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ESO: How to Make Gold

ESO Gold is very valuable because it is the main form of currency in The Elder Scrolls Online, used to pay for most in-game service. Brah We Got This's video guide shows you how to make ESO gold.

  • 1. ESO Plus

An ESO Plus gives a 10% bonus to gold gain, and it will make you a lot more gold in the long run.


  • 2. Questing, Killing Things and Selling Junk

Quests give you gold, and that scales to your level. You can earn 25 to 1,000 gold by just turning in a quest. If you are on your first character and questing, be mindful of this. This method is not the best way to make money, but it is a passive way to accrue gold that will build up over time. Another method is selling your Ornate items to merchants, and each item with an ornate symbol can sell for up to 200 gold. These two methods are not the best ways, but they are the most basic ones and have one of the lowest entry barriers.


  • 3. Daily Writs at Level 50

This is a way that you can make loads of money by doing virtually nothing. You need to get your Crafting skills up to level 50. The profit by doing this is 664 gold per writ, 3,984 gold per character (w/o jewelry). If you do nine characters, that is 35.8K per day. If you do seven skill lines and you have jewelry crafting, this is 4,648 gold per character (w/jewelry), and 41.8K a day (9 characters).


  • 4. Item Flipping

You are going to do item flipping on Guild Traders. You’ll join a trading guild, buy Elder Scrolls Online items for a low price, then sell them for higher. This is a common method, but it’s risky and takes patience.


  • 5. Overland Farming

You can get some of the most popular sets from doing this. For example, Briarheart dagger quest gives you 600K-700K gold.


  • 6. Stealing Routes

The town of Suran can net you some solid gold per hour by stealing from people in the houses and assassinating them. Wearing stamina recovery armor is best when stealing because you are going to be sneaking around a lot, and Nightblade has an advantage due to the way to go invisible.


7. DLC Dungeon Motif Farm

This is one of the best ways to make money in the game at high levels. You can have access to all of them if you have ESO plus or purchase the individual DLCs or expansions.

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