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Elden Ring Guide: Most Valuable Dungeons and Rewards

The dungeons in FromSoftware's games are a key component of their iconic identity. Those who decide to explore these dungeons will receive fantastic rewards and the wonderful sensation of accomplishing an almost impossible challenge. Without a map, you must find your way through labyrinthine areas filled with challenging bosses, stealthy opponents, and various traps, which means that only a handful of activities are as memorable as dungeon exploring.


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In this article, we will focus on the best and most profitable dungeons in Elden Ring. We will not cover any Legacy Dungeons since these are more like entire new maps rather than small dungeons. Without further ado, here are our top picks, in no particular order.


Murkwater Cave

The Murkwater cave is one of the smallest Dungeons in the Limegrave Region. Inside the cave, you will find an iconic NPC and some interesting rewards, so it's definitely worth visiting. Most of these caves will reward you with a small portion of runes, but in our store, you can purchase as many Elden Ring Runes as you want for a very affordable price.


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How to find the Murkwater Cave

Travel to the Agheel Lake North site of grace, and then go east toward the bridge. Descend the bridge and continue following the river until you find the cave's entrance on the left. Be prepared because as soon as you approach the entrance, Bloody Finger Nerijus will begin to invade you. By defeating him, you'll be able to enter the Murkwater Cave.


As I mentioned above, here you will encounter a well-known NPC called Patches. He is one of the most iconic NPCs from all FromSoftware games. This time you will have to fight him. The fight is entertaining and unique because halfway through Patches gives up. Make sure not to kill him.



Patches' shop - After you let Patches survive, you can leave the dungeon and come back to find him as a merchant, selling several important items like the Margit's Shackle, Missionary's Cookbook (2), Stonesword Key, and a Parrying Dagger. Margit's Shackle is a unique item that will make the challenging Margit the Fell Omen boss fight easier. Here you can find other toughest Bosses and tips to beat them.


Also, Margit's Shackle can help you find secret illusory walls and avoid fire-breathing traps. You will also obtain the Cloth Garb, Cloth Trousers, some Runes, the Highwayman Armor Set, the Grovel for Mercy gesture, and many more things.


Highroad Cave

The cave is well worth visiting early in your game so that you can pick up some Smithing Stones to upgrade your armaments, and there are also lots of crafting supplies available there as well. You might not necessarily discover the cave naturally because it's a little out of the way, but when you find it, you will be surprised. It really is an eye-pleasing cave with an astonishing design. Be prepared because it will be a challenging trip.


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How to find the Highroad Cave

This cave is in Stormhill in the northern areas of Limgrave, surrounded by wolves, giant Bats, and Land Octopuses. Additionally, you will find a secret tomb deep in the cave. To reach it, go to the Saintbridge Site of Grace.


There you will see a bridge, and you must go underneath it. Since the bridge is too high and surrounded by cliffs, the only way to descend it without taking any damage is by jumping into the Spirit Spring, which is on the right side. After you do this, go north past the Land Octopuses, and on the left side, you will spot the cave's entrance.



Blue Dancer Charm (a great Talisman that increases Physical Damage with lower Equip Load. You can obtain this Talisman by defeating the Guardian Golem in this cave)

Furicalling Finger Remedy (a multiplayer/consumable item)

Shamshir (an underrated Curved Sword)

Smithing Stones (1, 2)

And many more items like Cave Moss, Arteria Leaf, Silver Firefly, Land Octopus Ovary, and Golden Runes.


Gaol Cave

Most caves in Elden Ring have similar color schemes, layouts, and predictable endings, but it all changes in Gaol cave. The color scheme is brilliant and attractive, and the locked gates all over the place gave it a desert temple vibe. If you open all the jail cells and release all the decaying corpses, the entire cave will change its colors.


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The last change in color scheme and texture occurs when you enter the Limgrave zone for the boss battle. Then, after defeating the boss you will see a gorgeous cliff with an amazing view, and a powerful weapon upon it.


