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ESO: How to Make Gold

By Michel Z2020-05-08

ESO Gold, also known as ESO money, is very valuable because it is the main form of currency in The Elder Scrolls Online, used to pay for most in-game services. How to earn money in ESO? This is a big question that a lot of beginners ask. Brah We Got This shows you the best ways to make money in ESO.


1. ESO Plus

An ESO Plus gives a 10% bonus to gold gain, and it will make you a lot more gold in the long run, so I think ESO plus is worth it, and it will always be worth it.


2. Questing, Killing Things, and Selling Junk

You can earn 25 to 1,000 gold by just turning in a quest. If you are on your first character and questing, be mindful of this. This method is not the best way to make money, but it is a passive way to accrue gold that will build up over time. Another method is selling your Ornate items to merchants, and each item with an ornate symbol can sell for up to 200 gold. If you kill enemies as well, this will stack over the life of your playthrough. These two methods are not the best ways, but they are the most basic ones and have one of the lowest entry barriers.


3. Daily Writs at Level 50

This is a way that you can make loads of money by doing nothing. You need to get your Crafting skills up to level 50 for the most profit. The profit is 664 gold per writ, 3,984 gold per character (w/o jewelry). If you do nine characters, that is 35.8K per day. If you do seven skill lines and you have jewelry crafting, this is 4,648 gold per character (w/jewelry) and 41.8K a day on all nine characters.



4. Crafting Service

Many people will need your service if you like Crafting and want to become a Master 9-trait Crafter. In ESO, crafting is viable to in-game things, and this is something that you can make money on. Some people will give you materials to make sets for them, and some people will give you a tip as well. You can also charge a fee for each item or order if you want.


5. Item Flipping

Flipping is a common method, but it's risky and takes patience. You'll want to join a trading guild, and I'd recommend the East Empire Trading Company or just a trading guild in Mournhold or Alinor. Then you look on other guild stores via Tamriel Trade center client and search for any item in the game. There are expensive items like Mother's Sorrow, Inferno Staves, Briarheart dagger, etc. You can buy them in a low rarity, even without the desired trait, then you either transmute them with transmutation crystal or buy them in and improve the quality.


This will net you 20-25K gold, and you can rinse and repeat. You can also snipe lowball items and sell them for higher. Generally, improving and price sniping is the way you'll want to use for item flipping.


6. Overland Farming

Wrothgar - Briarheart 

Bangkorai - Spriggan's

Deshaan - Mother's Sorrow

Rivenspire - Necropotence


Some of the Overland sets like Mother's Sorrow, Briarheart, Necropotence and Spriggan's are meta sets for ESO builds. Many people will be looking for these high-value items of yellow or purple color. Usually, jewelry and weapons are the ones people hunt for, and those items are pretty expensive. For example, Briarheart dagger quest in Wrothgar gives you the Briarheart dagger, which once is re-rolled, can sell for at least 75-100K gold, and if you do this on all nine characters, it's 600-700K gold, by just doing that quest.



7. Bloodmayne Cave (PvP) (Aldmeri Dominion)

This delve is easy to reach if you are in the Aldmeri Dominion. For people in the Aldmeri Dominion, this is a cave for solid leveling. If you have another person with you, you can run loops in the cave and pick up Spider eggs, Beetle Scuttle, ornate items, and other things to sell. The profit is based on RNG and how efficient you are. I did this just for an hour multiple times, and I got items that are worth 25-35K gold. Spider eggs and Beetle Scuttle are where you are going to make most of the profit because they are used for leveling Alchemy.


8. Stealing Routes

It will net you a good amount of gold by stealing from people and assassinating them in Suran. You could get mofits, furniture items, and other treasures, and Vvardenfell is one of the best places to do this. You'll want to go to any town with a village icon, and this will be your best bet for stealing since there are not as many guards as in the big cities.


Wearing stamina recovery armor is best when stealing because you are going to be sneaking around a lot, and Nightblade has an advantage due to the ways to go invisible.


9. Daily Motif Quests

This is a method that requires DLC or expansion. You can do this in Summerset, Wrothgar, Craglorn, Vvardenfell, Elsweyr, Murkmire, Gold Coast, Hew's Bane, and Clockwork City. There are three dailies, and they have a chance to drop motifs of the zone. These motifs can range from 2K-50K+ per piece. You can share these quests with other people, and sometimes you can do multiple dailies a day on one character. You can do them on all of your alternate characters and increases your chances of getting motifs.


This is a solid way of making ESO coins, and usually, you can get at least one or two per day on one character if you do all the zones.



10. DLC Dungeon Motif Farm

This is one of the best ways to make money in the game at high levels. You'll have access to all of them if you have ESO plus or purchase the individual DLCs or expansions. The chest pieces in these dungeons can be worth 180-200K gold each, and the other weapons and armor pieces are pretty hefty as well. Trial Motifs can sell for 200K+ gold, and some are 500K gold. The normal mode has a very small chance to drop them, the veteran mode has a better chance, and the veteran hard mode has a guaranteed motif drop. Therefore, if you are at the CP level and can do these efficiently, this is the best way to make gold.



11. Public Dungeon Farming in Expansion Zones

The next method is public dungeon farming in the expansion zone that is the newest to the game. The public dungeons in northern Elsweyr can drop Mummified Alfiq Parts. Doing this with another player or with many other players is ideal because you can kill mobs quicker. Usually, I can get at least one or two in an hour, and the parts can sell for 9K each. That is why I do this when a new expansion comes out. Also, doing the daily Elsweyr motif quests will net you some of the highest gold because it's a new zone.



12. Dragon/New Expansions

This is an amazing method when Elsweyr was fairly new. So many people were doing Dragons, and purple furnishing plans were selling for 150-200K each. These are not efficient anymore, but the main reason that I want to mention them is I want to reiterate one of the biggest tips I can give to new or veteran players when a new expansion drops. Farm the daily quests, the public dungeon runebox, and furniture plans, and they will always give expensive items when the expansion is newer. For that reason, be sure to do that when new zones come out.

I hope this guide is helpful, and if you have learned something new from this guide, please give this video a like and share it with a friend. Make sure not to miss any useful ESO guide by bookmarking our news page. MmoGah is also one of the best places to buy ESO gold and items online, and you can also skip the CP grind with our ESO champion points power leveling service.



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