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Where to Pickpocket in ESO – An Easy Stealing Route

By Michel Z2021-12-02

Stealing is one of the best ways to make gold in The Elder Scrolls Online as long as you don't get caught. This is your guide if you are looking for an easy stealing route because LordKelbor shows you his best place to steal and get money on ESO.




Once you've become a member of the Thieves Guild and leveled your Legerdemain Skills, it's time to put those skills to good use. Wayrest is one of the best places to steal in ESO because it has a much easier stealing route than many other places. 


Your primary targets will be nobles because they have a chance to drop the Breton Throne Blueprint. This Blueprint is worth 35-40 thousand gold, depending on your server and your Guild prices. There will be other NPCs along the way that can have some valuables as well, so feel free to steal from them.


The First Noble

You are starting from the eastern side of Wayrest, near the walls that overlook the ocean. The noble you're going for is Andeleine Cadiou, who is on the right side of a bench, and she passes back and forth. There is another NPC near her (Lexille Plouff), and a guard walks up on occasion at the very end. 


Where to Pickpocket in ESO – An Easy Stealing Route p11 Andeleine Cadiou


You'll want to wait for the right time, then take out the commoner NPC (Lexille Plouff). After she's gone, you begin the theft on the noble. Make sure you're using two steals and a kill so that the NPC dies and can respawn with new loot. 


After that, head west towards the arch doorway. Remember, if you've got a bounty, make sure to stay hidden and out of the way of the guards. 


The Second Noble

Your second target is the noble on the bridge – Prudence Doisne. She is located south of the Wayrest Sewers dungeon. This spot is safe from prying eyes, so you don't have to worry too much about being caught by a guard. 


Where to Pickpocket in ESO – An Easy Stealing Route p22 Prudence Doisne


The Third Noble

Next, you'll want to follow the path around the Mages Guild, across the water, and go to a corner area with two sets of tables. The noble sitting at one of the tables, Cesarel Brigette, is your next target. 


Where to Pickpocket in ESO – An Easy Stealing Route p33 Cesarel Brigette


A roaming guard at this location will walk up and stand too close for comfort, so be aware of your surroundings. If you angle your camera right, you can see behind you and watch for the guard while stealing from this noble. However, you have to look directly at him to use Blade of Woe.


The Fourth Noble

The fourth and the final noble is the hardest, so you need to time everything just right. Head across the bridge, and you will see your target, Ernella Menant, standing by a lamppost. 


Where to Pickpocket in ESO – An Easy Stealing Route p44 Ernella Menant


You'll want to wait for a guard to pass because he walks in a counterclockwise path around the Mages Guild. If you have no bounty at this point, it's not a problem for you, and you can just follow behind him until you get to your noble. There is another guard and a worker in this area, and a roaming NPC travels down the path. Therefore, you need to be aware of your surroundings and steal away. 


Lastly, you will head northeast to the first noble and repeat this route until your inventory is full or you are bored with stealing.


If you want to maximize your profits, only keep the items worth more than 250 gold and drop the rest you don't want unless you need them to launder for your Legerdemain Skill line.


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