How to find the Gaol Cave

The Gaol Cave is located in Caelid. On the eastern side of Fort Gale, you must go through the poison swamp, where you will see the entrance. Next, search for the door that is "covered" in mist. For this door, you will need the Stonesword Key, which you can buy from Patches, in the Murkwater Cave.



Putrid Corpse Ashes (Obtained after defeating The Frenzied Duelist. This is a Spirit that summons four putrid corpse spirits)

Stonesword Key (Key item)

Regalia of Eochaid (Straight Sword)

Pillory Shield (Small Shield)

Wakizashi (a nice Dagger for short-ranged melee combat)


Sealed Tunnel

Another hidden dungeon in Elden Ring's vast world is the Sealed Tunnel. This dungeon is the only one in Elden Ring that leads to a Divine Tower, making it unique. It is an optional dungeon with a boss, a few treasures, and other interesting things. This boss is a rare one because only two of them exist in Elden Ring, making this dungeon even more special. His name is Onyx Lord, and for some players, it can be a challenging fight. So, if you have troubles, here you can find a complete guide on how to beat Onyx Lord.


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How to find the Sealed Tunnel

This dungeon is located southeast of the Site of Grace "Outer Wall Phantom Tree" in Capital Outskirts. When you arrive, you will see a few sloping rocks that you can jump onto to reach the cliff's base. You will find the entrance to the Sealed Tunnel by going directly south from the lake after passing some enemies that look like eggs.



Onyx Lord's Greatsword (a curved Greatsword obtained after beating Onyx Lord. This weapon has a special magic skill that can change gravity and put some distance between the player and close opponents)

Smithing Stone Miner's Bell Bearing 2 (a key item that you must give to Twin Maiden Husks in exchange for a key item)

Stonesword Key (a key item)

Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot (a consumable item that gives rune acquisition a temporary boost of 30%)

Many more items like Smithing Stone (5,6), Poisoned Stone, Ruin Fragment, Large Glintstone Scrap, Somber Smithing Stone, and Golden Runes (5,9)


Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel

The Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel is a must-go dungeon if you're trying to find smithing materials or seeking to acquire all Bell Bearings in Elden Ring. It also contains a boss battle with a Crystalian, which can be quite difficult. They will turn out to be this dungeon's main obstacles, but their drops will put a smile on your face.


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How to find Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel

This minor dungeon is in Liurnia of the Lakes, and you can arrive there from the East Raya Lucaria Gate Site of Grace. Turn slightly northeast from the grace, and you will reach the cliff's edge. You should be able to see a Walking Mausoleum up ahead and several platforms down the cliff; follow these platforms to the bottom. When you are at the bottom, slightly turn left, and you will see the entrance.



Smithing stone Miner's Bell Bearing 1 (a key item dropped by the Crystalian Boss. You must give it to Twin Maiden Husks in exchange for a key item)

Crystal Knife (a great dagger especially for an Intelligence-based build. Here you can find some tips for the best Intelligence Build in Elden Ring)

Shatter Earth (is sorcery that produces a wide-ranging shockwave)

Smithing Stone (1, 2, 3) and Somber Smithing Stone (1, 2, 3)


So these are the most valuable dungeons in Elden Ring. There are over 50 dungeons in Elden Ring, and we hope that we have picked the ones with the best rewards, lovely aesthetics, and the ones you haven't visited yet. Many of them didn't make it to this list, so here are some honorable mentions.


Honorable Mentions


Sage's Cave

Rewards: Stonesword key, Black Hood, Raptors Talons, Skeletal Mask, Family Heads, Concealing Veil


Ruin Strewn Precipice

Rewards: Lost Ashes of War, Magma Wyrm's Scalesword, Serpent-God's Curved Sword, Smithing Stones, Dragon Heart


Cave of the Forlorn

Rewards: Golden Order Greatsword, Spiritflame Arrow, Thawfrost Boluses


Sellia Hideway

Rewards: Crystalian Ashes, Lost Ashes of War, Crystal Torrent, Crystal Spear, Somber Smithing Stone


For future updates, you can visit our Elden Ring News Page, and if you are a new player, you can read some useful tips and tricks in Elden Ring.

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