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ESO: 5 Easy Ways to Make Gold Fast

By Michel Z2020-09-01

Welcome to the easy, accessible, and effective gold farming guide for the Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor. Lucky Ghost brings you five ways to start making ESO money as a new player or a veteran in this video.


Writs are something you can start doing almost immediately. The amount of ESO gold you earn from Writs is tied to your level and caps out when you hit level 50, at which point, you will make about 4.6k gold per day on each character. Beyond that, you have a chance to receive gold materials as a reward for turning in your Writs. To maximize your chance at gold materials, make sure you max out the level of the first passive in your Crafting line, which will give you a 30% chance at gold materials of that type when you turn in your Writs.


4,600 gold × 9 toons × 30 days = 1,242,000 gold


If you do the Writs on nine toons every day, you will net yourself over one million gold for one month, and this is before you get to the fact that you'll be getting about one gold mat for each bench every three days. Writs are a lucrative everyman's way to make gold, which is why so many people participate in this daily grind. I highly recommend the add-on: Lazy Writ Crafter if you are on PC, as it will automate the Crafting process for you.


Antiquities is a new addition to ESO, and it requires the Greymoor chapter expansion. This is a lot more engaging and rewarding method. Players are making many hundreds of thousands of gold just via the treasure dug up and sold to merchants.


Besides the awesome collectibles, you can also get things like Mounts, Body Markings, Furnishings, and Mythic items. Antiquities is fantastic because while you earn gold, you're also earning some cool, unique rewards.


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Fashion Per Second is a huge economy in ESO, and Motifs are how you obtain that fashion. Does someone else look cool as they walk by? It's almost certain they are using a Motif to augment the way the gear looks.


Here's how you can get then sell or learn them: Motifs can be earned in many ways, and usually, the more difficult to earn and the newer the motif is, the better it sells. The best-selling ones are the Vet DLC Dungeon Motifs, as they are difficult for many players to farm. If you are up to it, they have a guaranteed chance to drop on Veteran Hard mode. They have a 50% chance or so to drop on Veteran mode, and on Normal mode, it's a smaller chance.


Another way to earn Motifs is through the DLC zone daily quest. Look for the NPCs with the blue arrow over their heads, which denotes a daily quest. When you turn these in, you have a chance to receive a Motif as a reward, which can sometimes sell very well.


Selling items to other players requires you to be in a Trading Guild with access to a guild trader. If you don't have access to one of these, you can try selling in Zone Chat or focus on one other option.


Overland Gear

Overland gear are sets that drop from zones as opposed to Dungeons or Trials. Farm a set that sells well, the prime example being Mother's Sorrow. Make sure you do this on a character that is CP 160 or higher to collect max-level gear. The Inferno Staves can go for as high as 200k-300k gold if they roll right. And, the gear can sell for a fantastic price as well if it drops in Divines. You can sell this gear at Guild Traders or in Zone Chat in Deshaan.



You can also obtain gold through PvP. Throughout your ESO time, you might participate in some PvP, and you will accrue some Alliance Points (AP) and Tel Var Stones. To convert these currencies to gold, you'll want to purchase items from Cyrodiil and Imperial City merchants, then sell those items to other players. Sometimes, the Golden Vendor, who arrives in Cyrodiil on the weekends, can sell gold jewelry, which will sell for hundreds of thousands of gold. Likewise, the Hakeijo rune stones can be purchased for Tel Var in Imperial City and sell very well.

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Those are five great ways to make gold in the Elder Scrolls Online, all of which are very accessible and lucrative. If you found this video helpful, be sure to share it with your friends and allies in ESO. There is ESO gold for sale on MmoGah, and we use a safe delivery method to make sure your purchase is fast and smooth. Please bookmark our ESO news page for more guides in the future.




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