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5 Tips to Prepare Yourself for the ESO Anniversary Jubilee Event

The Elder Scrolls Online Anniversary Jubilee event will start right after the Jester's Festival ends on April 1. The Anniversary Jubilee is another Double XP event during which you can get a lot of ESO gold and XP. In this video, Brah We Got This goes over five ways to prepare your characters for this amazing event.



5. Unlocking Dailies 

You'll want to unlock any Dailies you don't already have unlocked on your characters because the Jubilee event is all about Daily quests. You will earn reward boxes when you complete any daily quest in the game. Some dailies that I recommend are the DLC or Expansion zone Dailies. The zones in which you can do Daily quests are Summerset, The Reach, Western Skyrim, Wrothgar, Hew's Bane, Gold Coast, Northern Elsweyr, Southern Elsweyr, Murkmire, Vvardenfell, and Clockwork City, etc. In some of these zones, you need to complete prerequisites to have all of the dailies unlocked. 


Doing these dailies gives you amazing rewards, and you can get DLC Dungeon Motifs from some of the reward boxes during the Anniversary Jubilee Event.


4. Work on Crafting

No.4 is working on Crafting or Preparing your characters to be certified for the Crafting profession. The reason is that completing Daily Crafting Writs on the Board will get you Jubilee Gift Boxes as well.


Since there are seven Crafting professions, you can get at least seven boxes per day on each character that is certified and ready to do the Daily Crafting Writs.


It doesn't matter what level the Daily Crafting Writs are. You just need to be certified to do your Crafting Writs. Another reason to work on Crafting is to get some Provisioning Passives for Pots.


5 Tips to Prepare Yourself for the ESO Anniversary Jubilee Event p1011

3. Making XP Pots

You'll want to make some useful XP pots right now because the recipes are not very expensive. For example, the Psijic Ambrosia recipe is only 5K TESO gold, and once you have the recipe, you don't need to buy it again, and you'll just need the actual ingredients. 


The other alternative is Saving up your XP scrolls. You probably have tons of XP scrolls from daily rewards. Some people are using their XP scrolls right now for the Jester's Festival event, but you'll also want to save some for the Jubilee event.


2. Making Training Armor

Making yourself some Training armor is always a good idea for double XP events because this will increase your XP gain. 


For example, if you want to create some Training armor for your Magicka DPS character or your Healer, you can go to the Law of Julianos table, create an armor, put a training Trait on it, and improve the armor's quality. Making training armor is something you can do to increase your XP gains. If you're going to create some ALT characters for the Jubilee event, I recommend creating some Training sets because it will be very helpful.


1. Farming for Sets

A part of the rewards you can earn from the Jubilee Event is Transmute Crystals, which allow you to re-roll or put a different Trait on your armor. You can also use them to re-construct items from your Item Set Collection System. 


If you farm for items right now before the event, you can fill out any needed sets in your collection sticker book. When re-creating items of a set, the more items of the set you get, the fewer Transmute Crystals it will cost. Therefore, if you start to farm right now, it will save you Transmute Crystals and time in the long run.


Brah We Got This will make more content about the Jubilee Event in the next two weeks, so be sure to subscribe to his channel. You can also bookmark our ESO news page on MmoGah – a trustworthy place to buy gold for ESO.




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