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How to Get Mother's Sorrow in ESO

By Michel Z2021-05-04

Mother's Sorrow is a best-in-slot set for almost every Magicka DPS build. It boosts your Max Magicka and Spell critical, and its fifth piece bonus further boosts your spell critical. It is unique because you can wear the set from the beginning of the game and still wear it in end-game Trials. It is also a very obtainable Overland set that you can farm by yourself as a new player. In this guide, Arttea and Lucky Ghost show you the best ways to get the much sought-after gear in The Elder Scrolls Online.



Where to Farm Mother's Sorrow

You can find Mother's Sorrow set in Deshaan zone, where there are many chests that drop this precious gear. Overland sets drop according to the following rules:


Delve Bosses drop a waist or feet piece.

World Bosses will always drop a Head, Chest, Legs, or Weapon Piece.


Public Dungeon Bosses drop Shoulders, Hand, or Weapon piece. These bosses have a chance of dropping the Inferno Staff of A Mother's Sorrow, which is the hardest piece to find. If you can't get the Inferno Staff from the Public Dungeon, it doesn't matter because you can still get other Mother's Sorrow pieces to sell for enough ESO coins and buy an off-trait Inferno Staff from a Guild Trader.

Dolmen Chests
will always drop a Ring or Necklace. For this reason, you can only do Dolmen to get the jewelry faster if you are looking for jewelry specifically.


Treasure Chests and Phijic Portals have a chance to drop any piece. Chest farm is a very efficient method for Mother's Sorrow set. If you decide to do a chest farm, below is the chest route: 


How to Get Mother's Sorrow in ESO pic 2


In the videos above, you can see chest markers. The markers are part of the Harvest Map add-on that displays resource nodes and chests. If you can use add-ons, the Harvest Map is highly recommended.


That is how you farm the Mother's Sorrow set. Among the methods above, the Chest farm is the most used one to obtain it. Even if you can't get the specific item you want, you can still get enough valuable items that you can sell instead.


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