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Diablo 4: Top 8 Starter Builds

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Welcome to our Diablo 4: Top 8 Starter Builds. Here we will show you 8 things you should know before you start playing the game very shortly. This beginner guide is very helpful for saving your playtime.


Before we get into the guide, you should definitely take some time and pick the class that you want to play. This Diablo 4 classes picking guide is for you.


Choosing A World Tier to Begin On

If you've just started playing the game, you will first decide what difficulty you want to play the game on, Tier 1 or Tier 2. Tier 2 gives you extra Diablo IV gold and experience, but enemies are harder to kill. If you haven't played Diablo before, Tier 1 is probably the better way to go because you'll get through enemies more quickly. If you feel it's too easy, you can move up to Tier 2.


diablo 4 starter builds 


Prioritizing Essential Activities

Whether you push the main story, try and complete it before doing side content, or do group events, World Bosses, you should prioritize these essential activities.


Once you complete the main story campaign through all of the acts of the game, you'll have the option to skip the campaign for any additional characters that you made, so this is really nice because there are certain areas of the game that you can't access until you progress the main story, it's not very many places, but there are a few and once you skip this on additional characters, those places are not locked out to you anymore, and you actually have a lot of waypoints that you can fast travel to.


Additionally, as you push much further into the main quest, you will also unlock your Mount, and once you have it, that can be very beneficial to you as it'll help you speed around the landscape a lot faster. There's a case to do some side content as you're progressing through the main campaign, and that's because each section or zone of the game has a reputation system.


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As you progress in that, you will have more options to unlock skill points for your character to hold, so you can heal more often. These are account-wide, so any characters you play outside of this will also have these skill points, and this just makes your character stronger, which makes it easier to do World bosses, so you should probably focus on doing side quests, finding Altars of Lilith, doing strongholds, which generate a lot of reputation.


Strongholds are really important, so make sure you use the interactive map to find where those are and go clear those along the way to get to at least reputation Rank 3, so you can get those valuable skill points and extra potions before continuing on and progressing the main story.


Finding Altars of Lilith

The next point is sort of piggybacking off the previous point, which is Altars of Lilith. Make sure that you find these on your first character as much as possible. As they contribute to reputation, which is very good, and reputation is not shared between characters, so if you get a region up to reputation rank 2 and it's almost rank 3, and then you start another character, you'll have to get all the way from reputation 0 up to reputation 3 again. They don't add together to give you a group bonus towards reputation, so it's very important to do this on one character.


diablo 4 starter builds -3

Altars of Lilith works the same way except for the bonuses you gain from Altars a little. If applicable to all of your characters, they're not marked on the map on your other character, so you can't see which ones you've gotten and which ones you haven't on subsequent characters, so the best way is to try and do them on your main character first. If possible, you can use its active map and find it along the way in each zone before you move on to the next zone, so you can get all these extra stat bonuses.


Selecting Dungeons to Finish

You should focus on some important dungeons at the beginning of the game.


Lost Archives is not very far into the game at all, and it provides you with the Aspect of the Protector and the Codex of Power, allowing you to put this legendary aspect on one of your pieces of gear. From the very beginning of the game, this is a very strong defensive aspect that gives you a damaged Shield or a bubble when you damage an elite, and this happens all the time, so this is a great aspect for anyone, and you definitely want to get this as soon as possible.


diablo 4 starter builds -4


For other dungeons, you should depend on the class that you're playing, so you can open up your Codex of Power through the aspects there and see which ones benefit your build. You can actually put a pin on them, and then on the map of the game World, it will show you where to get those dungeons.


Some of them may be very far away, and you might not want to try and do them early on, but there are some that are closed for just about every class, and you should try and focus on those ones if they help your build; otherwise, you'll be doing these dungeons a lot more later at end game.


Handling with Extra Gear

As you go through the game, you'll get tons of loot and common magic rare legendary loot; how to handle them is essential at the beginning of the game. I think it's more important to deacon your extra gear except for your legendary items. You should hang on to it now, but for the rarest magic and commons, you should deacon to get crafting materials.


As you start to get a bit higher level, like 20/25, you will consider selling some of the materials to get more gold. From that point onward, you're going to balance harvesting them for their materials or selling them for gold so that you have enough gold and materials to upgrade and craft the things that you want.


Daring to Respec Your Skills

You shouldn't be afraid to respec skills and try new builds and setups at the beginning of the game. Respeccing is very cheap early on in the game, but it will get expensive later. If your build is just not working for you, don't stick it out; change it up, try different things, and you'll be surprised. However, just changing one skill in this game can make a huge difference to your build, so don't be afraid to mess around and try new builds.


Upgrading and Enchanting Gear

Upgrading and enchanting bonuses on your equipment. Suppose you don't know how to do that; you can actually upgrade all of the equipment you wear. These are the weapons, armor, and jewelry you're using, you can upgrade armor and weapons at the blacksmith, and you can upgrade the jewelry at the Jeweler, and this is really important because when you have good bonuses on like a piece of jewelry or armor or whatever upgrading that will not only give you more protection, but it will also give you more value for those bonuses, so if you have a ring with hit chance critical, hit chance and critical damage on it, which is really strong.


diablo 4 starter builds -5


Playing The Alchemist

If you didn't knowAcrobatics ElixirElixirs, Ancient Times Incenses, and Potions in this game, you could go to the herbalist. You can craft or buy some D4 items (Elixirs and Incenses) and upgrade your potions to heal you more with the materials that you find around the map, and Elixirs usually provide you with like a defensive bonus or an offensive bonus as well as experience gain, but they have certain level requirements, so you can't use all of them at the beginning, but these are very good in the end game. Of course, you can buy Diablo 4 boost to reach your desired level to use them. When you go into a dungeon, and all the enemy type in a dungeon is one particular type, you can use a potion or an Elixir that will increase your damage against that enemy type, which is really good.


Incenses are something you'll use at higher levels that will provide bonuses depending on how many characters are around you, and they're really good, like World bosses and stuff, so you can use those when applicable, particularly Elixirs early on and make sure you upgrade your potions to be stronger healing as your level goes up.


Thanks for Fextralife's sharing. These tips should be extremely helpful, even if you have played either the Betas or the Server Slam.




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