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Crown Store Items You Can Get with Gold in ESO

By Michel Z2021-12-16

Crown Store is the premium currency store, where you can purchase Crowns with real-life money and spend them on certain items in The Elder Scrolls Online. These items are primarily cosmetic, but there are a few services like Skill Lines and Skyshards, and you can also purchase DLCs through the Crown Store. If you are a newer player, you may not know that you can get some ESO Crown Store items with gold or even for free. In this guide, Arttea shows you which items or services you can get without spending real cash in the Crown Store.




Respecs can be done at the Rededication ShrinesGame Iconin any major city. For the base game, you can find them in the following locations:

•    Mournhold in Deshaan

•    Elden Root in Grahtwood

•    Wayrest in Stormhaven


At these Shrines, you can respec your Skills and re-morph your Attributes. These respecs cost some gold that scales with the amounts of skill points you've collected on that character. You can also interact with the Armory Station to change entire loadouts, including Champion Points.


Werewolf and Vampire Bites (and Cures)

You don't have to pay real money for Twilight ERP. When you go to a Werewolf or Vampire Shrine, players that are already infected will have the chance to bite you. If they do, you will contract their disease. If you are in a Guild, you can ask in Guild chat if anyone would be willing to give you a bite, and Guildies usually do this for free. 


You can also ask for a bite in Zone chat, but you might have to pay the person willing to give a bite with some gold. You may also see the occasional Zone chat from a person willing to sell a bite for a bit of gold.


A far less favorable alternative is to contract Vampirism/Lycanthropy from NPCs:


To get infected with Vampirism, you have to be attacked by Bloodfriends that can spawn in Reaper's March, Bangkorai, and The Rift. They don't spawn every night, and you are not guaranteed to be infected upon being damaged. 

Crown Store Items You Can Get with Gold in ESO  p1 Vampire NPC Locations

Vampire NPC Locations


To get infected with Lycanthropy, you need to be attacked by Werewolf NPCs that also only respawn on certain nights in certain locations. 


Crown Store Items You Can Get with Gold in ESO  p2 Werewolf NPC Locations

Werewolf NPC Locations


Because of how tedious this last method is, many people tend to ask Guildies or friends for a bite. Fortunately, it is a pretty common practice to give bites out. 


Storage Coffers

Storage Coffers are super convenient, and I highly recommend getting these to place in your home. Items can be stored in the Storage Coffers, which leaves more Bank space free.


The best way to get these items is to do Master Writs and use the Vouchers you get to buy Storage Coffers from the Master Writ Vendors located in every Alliance capital city.


Riding Lessons/Food/Potions/Scrolls


Riding Lessons

If you want to level up your Riding Skills, you can only do so once per character, per day, with 250 gold instead of spending real money on the Crown Store Riding Lessons. Upgrading Riding Skills with gold requires patience, but it is worth it. 



Food, potions, and scrolls are all items you can buy with gold from Guild Traders located in bigger cities, small towns, and even in Outlaws Refuges.


You can also learn to make your own food and potions, which is something I recommend doing on your Crafting character. To learn how to make food and drinks, you need first to level up your Provisioning skill line and read the recipe for the item you want to make. 


You can always use a Provisioning Station to craft food on that character at any time, provided you have the necessary ingredients and at a high enough Provisioning level. 


As for crafting potions and poisons, you can level up your Alchemy skill line and use a certain combination of alchemical ingredients to create all kinds of them. 


Experience Scrolls

Experience Scrolls are a little more tricky to craft. They require costly ingredients, and their recipes can be tricky to obtain. However, you can get many of these scrolls by logging in regularly because of how frequently they are used as daily rewards.


If you enjoy watching streams, you can also receive occasional free Ouroboros Crates for watching Drops-enabled ESO streams, and the Ouroboros Crates often reward you with Experience Scrolls.

Crown Store Items You Can Get with Gold in ESO p3 buy cheap gold for eso



Fashion is the true end-game in ESO. Players can use Outfit Stations to create their own custom look. Dyes are colors that can be used on the outfit. You can purchase premade Dye combinations in the Crown Store, but a vast majority of these dyes can be attained for free by completing various Achievements in the game.


Anytime you want to change your outfit at the Outfit Station, there is an application cost. You don't need to buy an Outfit Change Token to pay because you can just use your gold.



A lot of houses can also be purchased with gold once you have completed the necessary achievements needed to unlock them. These achievements are quest-related, so they are pretty accessible by all players. 



The Motifs available on the Crown Store can be attained by running content such as daily quests in DLC zones or completing veteran DLC dungeons. Likewise, you can purchase these items from other players through the Guild Trader system. 


Research Scrolls

Research Scrolls is very helpful to speed up your Research Timer when crafting so that you can learn to make gear in multiple Traits. Trait Research normally takes a fair amount of time, but using Research Scrolls can speed up this process. You can buy Research Scrolls with Writ Vouchers, which you get from completing Master Writs. You can also get a lot of these scrolls from daily logging rewards. 


Keep in mind that the Research Scrolls from the Master Writ Vendors have a 20H cooldown, but the ones from the Crown Store have no cooldown.


Alliance War Scrolls

Alliance War Scrolls function like the Clovian War Tortes. When you consume one, you will gain experience bonus to Alliance Rank and Alliance War Skill Lines. Instead of buying these Crown scrolls, you have the option of purchasing Tortes or even learning how to craft them by yourself, although that is a bit of a pricy endeavor. 



It is possible to purchase Sorrel Horses in the game, and I recommend buying them with gold until you have the means to get fancier-looking mounts. You can even get the Ebon Dwarven Wolf mount for free through the Antiquities System.


We hope this guide can help you get those items without paying real money and save your Crowns to spend on things you can not get from playing the game. If you find this guide helpful, please share it with friends and subscribe to Arttea's channel. You can also bookmark our news page and keep checking back for more ESO news and guides. If you are tired of grinding, MmoGah, as a reliable MMO currency trading site, helps you get ESO gold and items in no time. 




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