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ESO Fashion Guide

By Michel Z2021-05-20

Fashion is significant to many The Elder Scrolls Online players because it makes your characters look cool and unique in the game. In this guide, Brah We Got This and DESH PLEASE show you how to use the Outfit Stations to create your own custom look.




Where to Create Your Outfit

An Outfit Station allows you to change how you look in ESO. The Outfit Station can be found next to other Crafting Stations, and you can also place it inside your Homes. An Outfit Stasion is represented on your map with this icon:

ESO Fashion Guide p4


How to Get Outfit Styles

To get the ability to craft a weapon or armor in a certain style, you have to learn a Motif on your character. Motifs are books that you can find by doing Daily quests, Dungeons, and Trials. Many Events also give you Motifs. For example, New Life Festival gives you chance to get a Skinchanger Motif. Thieves Guild can provide you Thieves Guild Style, and Dark Brotherhood guild gives you Dark Brotherhood Motif. But the most efficient way is to buy Motifs on Guild Traders, using your ESO gold, and their prices depend on their rarity and the market demand.


There are two types of Motifs: Complete and Partial. Complete Motifs are the entire book, which will unlock the style for all weapons and armor. Partial Motifs are divided into fourteen chapters, each of which must be found and read to unlock all parts of that style. Some Partial Motifs, such as Dwemer, can be found fully complete, which, when read, unlocks all fourteen chapters at once. When you get a Motif, you will unlock the armor style for Light, Medium, and Heavy. 


Motifs vs. Style Pages

Both Motifs and Style Pages are cosmetic. The difference is Style Pages can't be crafted, but Motifs can, meaning when crafting gear, you can craft each piece in the Motif style you learned on that character. Motifs and Style Pages allow you to change the look of your armor completely.


Once you learn a Motif, all of your characters can go to the Outfit Station and use that style. But if you want to CRAFT a specific style, you can only craft that style on the character that learns the Motif. So, if you care about Achievements or Crafting, you need to be careful which character learns the Motif. Below are the reasons:


1. If you have a Master Crafting Writ, you might have to craft a certain style on your Master Writ. That means if you learn a Mofit on an Alt character that doesn't do any Crafting, you can not craft it on your main character. Therefore, make sure you learn Motifs on the character that is going to use them. 


2. Achievement is character-bound. Thus, if you are trying to complete Crafting Achievement like the Grand Master Crafter, be sure to do it on one character rather than multiple characters. 


How to Use the Outfit Station

In the Outfit Station, you can double-click an item to preview a style. If you are looking for a specific piece of armor, you can search it using the keyword or use the filters to only show Light, Medium, or Heavy items. 

ESO Fashion Guide p1 choosing a style

All of these items have an Application Cost, and that’s the gold it is going to cost per item to change your Outfit. You can also use Outfit Change Tokens that you can buy from the Crown Store. 


When customizing your Outfit, you can enable the Hide Helmet option within the Outfit Station for each unique Outfit. 


How to Dye Outfits in ESO

Dyes are what you use to make your Outfit colorful. You unlock Dyes via Achievements. Dyes that you haven't obtained yet are displayed with a lock icon. You can right-click the lock icon to View Achievement, and it will show you the Achievement you need and how to get it. 

ESO Fashion Guide p2 dyes

Remember that some styles can not be dyed, and those that can’t be dyed may appear different depending on the Material, which can be a pain when you want everything to match.

ESO Fashion Guide p3 Dyes 2

Again, Dyes are account-wide, so once you unlock a Dye through an Achievement on any character, you unlock it for all the characters. But, Achievements are character-specific, which means if you want to get the completion awards, you need to make sure you are doing it on the specific characters you want to complete the Achievements.


You can also dye Costumes, and Costumes are also account-wide. You can get Costumes from Crown Store, quests, or Achievements, etc. But you can only dye Costumes when you have ESO Plus. 

How to Get More Outfit Slots

To get more Outfit Slots, you need to buy additional Outfit Slots from the Crown Store. You can find additional Outfit Slots within the Crafting section, and you can have up to ten Outfit Slots on any one character. Note that new Outfit Slots are not shared with the other characters on your account.


Fashion is the true endgame, and TESO has an insane amount of options for customizing your look. So, have fun, make it your own, and remember there is no limit to creativity in fashion. If you like their videos, make sure to give likes and subscribe to their channels. 


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