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ESO Leveling Guide

By Michel Z2021-03-09

In The Elder Scrolls Online, how you choose to level up depends on your playstyle and in-game goals. If you are new, it makes sense to take your time and admire the world and Lore of Tamriel. If you are leveling a new Alt, on the other hand, you will want to do this as fast as possible. In this video, ArzyeL Gaming shows you the most effective ways to level up in ESO (group & solo) and helps you reach your goal fast. These leveling up methods are not meant to be used alone until you reach the max level. They are meant to be combined for the best results. 






Training Gear

First is the Training Trait. Training boosts the XP you get from kills depending on the quality of the equipment. You can get an extra 7% XP for white gear and up to 11% for gold gear. You can buy Training gear from other players or craft it yourself.


If you are new to ESO, buy or ask another player to make a few Training Sets for you, which helps you level up faster. 


It will be a good idea to replace your Training gear every 10 or 15 levels. To avoid unnecessary costs, improving your gear to blue quality is enough to level up efficiently.



Use XP Boost Scrolls and Potions

·  Major Gold Coast Experience Scroll

·  Grand Gold Coast Experience Scroll

·  Psijic Ambrosia

·  Aetherial Ambrosia


These offer an XP Boost of 50%/100%/150% and will help you a lot. You can buy Potions from other players and get Scrolls mostly from the Crown Store or as a Daily Login Reward. 


You can buy Ambrosia potions directly from other players or through the Guild Traders, which is one of the best ways for players to sell ESO items and make gold in ESO. If you have the appropriate skills and materials, you can even craft the potions yourself. 


Potions and scrolls don't stack, and you can only use one XP scroll or potion at a time. However, they do stack with event XP buffs. For that reason, it is faster to power level a character when one of the game's events is live.

Unlock Skill-lines

Before you begin your adventure, don't forget to unlock the skill-lines you want to level up along with your character. Unlock the weapons you want to use, armor, and guild lines, and place skills from them onto your main bar to level them up.


ESO Leveling Methods

Questing and Exploring is a great way to become familiar with the game and enjoy everything it has to offer. This is the best way to level up casually and learn how to play, and I recommend it if you are new to ESO. Even if you wish to level up fast, you can always go back and do some questing to relax and for a change of pace. These are the most efficient ways to level up fast in The Elder Scrolls Online:

1. Dolmens – Dark Anchors

Clearing Dolmens around the Map is a very good way to level up your character but also your skills and lines. You can do it solo, but being in a group will be much better and faster. 


Almost every zone in the game has three Dolmens you can clear. But not all zones are good for leveling up. The best zones have Dolmens near Wayshrines, so you can travel fast between them and grind them. 


The best zones in-game for that leveling up are Alik'r Desert, Auridon, Bangkorai, Deshaan.


To find a Dolmen group, travel to a zone, type /z to enter the zone chat, and type +dolmen. After that, follow your group around, clearing Dolmens and leveling up.


2. Daily Group Content

Once you hit level 10, you unlock the Dungeon Finder and Battlegrounds. Completing your first dungeon and getting at least second place in a Battlegrounds match every day rewards you with a nice XP Boost. Do this every day for the extra XP, along with the other methods of leveling up. You also get some nice rewards when completing a Random Dungeon or Battlegrounds.


3. XP Grind

Like with every other MMORPG, you can also grind mobs for XP in ESO. Find a good area with lots of enemy groups that respawn fast, and you can stay there to level up. Since you are dealing with groups of enemies, be sure to unlock a few AOE skills first, and it will help you kill and level up faster. 


You can follow this method at any level as long as you have the right skills. Some of the best XP Grind Spots include The Vile Manse in Reaper's March, Sentinel Docks in Alik'r Desert, and Spellscar in Craglorn. For a full list of the best XP grind spots, you can watch the video below:




4. Skyreach Catacombs

Skyreach Catacombs is another great way to level up but requires a two-person party to work properly. This is a power level method for your character Alts. It is located at Craglorn and offers an instanced circular route with great XP gains. 


Usually, players offer this power level service in exchange for gold. Skyreach Catacombs is a great way to level up if you have a high-level friend to carry you or lots of ESO gold to spare.


You can find the Catacombs in the Craglorn zone. You can travel there by using the Star-Gazer Heral's cart at your Alliance's Capital.


Those are some of the best and most efficient ways of leveling up. Wear your Training Gear, use your XP Scrolls and combine them to achieve the best results! If you found this guide helpful, please be sure to share it with your friends and subscribe to ArzyeL Gaming's channel. Once you reach level 50, you will unlock the Champion Point system, which has been reworked in Update 29. Please read another two guides to get more details about the Champion Points 2.0 and how to grind CP and XP fast in ESO


For more news and guides, please have a gander at our ESO news page on MmoGah. We provide cheap but professional ESO power leveling, which allows you to get your character to Veteran Rank quickly. 


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