell, Clockwork City, and Summerset. 


Daedric War Spoils boxes have a reduced chance of providing special rewards. Inside the Glorious Daedric War Spoils and Daedric War Spoils boxes, you have a chance to find:


•    Styles pages from Morrowind, Summerset, and Clockwork City:

•    Morrowind: Ashlander Style, Buoyant Armiger Style, Hlaalu Style, Morag Tong Style, Refabricated Style, and Telvanni Style

•    Summerset: Psijic Style, Pyandonean Style, Sapiarch Style, and Welkynar Style

•    Clockwork City: Apostle and Ebonshadow Style

•    Crafting Materials

•    Zone set items

•    Evergloam Champion Weapon Style pages

•    Gloam Gryphon Fledgeling pet 

•    Slag Town Diver Skin 

•    Microtized Verminous Fabricant Pet 

•    Thetys Ramarys's Bait Kit Memento 

•    Snowhawk Mage Outfit Style pages


Doctrine Ordinator Outfit Style 

You have a chance to earn the Doctrine Ordinator Outfit Style by defeating Public Dungeon bosses, World bosses, and quest bosses in Morrowind and Clockwork City during the Daedric War Celebration Event. Furthermore, bosses in the Halls of Fabrication and Asylum Sanctorium also have a chance to reward you with Doctrine Ordinator Style pages.  


Daily Quests


Morrowind Dailies

There are four types of daily repeatable quests in Vvardenfell. You can find two quest givers in Vivec City:


In the Hall of Justice, Beleru Omoril and Traylan Omoril will give you the World Boss and Delve daily repeatable quests. You will complete the quest A Call for Aid to unlock the Hall of Justice dailies. 

ESO Events 2022 Daedric War Celebration Event Guide p1 Vivec City quest givers


The other two daily repeatable quests are located in Ald'ruhn. Numani-Rasi and Huntmaster Sorim-Nakar will send you to unique monster and relic hunting daily quests. To unlock these daily quest givers, you must first complete the Ancestral Ties and Ashlander Relations quests. 

ESO Events 2022 Daedric War Celebration Event Guide p2 Ald'ruhn quest givers


Clockwork City Dailies

There are four types of daily repeatable quests in Clockwork City. Two dailies are immediately available. Speaking to the Clockwork Faciliator and Razgurug starts the dailies in Brass Fortress. 


Later, Novice Holli will offer you the Delve daily repeatable quest. To unlock this daily, you have to repair the systems in the Halls of Regulations or investigate the missing apostle in the Shadow Cleft. 


The Blackfeather Court will also offer you a daily repeatable quest. The crow Bursar of Tributes will offer you daily contracts. You have to follow the Clockwork City main story questline to unlock this daily quest. 

ESO Events 2022 Daedric War Celebration Event Guide p3 Clockwork City ques givers


Summerset Dailies 

There are three types of daily repeatable quests available in Summerset:


Justiciar Farowel and Justiciar Tanorian in Alinor give you the Delve and World Boss daily repeatable quests. Both quest givers are immediately available. 

ESO Events 2022 Daedric War Celebration Event Guide Summerset quest givers


Battlereeve Tanerline at the Plaza of the Hand gives you the Abyssal Geyser quests. To unlock the Abyssal Geyser quests, you need to complete Summerset main quest until you have to report to Proxy Queen. You’ll want to complete the Buried Memories quest, and after that, Battlereeve Tanerline will appear and give you the Abyssal Cabal quest. Complete that quest, and then she will offer you the daily repeatable Geyser quests. 


Event Tickets

During the Daedric War Celebration event, you can earn two Event Tickets per day, per account. You will earn one Event Ticket for your first completed daily repeatable quest in Vvardenfell or Clockwork City, and you can get one additional Event Ticket for your first completed daily quest in Summerset.


As always, an Imperial event merchant, the Impresario, will open her shop during the Daedric War Celebration event. This year, she offers Evergloam Champion Style Pages, a Gloam Gryphon Fledgling pet, all three Soulfire Dragon Illusion fragments, the first fragment for Scales of Akatosh Skin, and more. 


That is the Daedric War Celebration event guide. If you like this video, please be sure to give this video a like and share it with friends. For more information about the ESO events, make sure to stay tuned to our ESO news section in MmoGah – a professional website offering cheap MMO gold, items, accounts, and power-leveling services.


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