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Elden Ring Best Intelligence Build - How to Make Battlemage and other Builds

By Hasi2022-07-15

Elden Ring is identical to Dark Souls games regarding gameplay, especially the character progression. Like in Dark Souls, players in Elden Ring are supposed to strengthen their heroes using the level-up system that is possible with Elden Ring Runes that have been earned by defeating bosses.


Besides, you should keep your eyes on level-up stats as the process of optimizing your stats, particularly one or two, to make your character stronger, known as build. Having some good builds in Elden Ring is mandatory for success in both Player versus Player (PvP) Encounters with other players or PvE (Player versus Environment).


Elden Ring intelligence build-1


There are several builds available that players can create in Elden Ring. Whether you want to be a melee character, mage, or anything else in Elden Ring, there's a build for you. This guide is particularly focused on Intelligence Build and all of its components that will be described to help players achieve their tasks within no time. Keep in mind that making powerful characters help you defeat enemies, bosses, and other players within a shot and give you a gorgeous experience.


What Should You Know about Builds?

Best Builds starts to improve with players in Elden Ring; however, the character class you choose does matter at the start of the game. During the game, you can evolve upon allocating your stats and creating your build. Besides, builds for beginners are focused on easy-to-access Elden Ring items for starting landscapes and execution.


Making an OP Build requires you to invest "Stat Points" into the main stat; additionally, players love to invest in Vigor, Mind, and Endurance to cover the following:

Basic HP


Focus Points Management


Apart from that, Magic scaling and weapons could be a vital part of any of your selected builds; therefore, you should ensure to understand the following:


Status Effects

Damage Types: Poison Builds, Bleed Builds, and Fire Builds


How Many Types of Builds Are There?

There are 5 different types of builds available; however, this article is particularly focused on Intelligence Build. In case you are one of those players who are searching for a guide on how to get to the Isolated Divine Tower in Elden Ring, then you can learn how to reach there. Apart from that, there are five build types as below:

Intelligence Builds

Faith Builds

Arcane Builds

Strength Builds

Dexterity Builds


What Are Intelligence Builds?

Builds are divided into four different categories; each comes with unique requirements and in return, it gives you special abilities to defeat enemies. The character class you choose does matter; however, available categories are the following:


Beginner: As the name implies, Beginner Builds are focused on easy-to-access Elden Ring Items

for starting areas.

Midgame: Mid-game Builds require you to explore the area around the Liurnia of the Lakes when experimenting with weapons and hybrids at level 50+.

Late-game: Beginners aren't allowed for this building category as they have been focused on players of 100+ level who are around Lyndell; meanwhile, they have access to min-max equipment.

Endgame: The endgame build is designed to ensure your victory in any encounter.


How to Make the Best Intelligence Builds?



Battlemage is a Melee Mage Build that helps you defend yourself and buff the damage when using Sorceries and equipping a shield. Besides, this build gives you a jelly shield in your left hand and a Glintstone Staff and Dagger in your right. During the fight, you can use Carian Slicer to slay enemies as your melee attack. You should keep in mind that Carian Slicer isn't more expansive than Glintstone Pebble; however, it allows you to use it twice to preserve FP.


Class: Any

Level: 100

Flask Spread: Mostly FP, some HP

Weapon: Carian Glintstone Staff & Dagger

Shield: Jellyfish Shield

Armor: Any and can still med roll

Primary Stats: Intelligence

Secondary Stats: Mind, Vigor & Strength

Skills: Contagious Fury & Royal Knight's Resolve

Spells: Carian Slicer, Carian Greatsword, Carian Piercer, Glintstone Pebble, Loretta's Greatbow

Using Battlemage Build, you can do damage by 20% for 30 seconds.


Elden Ring intelligence build-2


Carian Spellknight

The Carian Grandeur is used by the Intelligence Build to offer you a one-shot that proves itself difficult for enemies and some gruesome bosses. It can be achieved with any character class. The build gives you


the Golden Vow and a Shield that you can use to block enemies across the landscapes. Besides, the Greatblade Phalanx can help you stagger enemies when they come in contact with the Carian Grandeur.


Class: Any

Level: 150

Flask Spread: Mostly HP, some FP

Weapon: Longsword & Carian Regal Scepter

Shield: Carian Knight's Shield

Armor: Carian Knight Helm & Spellblades Set

Talismans: Magic Scorpion Charm, Godfrey Icon, Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman & Shard of Alexander

Primary Stats: Intelligence

Secondary Stats: Vigor & Mind

Skills: Carian Grandeur

Spells: Golden Vow, & Terra Magica, Greatblade Phalanx, Loretta's Greatbow, Scholar's Shield, Great Glinstone Shard, Rykard's Rancor, & Founding Rain of Stars


It has been proved that Rain of Stars works brilliantly when it comes to defeating massive enemies, including Dragons and Godskin Noble.


