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  • A Complete Guide to Volcano Manor Quest in Elden Ring
    By Bosbone2023-02-23 00:00:00

    In this article, we will be exploring the exciting world of Elden Ring and providing you with a comprehensive quest guide and walkthrough. We'll delve into the intricacies of completing all the quests for Tanith, Rya, Patches, and Bernahl, which can all be found at the formidable Volcano Manor.


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    However, please note that to fully complete this quest, you will need to have access to the snowy areas around the Grand Lift of Rold. So, be sure to advance the storyline to that point if you wish to tackle the entire quest in one go.


    Additionally, your character's level is a crucial factor to consider. Ideally, your level should be around 50 to complete this questline without encountering major difficulties. You can upgrade it by progressing through the game, or if you prefer a faster approach, you could consider upgrading your character with Elden Ring runes. With that in mind, let's jump straight into it!


    How to Start

    Begin this quest, and your first goal is to reach Volcano Manor. If you have trouble finding this place, here is a guide on how to reach Volcano Manor. Once there, seek out Tanith and speak with her to initiate the quest. After you accept the quest, you'll get the Drawing Room Key which will prove useful later on.


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    Proceed down the hall and enter the first room on your right to find a perfume bottle worth collecting for future use. In the next room, you will encounter three NPCs who will provide valuable items for your quest. In that room, you'll also find the Recusant Finger (a multiplayer item) and a letter.


    Take the time to speak with all three of them, including Bernahl, Rya, and Diallos. If you haven't yet met Diallos, you can find him at the Table of Lost Grace in Academy Gate Town. Once you have spoken with him there, return to the Table of Lost Grace, and eventually, he will appear at the manor. It's important to complete this step before moving on.


    Old Knight Istvan

    With the introductions out of the way, it's time to dive deeper into the quest. The first letter you receive from the NPCs will ask you to take down the formidable Old Knight Istvan. A red marker will appear on your map, indicating his location at the coliseum in Limgrave. Make your way there and prepare for battle.


    Once you've emerged victorious, you'll be rewarded with the Rune Arc, Furlcalling Finger Remedy, and the full Scaled armor set. You can also return to the Volcano Manor and speak with Tanith, who will provide you with a powerful sorcery spell, the Magma Shot. This is a nice spell, but if you're looking to take your Elden Ring adventure to the next level, you can add these great Elden Ring items to your inventory.


    Rya's Quest

    Our journey continues with a new quest, this time for Rya. So, after speaking with Rya and completing the first letter, she'll mention hearing something within the walls. Now go and rest in the nearby site of grace, and then head back to the room, and you'll find that Rya has transformed into a new form, now called Zoraya.


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    Speak to her and learn about Rya's backstory, then speak to Lady Tanith and select the dialogue option related to her. Return to Zoraya, and you'll find a body, which will reveal a hidden passage behind it. Follow the passage to a set of stairs, and if you head left, you can find a Depraved Perfumer Carmaan Ash. From here, head back through the stairs and into the hidden passages until you reach the Temple of Eiglay, where you'll fight the Godskin Noble.


    Fight Godskin Noble

    After defeating the Godskin Noble, you'll receive the Godskin Stitcher and Noble Presence incantation. Now go and get the Serpent's Amnion on the altar and travel back to the Volcano Manor. Here, you can give the Serpent's Amnion to Rya.


    Then talk to Tanith about the situation, and she will ask if you would give Rya a "potion" to forget the truth if she finds out. For now, don't do anything and move on to the next task.


    Letter from Patches

    The next task is to collect a letter from Patches. Here are all the steps you should follow.

    Travel to the Ravine-Veiled Village and fight the Magma Wyrm Makar at the top of the Ruin-Strewn Precipice overlook.

    Defeat the Great Horned Tragoth (a red mark will appear after the first step) near the Magma Wyrm grace point to obtain the Bull-goat armor set.

    Return to Patches to get the Magma Whip Candlestick and pick up the final letter from Tanith.

    Fight Rileigh, the Idle, and receive Crepus's Vial.

    Head back to Volcano Manor, and talk to Tanith to get a really underrated weapon, the Serpentbone Blade. You can also talk to Bernahl to obtain new letters, including the red letter next to him.

    Reveal the manor's dark secrets to Rya. Rest at the Site of Grace and speak with Tanith again to find out she is gone.


    Speak to Rya

    Go to the Temple of Eiglay and take the elevator to the second floor. Exit through the window and trudge across the lava until you reach a room lit by flickering red candles, where you will find Rya. Talk to her. She'll ask you to put an end to her life, but it's crucial to refrain from doing so. For now, just leave Rya there, and do the next step if you have trouble.


    Fight Vargram and Errant

    Upon returning to the Volcano Manor, talk to Bernahl to obtain a letter, in which he tasks you with defeating Vargram, the Raging Wolf, and Errant in the Capital City. You will also find a red letter on the table, which you should save for later.


    Travel to the Capital Rampart and defeat Vargram and Errant. Here you can also obtain the Raging Wolf armor set, as well as Alberich's armor set. Once done, read the red letter, which directs you to fight Juno Hoslow, a frustrating boss located on the mountaintops of the giants.


    For this fight, you can maybe choose the Serpentbone Blade as your weapon, which you obtained earlier as a reward. Upon defeating Hoslow, receive his armor and the Petal Whip. Return to the Volcano Manor and speak with Tanith to obtain the Taker's Cameo, but ignore her offer to join the lord for now. Lastly, talk to Bernahl to receive a great Sorcery, Gelmir's Fury, as a final reward.


    Fight Rykard and Tanith

    With your previous triumphs under your belt, it's time to face your toughest challenge in this quest - Rykard, the Lord of Blasphemy. You can approach this task in two ways: either speak with Tanith to gain her guidance or explore your own way to Rykard's.


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    Your best option here is to use the Serpent-Hunter for an easier fight. Once there, defeat Rykard and claim his Rune and the Remembrance of the Blasphemous.


    Now, return to Tanith and engage in all of her dialogues before she disappears for good. Rest at the nearest Site of Grace, and then journey once again to visit Rya at the location we previously visited. Just talk to her here. It's important to know that we haven't killed her and didn't give her the Potion of Forgetfulness.


    Then go back to Rykard's lair and be prepared for a little surprise. Tanith will appear, and this time she's not there to offer advice. Instead, she and her knight stand in your way, ready to challenge you for their own purposes. Defeat them in battle and loot Tanith's body to claim the Aspect of the Crucible-Breath incantation and the Consort set, which is Tanith's armor.


    The End

    As we near the end of the questline for Tanith and the Volcano Manor, there's one last stop to make at Rya's place. When we arrive this time, she's nowhere to be found, but she's left behind a mysterious mask (a talisman called Deadicar's Woe). Regardless of whether we killed her or made her forget, we'll still receive the mask. This Talisman doubles the damage taken (damage Negation - 100%). However, this time, we also find a letter, and it's from none other than Raya herself.



    And that would be it. You've completed the long and challenging set of missions and tasks in Elden Ring, where you've embarked on a journey filled with twists and turns, unexpected alliances, and brutal battles.


    You've tackled all the different quests and explored every inch of the Volcano Manor, where you've encountered a cast of intriguing characters like Tanith, Rya, Patches, Diallos, and Bernahl. After many hours of gameplay, we have finally reached the end, having accomplished everything there is to achieve in the Volcano Manor.