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Guide to ESO Jester's Festival 2022

By Michel Z2022-03-14

In 2022, the Jester's Festival of The Elder Scrolls Online begins on March 31, at 10:00 AM EDT, and it will continue until April 7, at 10:00 AM EDT. This event grants players a 100% XP buff, making it an excellent opportunity to level up fast in ESO. This guide shows you how to get the double XP buff, Event Tickets, and some ESO gold and items during the event.


Since all the quests send players to base-game zones, everyone can participate in the Jester's Festival. If it's your first time taking part in this event, Tianlein's guide will help you a lot.


Begin the Jester's Festival

1. Open the Crown Store and go to the Events section, where you can begin The Jester's Festival introductory quest. 


2. Complete the quest to learn more about the Jester's Festival and acquire the memento Pie of Misrule.


3. Activate the Pie of Misrule memento during the event, and you will receive a 2-hour double XP buff. If you completed the quest previously and already have the Pie of Misrule, you can activate the memento directly from your Tools tab in your Collections. Be sure to reuse the Pie of Misrule every two hours to have the double XP buff active. 


Jester's Festival Daily Quests

There are various Jester's Festival daily repeatable quests:


•    A Noble Guest

•    Springtime Flair

•    Royal Revely

•    Prankster's Carnival

•    A Foe Most Porcine

•    The King's Spoils

•    Getting the Band Together


You can complete all Jester Festival quests every day with all your characters. The first Jester's Festival quest you complete will award you a Stupendous Jester's Festival Box once per day, per account. Any additional Jester's Festival quests you complete will reward normal Jester's Festival Boxes. 


A Noble Guest

Jester King Jorunn is waiting for you near the city Ebonheart in Stonefalls and gives you the quest – A Noble Guest. Go to the marked house to steal the apples and find the Jester's Princess in the northern part of Ebonheart. After you feed the princess with the apples, you have to lead her back to Jester King Jorunn. 

Guide to ESO Jester's Festival 2022 A Noble Guest quest giver location


Springtime Flair

Jester Queen Ayrenn is waiting for you in Auridon, near Vulkhel Guard. To complete the quest – Springtime Flair, you have to prank Grumpy NPCs in Vulkhel Guard, Skywatch, and at the College. Remember that you can port for free to friends and Guildmates if you don't have all the Wayshrines unlocked. 

Guide to ESO Jester's Festival 2022 Springtime Flair quest giver locaton


Royal Revely

Jester King Emeric is close to Daggerfall in Glenumbra and gives you the Royal Revelry quest. You have to collect Dragonfire Dust in the nearby Illessan Tower and Glowing Ayleid Bone Dust in the delve of Silumm. To obtain the quest items, you need to kill enemies or loot bone piles and crystals throughout the dungeons. After you return to Jester King Emeric, he will create Dazzlers for you, and you are going to use the Dazzlers near the Castle, Hillside, and Docks. 

Guide to ESO Jester's Festival 2022 Royal Revely quest giver location


Prankster's Carnival

Soars-in-Laughter is waiting for you next to King Jorunn near Ebonheart in Stonefalls. You receive the quest Prankster's Carnival from her, and this quest will send you across Tarmiel to prank a friend of Soars-in-Laughter. 

Guide to ESO Jester's Festival 2022 Prankster's Carnival quest giver location


A Foe Most Porcine

You can acquire the quest A Foe Most Porcine at every Jester's Festival tent or directly at the Hammerdeath Arena by reading the prestigious invitation. This will lead you to Rozette the Rapscallion at the Hammerdeath Arena in Stormhaven. After you spoke to her, enter the arena and defeat King Boar. 

Guide to ESO Jester's Festival 2022 A Foe Most Porcine quest giver location


The King's Spoils

The King's Spoils quest giver, Jad'zirri, is waiting for you at the Hammerdeath Arena in Stormhaven. Speak to her and enter the Festival Arena. Gather the Fermented Mudcrab Apples and return to Jad'zirri. Since both of A Foe Most Porcine and The King's Spoils are completed in the Festival Arena, you can start and complete them at the same time.

Guide to ESO Jester's Festival 2022 The King's Spoils quest giver location


Getting the Band Together

This year, ESO added a new quest to the Jester's Festival: Getting the Band Together. Speak to Samuel Gourone, who is waiting for you at all three Jester's Festival tents, and he will ask you to recruit three performers for the festival:

Guide to ESO Jester's Festival 2022 Getting the Band Together quest giver


Firstly, go to the Dresan Keep tower in Glenumbra to collect the Bloodroot Rose and use the Summoning Circle. 


Next, visit Mephala's Nest in Stonefalls, find the Spider-Venom Wine, and use the Summoning Circle. 


The third location is in Auridon, inside the delve Ondil. Search a bottle of Fioraellian Muskwine and use the marked Summoning Circle. Return to Samuel Gourone to complete the quest and enjoy the concert. 


ESO Jester's Festival Rewards for 2022

By completing Jester's Festival quest, you can collect Jester's Festival boxes. Jester's Festival boxes can contain several rewards like Cadwell's Surprise Box memento fragments, Crafting ingredients, Jester's Festival toys, Provisioning recipes, Furnishings, and Revelry Pies. 


Additionally, there are the Stupendous Jester's Festival Boxes, which you can earn once per day, per account, by completing your first Jester's Festival quest. These Stupendous boxes can contain, for example, Second Seed Style pages, Regal Regalia Style pages, Cadwell outfit Style pages, Sovereign Sow pet fragments, Revelry Shards, and more. 


Every year, The Elder Scrolls Online adds some new collectibles. This year's new items are the Second Seed Style pages and Cadwell's Surprise Box memento. 


By combining five Revelry Shards, you can unlock the Cadwell's Surprise Box memento, and you can use the box to get a surprise visit from Cadwell's Head. 


Jester's Festival Achievement Event Tickets

During the Jester's Festival, each account can earn three Event Tickets every day for completing the first Jester's Festival's daily repeatable quest. 


At the Impresario, you can use the Event Tickets to buy Second Seed Style pages, Soulfire Dragon Illusion Pet fragments, Revelry Shards, and Scales of Akatosh Skin fragments.


That is the guide to this year's Jester Festival of ESO. If you found this video helpful, be sure to subscribe to Tianlein's channel. Also, please bookmark our ESO news page for more tips and tricks shared by MmoGah, a professional MMO gold shop.


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