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Useful Tips and Tricks in Elden Ring

By Bosbone2022-06-20

Elden Ring firmly continues the trend of FromSoftware games being extremely difficult. With the transition to an open environment, there are even more opportunities to get lost, as well as a slew of tough opponents to encounter. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to help you prepare for your adventure across the Lands Between. 


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Choosing Your Class

As with every FromSoftware game, the first decision you must make in Elden Ring is which class you will play as. Because each of the ten classes starts at a distinct level, with varied stats and starting gear, this is easily the most important decision you will make in the early game. It might be intimidating, especially for new players, to be faced with so many alternatives and the need to make this vital decision without fully comprehending what the data indicates.


There are a few things you should be aware of that will make this decision a lot easier for you. The first is that vigor and endurance are both extremely useful stats. They determine your health and stamina. Aside from that, focus on strength if you want to carry massive, sluggish weapons and dexterity if you want to carry swift, light, and ranged weapons. If you can't decide which stat to level up, go with vigor. Increasing your health will make it easier for you to withstand difficult locations and bosses. Of course, using Elden Ring specific weapons or spells will demand leveling up other attributes as well, but you can never have too much health when you're starting out.


With well-balanced stats, a longsword, halberd, and a shield, the Vagabond is an excellent starting class for most melee-focused gamers. While this decision will have a significant impact on how you play Elden Ring in the beginning, remember that you can always build your character in whatever way you want as you play to get a better idea of how you like to play, and you can even later reset your stats and reallocate them without having to restart the game if you feel like you've made a terrible character.


You must choose a Keepsake in addition to a starting class. The Golden Seed is unquestionably the greatest choice for beginners. You can utilize this resource to get one more sip from your treasured health potion.


Upgrading Your Weapons

Aside from observing and understanding the world around you, upgrading your weaponry is the best way to improve. The amount of damage you deliver depends a lot on your weapon level, especially against early bosses like Margit The Fell Omen. In the early hours, go to the Church of Elleh and use the anvil next to the roaming merchant to enhance your weapon. To upgrade armaments and equip or duplicate new weapon skills, you'll need to go to the Roundtable Hold and speak with Blacksmith Hewg. If you are short on Runes in Elden Ring, you can buy some from a reliable site MMOGAH very easily.


Parrying in Elden Ring

If you wish to become an Elden Lord in Elden Ring, parrying is a must-have ability, a crucial skill. Parrying an attack successfully implies deflecting an approaching strike, which stuns the attacker and leaves them vulnerable to a counterattack. A parry in Elden Ring is a simple Ash of War skill that even the most inexperienced gamers can master, but it will take some time and effort.


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The good news is that even if you miss your parry, you will still be able to avoid some of the damage. It's important to remember that not all attacks can be parried. Airborne attacks, flails, whips, magical strikes, grabs, and attacks from huge enemies such as trolls are usually not parryable. Another very important technique is rolling.


In Elden Ring, you can avoid damage by rolling or blocking. When fighting smaller creatures or if you're playing a "tanky" character, blocking is important, but rolling is a proven technique to dodge incoming damage. The technique employs an I-frame, which effectively makes your character invincible for a brief moment while rolling. It'll take some practice to get the hang of it, but learning how to roll properly will pay off in the second part of the game.


Paying Attention to the Tutorial

After a little preamble, you'll wake up in a cave with a ghostly figure seated in a chair, as Elden Ring takes a funny method of introducing you to its universe. As you walk past him, you'll notice a doorway that leads to the rest of the planet.


But don't rush through it! The entrance to a tutorial section with combat instructions and key control scheme pointers is the hole near the seated ghost. It's an important step for newcomers to the Souls series, yet it's easy to skip. Basically, don't be afraid to fall into that hole. If you have any troubles with the game, I suggest you visit MmoGh news page, as there are many useful tips and tricks waiting for you.


Running Away If There Is Danger

The realm of Elden Ring is teeming with formidable enemies, and you'll run into a handful of them in the first few hours. Some of the game's challenges aren't designed to be completed right immediately. Instead, you should go exploring, leveling up, and returning with more information and skill.


Another key element in the game is being stealthy. The stealthy approach is rewarded in Elden Ring, which grants you a devastating backstab ability. You'll come across a lot of adversaries in the Lands Between, and being able to sneak by them or even up behind them for a swift, silent kill is frequently the best option. Even if you screw up a few times, practicing sneaking is a must. It's an important ability to have under your belt, especially as you go through the game and encounter large groups of enemies. In a challenging encounter, thinning out the crowd with a few well-placed backstabs before engaging the survivors can make the difference between life and death.