Cold-Blooded Raptor

In this build, claws have been used to deal massive damage speedily, along with Frostbite and Hemorrhage Status Effects. Using the build may give you claws in both hands, and they are considered one weapon that would be great. Besides, you can build up Frostbite and Hemorrhage that won't be defeated within a few hits, while releasing massive chunks of HP that make your damage strong.


Class: Any

Flask Spread: Split HP and FP

Weapon: Bloodhound Claws, Sacrificial Axe & Academy Glintstone Staff

Shield: None

Armor: Raptor's Black Feathers, Haima Glintstone Crown, and any other gloves and legs that allow you to med roll

Talismans: Lord of Blood's Exultation, Claw Talisman, Green Turtle Talisman & Winged Sword Insignia

Primary Stats: Strength & Intelligence

Secondary Stats: Vigor & Mind

Skills: Royal Knight's Resolve & Golden Vow

Spells: Great Glintstone Shard, Loretta's Greatbow, Terra Magica, Adula's Moonblade, Greatblade Phalanx


In this Intelligence Build, you can empower your melee playstyle using spells that give you ranged attacks to defeat enemies. Although ranged attacks are less powerful as compared to pure Mage Build, you have a choice to use Greatblade Phalanx which helps you to defeat stagger enemies.


Crystal Mage

With the use of Glintstone Sorceries and Crystal, you can make Crystal Mage build that is an Intelligence-focused Build. It helps you defeat enemies easily from a particular range; however, it uses the Crystal Staff to improve the damage of both Shattering Crystal and Crystal Torrent. Using Lusat's Glinstone Staff consistently may cost you a lot of FP. When fighting against enemies, using the Contagious Fury is possible by keeping the shield in your left hand; meanwhile, it boosts your spell damage by 20% for thirty seconds whenever you try to use it.


Elden Ring intelligence build-3


Class: Any

Flask Spread: Mostly FP, some HP

Weapon: Crystal Staff, Finger Seal, or Clawmark Seal

Shield: Jellyfish Shield

Armor: Any that still allows you to med roll

Talismans: Magic Scorpion Charm, Ritual Sword Talisman, Dragoncrest Shield Talisman, and Godfrey Icon

Primary Stats: Intelligence

Secondary Stats: Vigor & Mind

Skills: Contagious Fury

Spells: Crystal Torrent, Shattering Crystal, Glintstone Pebble, Great Glintstone Shard, Comet, Terra Magica & Bestial Vitality


This build helps you defeat massive enemies using Shattering Crystal to AoE. Furthermore, Crystal Torrent is used to defeat bosses and enemies at a good range. However, mixing Shattering Crystal with Terra Magica can give you the ability to kill some bosses and enemies in one shot.



Dark Knight - Level 150

It is an intelligence build that is designed to power Greatswords for massive effect. In short, you can use this Intelligence Build to deal high magic, along with high physical damage in melee at a particular range. It can be built using any class at level 15- and will give you the following weapons: Dark Moon Greatsword, Helphen's Steeple, and Staff of Loss.


Class: Any

Flask Spread: Mostly HP, some FP

Weapon: Helphen's Steeple, Dark Moon Greatsword & Staff of Loss

Shield: None

Armor: Night's Cavalry Set

Talismans: Claw Talisman, Magic Scorpion Charm (or Ritual Sword Talisman), Great-Jar's Arsenal

& Primal Glintstone Blade

Primary Stats: Intelligence & Vigor

Secondary Stats: Endurance & Mind

Skills: Moonlight Greatsword & Ruinous Ghostflame

Spells: Night Comet, Night Shard, Terra Magica & Loretta's Greatbow


It helps you swap Steeple for Staff of loss in case you are willing to cast Night Shard or night Comet to take down enemies. Swapping back and forth as necessary to become the master.


Elden Ring intelligence build-4


Darkmoon Spellblade – Level 100

It is a Melee Mage build that helps you offer the powerful Dark Moon Greatsword and other accessories to smash enemies within no time. The available weapons in this build are given below; however, your primary stats should be "Intelligence," and Mind, while the secondary should be Vigor. Usually, this build allows you to send your combo of Moonlight Greatsword, Greatblade Phalanx, Magic Glintblade, or more. During the fight, you can discover an unseen form to help you explore the level, and avoid deadly ranged enemies while ranging enemies down using Glinstone Pebble or Magic Glintblade.


Class: Any

Flask Spread: Mostly FP, some HP

Weapon: Dark Moon Greatsword & Carian Glintblade Staff

Shield: None

Armor: Any that still allows med rolling

Talismans: Godfrey Icon, Radagon Icon, Stargazer Heirloom & Green Turtle Talisman

Primary Stats: Intelligence & Mind

Secondary Stats: Vigor

Skills: Moonlight Greatsword

Spells: Magic Glintblade, Glintstone Pebble, Greatblade Phalanx, Loretta's Greatbow & Unseen Form


If you are confused and don't know how to start, then you should visit to discover professions to help you level up and complete tasks that are difficult to achieve.



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