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ESO Builds: Endless Archive Templar Solo Build

By Michel Z2023-11-21

When running The Elder Scrolls Online's Infinite Archive (formerly known as Endless Archive), the core concept is not dealing the most DPS but staying alive. In this guide, Kylarbyte shares with you a build that provides a lot of survivability, allowing you to get through the early rounds quickly and stay alive through the later rounds. The build also has a super easy rotation, meaning it is also useful for beginners.

: Put 64 points into Health. As you get into later rounds, you will get about 20K hits, so investing all the points into Health will be helpful.


Race: The Imperial reduces the cost of all your abilities, which will help you sustain.


Class: Templar


Mondus: The Shadow will increase your Critical Damage and Critical Healing by 14%.


Food: Jewels of Misrule increases Stamina and Magicka Recovery by 315 and Max Health by 3465.


Potions: Crown Tri-Restoration Potion helps you to sustain a little more.


Build Stats

Maximum Magicka: 16046

Maximum Health: 44694

Maximum Stamina: 15735


Magicka Recovery: 1456

Health Recovery: 463

Stamina Recovery: 1220


Spell Damage: 3543

Spell Critical: 44.1%

Spell Penetration: 1639


Weapon Damage: 3543

Weapon Critical: 44.1%

Physical Penetration: 1639


Spell Resistance: 18345

Critical Resistance: 1320

Physical Resistance: 17619


Gear Setup 

The setup is not aiming to deal a lot of DPS, as you will need a lot of survivability in the later rounds of the Infinite Archive, especially when you are soloing.












Max Health






Max Stamina


Armor of Trainee



Max Health


Armor of Trainee



Max Health


Order's Wrath



Max Health


Order's Wrath



Max Health


Order's Wrath



Max Magicka





Stamina Recovery

Ring 1




Magicka Recovery

Ring 2

Ring of the Pale Order



Magicka Recovery

Front Bar One-Handed Weapon

Order's Wrath



Fiery Weapon

Front Bar One-Handed Weapon

Order's Wrath



Poisoned Weapon

Back Bar Two-Handed Weapon

Merciless Charge


The Maelstrom's Perfected Greatsword


Befouled Weapon


Order's Wrath is a crafted set you can make by yourself or buy from other players. The set gives you Critical Chance and Weapon and Spell Damage, as well as Critical Damage and Critical Healing. That means it can help you to melt adds.


The Maelstrom's Perfected Greatsword stirs up a barbarous lust for battle when you activate Critical Charge, and the effect scales off the higher of your Weapon Damage and Spell Damage. 


Endurance increases your Maximum Health.


Ring of the Pale Order reduces 20% of the damage you deal as Health, and the value is decreased by 4% per ally you are grouped with. So, this ring works especially well while you are soloing. The ring also works well for a duo, as long as you're not running with a Healer.


Armor of Trainee grants you a lot of Health and Magicka.


Thurvokun applies Minor Maim to your enemies, reducing their damage done by 5%. 


Skill Setup


Front Bar

Puncturing Sweep is your main spammable skill. It heals you for 34% of the damage done with this ability. As you're jabbing, you will do quite a lot of damage, especially if you get the Maelstrom Greatsword buff as well.


Solar Barrage makes your jabs stronger and increases the damage of your Heavy Attacks.


Barbed Trap is chosen for its Minor Force effect, which increases your Critical Damage by 10%.


Radiant Oppression is your execution skill because it deals 500% more damage to enemies below 50% Health. If you need heals and get Magicka back, you can choose the other morph called Radiant Glory.


Camouflaged Hunter is a skill that you won't use. But you have to slot it for its Major Savagery and Major Prophecy effects, which increase Weapon Critical rating and Spell Critical rating. When this skill is slotted, you will also get Minor Berserk when you are dealing Critical Damage from the enemy's flank. 


Flawless Dawnbreaker gives you Weapon Spell Damage after you use it. This is a nice skill when you just need to clean up some enemies.


Back Bar

Channeled Focus provides Major Resolve, increasing your Physical Resistance and Spell Resistance. With this skill, you will also recover Magicka and Health. While you are standing in the rune, your healing done will be increased by 200%.


Stampede is the skill to proc the Merciless Charge set. The skill does an AoE on the floor, which deals damage every second to enemies.


Blinding Flare is a flexible slot. For the earlier rounds in Infinite Archive, you can use the Razor Caltrops, which deals extra damage to enemies, reduces their Movement Speed, and grants you Major Breach. But when you get into the later rounds, damage becomes less important because it's hard to stay alive. So, you can slot the Blinding Flare for the Major Protection effect to reduce your damage taken. What is more, while Blinding Flare is slotted, you don't have to use this skill either, meaning you will get a simpler rotation. Doing this will save on your sustain, as you won't have to use an extra skill.


Honor The Dead is a nice burst heal. It keeps you alive and heals anyone who is below 75% Health, and restores 18% of the ability's cost every 2 seconds over 6 seconds as Magicka. If you need to, you could use Resolving Vigor instead for some Minor Resolve effect.


Rally grants Major Brutality and Major Sorcery, increasing your Weapon and Spell Damage by 20%. You can also obtain Stamina Recovery, HoT, and a burst heal by using this skill. 


Shooting Star deals a huge amount of Flame Damage and allows you to generate Ultimate for each enemy hit by the initial blast.


Champion Points


Fighting Finesse (slot)

Thaumaturge (slot)

Biting Aura (slot)

Master-At-Arms (slot)



Celerity (slot)

Rejuvenation (slot)

Siphoning Spells (slot)

Fortified (slot)



Rationer (slot)

Liquid Efficiency (slot)

Steed's Blessing (slot)

Meticulous Disassembly (slot) 


That is the solo Templar build for surviving in the Infinite Archive. If you enjoyed Kylarbyte's video, be sure to subscribe to his channel for more content.


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