Exploring in the Game

There's a lot for players to discover and accomplish in Elden Ring. As you continue through the Lands Between, you will face some formidable enemies, uncover numerous secrets, obtain several legendary weapons and equipment, collect the amazing Great Runes, and even acquire some of Elden Ring's most powerful weaponry.


Elden Ring is a game that is intended to be played for a long time. The game is designed to be played multiple times in order to acquire and develop some of the best Elden Ring builds available. As you progress through the plot and reach a higher level, you'll want more powerful Elden Ring items that will make the game easier and more enjoyable. You can buy amazing items that will help you become a true master of the game.


Trying to Become Familiar with Bosses' Movements

This is something I cannot emphasize enough. You're unlikely to beat a boss on your first try, let alone your second, third, or even tenth. But the most important thing is to keep a steady eye on them and study their attacks. Every attack will give you some sort of a hint, and figuring out what it is will be crucial to victory. If a particular move continually destroys you, consider waiting a little longer than your instincts suggest.


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Making Use of Summons and Ashes of War

Don't be hesitant to ask for assistance, as the person who assists you will receive a fair share of the rewards.


Another new addition to Elden Ring is Ashes of War. These provide your weapon with a special ability, which can be a physical technique or a magical spell. While this is something worth experimenting with, you also need to consider how each of the Ashes of War affects your weapon level scaling. If you're going for a pure Dexterity build, make sure Dex scaling is A or B, for example. That means the more Runes you put into that statistic, the greater damage you can do with that weapon.


Marking Locations on the Map

Due to its realistic medieval fantasy style, the map in Elden Ring can appear foggy at first, but there are still a lot of spots highlighted on the map that aren't directly pointed out but can be deduced. The most essential of them are the locations of the map parts themselves, which, once collected, will fill up the overworld map and make finding other points of interest much easier. In areas where the map has yet to be discovered, they are marked by little obelisk icons. If the icon doesn't appear, it's likely that more exploration is needed to clear part of the fog that's covering the map.


The second, slightly more hidden map indicator worth mentioning is the mine icon, which is frequently a source of incredibly costly weapon upgrade materials and hence fairly unpleasant to overlook on a first play. Once the local map fragment has been found, each mine in The Lands Between is marked on the map as a burnt hole in the ground. One is fairly near to the starting point and necessitates a quick detour down to the Agheel Lake cliffs. It's easy to overlook crucial spots like these if you don't know about these map markers, and there are plenty more on the map that isn't as well marked.


Knowing the Importance of Melina and Torrent

Melina is probably the most important NPC in the game. After visiting and resting at three separate sites of grace in Elden Ring, you'll meet her. Find a third one if you've only been to two of them. Sites of grace are useful not only as checkpoints and fast travel sites but also as places where you can level up after meeting Melina. The Gatefront Ruins appear to be most players' third site of grace, but Melina will appear wherever your third site is in Elden Ring's wide world. Once you've met Melina, you'll be able to give her runes at these sites to increase your strength. Melina will also give you a special whistle that you can use to summon your ghost horse when you first meet her.


The horse, named Torrent, makes traveling easier and opens up new locations that only he can reach. You also have the option of engaging enemies on horseback with Torrent by your side. When riding Torrent, you'll do greater damage to enemies, but you'll need to figure out when it's best to dismount. If the opponent is also riding a horse, it makes perfect sense that you should fight on a horse as well. The same can be said for larger enemies, such as giants. However, it is occasionally preferable to be on the ground in order to take advantage of backstabs, combinations, and Ashes of War. It'll be something you pick up on the fly, but knowing what each situation requires can help you survive. You'll also want to keep Melina around and talk to her since she'll help you go to the Roundtable Hold, where merchants and NPCs can help you.


Standing on the Right Track If You Feel Lost

Every soul's game is quite enigmatic. There are no waypoints or task marks, and nothing is ever spelled out for you. The majority of the time, these games play out as a sequence of lucky accidents that slowly unravel the environment around you. Elden Ring can be highly complicated due to its huge scope, and figuring out what to do next might be difficult. If you ever feel lost, it's because the game wants you to feel lost. In this game, progression is unorthodox and totally based on your own curiosity and sense of exploration. Everything in Elden Ring is designed to make your character stronger or to help you move through the world's different objectives. Choose a direction and go there and do something. If that location is too difficult, take a new path and look for something else. When you're ready, return to it. The Lands Between is a true open-world game in which everything matters and assists the player in some manner. And don't forget one last thing, have fun!



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