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Elden Ring Guide: Best Ashes of War in Patch 1.07

By Bosbone2022-11-30

It is unquestionable that battling in Elden Ring can get quite difficult very fast. It's frequently necessary to step back and level up before coming up against some of the game's most dangerous enemies. You can easily level up with these rare Elden Ring items, which will give you access to certain highly potent strikes that can completely change the course of a fight.


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In this article, we will discuss certain Ashes of War, which undoubtedly underwent some significant updates in patch 1.07. In fact, this is one of the Elden Ring features that has changed the most in this patch, aside from Incantations and Sorceries


Basically, your weapons gain powers from Ashes of War, which also changes their scaling and introduces new attacks/skills. These are effective adjustments that can expand the range of your battle possibilities. So let's start.


Giant Hunt

This patch has made improvements to many Ashes of War, and Giant Hunt is one of them. Now, it has more poise damage and better recovery. It will stagger enemies incredibly well, but I believe that this change is more relevant in PvE since you may use it to stun bigger monsters or even bosses. Before the patch, it was an A-tier AoW, but now it is definitely an S-tier one.


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So the Giant Hunt is still a very effective AoW against giant enemies. It can also be very effective against bosses like the Black Knife Assassin or even against one of the toughest bosses in the game, Malenia.



FP cost: 16


How to Get the Giant Hunt

You will get this Ash of War after you kill the mini-boss, Night's Cavalry. He is located northeast of Liurnia of the Lakes. I recommend you to go to this place via the Academy Main Gate site of grace. There you will see a tiny woodland, and if it's nighttime, you will see the boss on the southern edge of the mini forest. If it's not dark yet, simply go to Bellum Church, use the site of grace and change the time.


Bloody Slash

Another AoW that got a nice buff is Bloody Slash. Its PvE damage has increased, and it has also received better recovery in the latest 1.07 Patch.


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When used on an opponent, your character coats their weapon in your own blood before slashing them in a wide, arcing motion that is capable of one-shotting a normal opponent. Additionally, it works incredibly well against bosses, allowing you to slash through significant amounts of health with a single blood-drenched swing of any weapon you use. You can use this Ash of War on almost every build you want. That's how good and versatile it is.



FP cost: 6

HP cost: Each use reduces your max HP by 0.5


How to Get the Bloody Slash

The Bloody Slash is located in Fort Haight. Here is a complete guide on how to get to Fort Haight. When you climb to the top and reach the ramparts, you will see a humanoid enemy, the Godrick Knight. If you're not careful, you could bleed out and die from him because he's well-armed and can be tricky. Therefore, I advise you to improve your character quickly with runes in Elden Ring before battling him.


However, if you defeat him in combat, your precious reward will be the Bloody Slash, a vital AoW in the inventory of any Tarnished who wields a sword. Just Beware of the sweeping and lunging blood strikes of the Godrick Knight.


If you're having difficulties with him, you might summon some Spirit Ashes. Here is a list of the best Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring and how to find them.


Blood Blade

With its skill, you can shoot blood projectiles, which you can combo and eventually spam because it costs very little FP and only slightly more health. In the latest patch, the Blood blade had increased damage in PvE and, more crucially, damage detection on the weapon part, so if you use it at close range, you'll hit with the weapon and the Ash of War at the same time, which can be really deadly.


It also has higher recovery, which makes it easier to escape quickly, which can also be helpful. If it was an A-tier Ash before, now it's definitely an S-tier one.



FP cost: 3

HP cost: 45


How to Get the Blood Blade

You will get this Ash of War after you kill a Teardrop Scarab. The Scarab is surrounded by other opponents, so players will need to move quickly to pursue this creature and get the reward. The fastest way to get there is via the Altus Plateau Site of Grace. Just go down to the bottom ravine, then move toward the rampart's middle. You will find those creatures in the northern portion of the area, beneath the Bridge of Iniquity. To get the Blood Blade, go after the dull gray Scarab.


Flaming Strike

Its skill also got buffed in the latest 1.07 Patch, which makes the Flaming Strike now definitely an S-tier Ash of War. The Flaming Strike is a flame-emitting skill that allows you to do a forceful attack to execute a lunging, sweeping strike. Additionally, this will cover the weapon in flames.


Elden Ring Ashes-4


So what is new? The duration is now increased from 20 to 40 seconds, which is significant. The weapon's attack power, which gives it a fire attribute, has been raised from 65 to 90, which is also a remarkable buff for this Ash of War.



It consumes 4 FP on use and 10 on follow-up, which makes it a total of 14 FP.


How to Get the Flaming Strike

The Ash of War Flaming Strike is located in Redmane Castle. You'll have to kill a Teardrop Scarab in a little cemetery located behind the castle along the southern cliffside to obtain this fantastic AoW.


So from the front gate, proceed straight along the cliff towards a ballista, passing the vampire bats, and you will find a Teardrop Scarab. To reach the cemetery from here, just jump through a narrow opening in the cliff.


Phantom Slash

The Phantom Slash is an eye-catching move that increases your damage output while attacking an enemy by summoning a golden phantom that slices through the enemy before the player executes their own upward slash. It is a skillfully coordinated strike that deals a significant amount of damage to enemies standing immediately in front of you.


Even before the 1.07 Patch, the Phantom Slash was, for some players, an S-tier Ash of War, and now it is even better. Now you can control the direction much better, so hitting enemies from a distance will be easier and deadlier. This update has improved both PvE and PvP combats.



FP Cost: 8


How to Get the Phantom Slash

So After defeating The Night's Calvary, one of the recurring bosses, you will receive the skill/Ash of War, The Phantom Slash. You will find him in many locations in Elden Ring, but to get the Phantom Slash, you must go to the Forbidden Lands. This is the area beyond Leyndell, the Capital City.


You can only enter this place after you defeat one of the toughest bosses in Elden Ring, Margott, the Omen King. Before you fight Night's Calvary, you have to change the time from day to night. You can do that in the Forbidden Lands site of grace. And that's it. After you defeat him, you will get this superb Ash of War.


Honorable Mentions

Storm Blade

Storm Blade also got buffed in the latest 1.07 Patch. The range of the blade and the Motion speed has been increased. You can buy this Ash of War from Knight Bernahl at the Warmaster's Shack for 1.800 Runes.


Braggart's Roar

Braggart's Roar also got a nice buff in the latest patch. Its duration increased from 30 to 60 seconds, the Physical Attack Buff from 7.5% to 10%, and the Stamina Recovery from 7 to 10. If it wasn't before, the Braggart's Roar is such an underrated Ash of War now. You can obtain it after you get the Iron Ball from Blackguard Big Boggart, or you can get it by continuing Dung Eater's questline.



Endure also got a nice buff in the 1.07 Patch. The effect duration was increased, and there is now less delay between skill activation and engaging in an action other than attacking. You can buy this Ash of War from Knight Bernahl at the Warmaster's Shack for 600 runes or from Twin Maiden Husks after you give them Bernahl's Bell Bearing.



Stormcaller is an underrated Ash of War, and after the 1.07 Patch, it's probably an S-tier AoW now. So what's new in this Ash of War? The attack power, motion speed, poise damage, and skill size have all been increased. You can find it in Stormveil Castle. It is dropped by a Teardrop Scarab immediately before the Secluded Cell Site of Grace in the northern part of the castle, past the courtyard.

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