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Is Buying ESO Gold Safe?

By Michel Z
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For many buyers, one thing they worry about most is their accounts' security. Will I get banned for buying ESO gold? Is it safe to buy ESO gold? As a professional seller, we can honestly tell you that not every transaction is 100% safe without risks, but at MmoGah, none of The Elder Scrolls Online gold buyers has been banned so far.


Buy ESO Gold Without Getting Banned

Firstly, currency transaction is unavoidable in the game, and it exists in nearly every MMORPG. Since the day we started selling TESO gold, we have served thousands of customers, and no ESO gold buyer has been banned so far. Buying gold is much safer than cheating, botting, or exploiting in the game.


Secondly, we only use secure delivery methods, which have been tested and verified to be the safest ways for customers. Also, to ensure your account's security, please don't talk about buying gold openly or reveal your account information to anyone.

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Please Be Sure Not to Click the Return Button of the In-Game Mail 

Finally, to ensure a successful transaction, please do not click the "Return" button on the Mail of the received gold from us.


If you have any other questions, please contact us via 24/7 LiveChat or Email (


At MmoGah, we care about our customers and hope to help you in many ways. For some new ESO gold PS4 or ESO gold Xbox customers, it may be a little difficult to find your PSN ID or Xbox Gamer tag. Don't worry! We have a guide to help you find it easily in the game.

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For more news and guides related to The Elder Scrolls Online, you can have a gander at our ESO news page on MmoGah – the best place to buy ESO gold.


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