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Diablo 4: Tips for Season One Preparation

By i_ghori2023-05-01

When Diablo 4’s highly anticipated open beta was finally released, it not only lived up to the hype but also became a massive success, with millions of hours logged in by players. The beta provided players with a taste of this fresh iteration of Sanctuary, fueling excitement for the official release.


With the game’s final release just around the corner in June and the first season starting six weeks after that, all the hype may lead the fans of this franchise to feel compelled to prepare ahead of time. As fellow enthusiasts of the game, we understand this sentiment and have put together a Diablo 4 guide with crucial tips gleaned from our hours of gameplay. These tips will help you prepare for the first season and get the most out of your experience.


Permanent Buffs You Don’t Want to Miss

Altars of Lilith are among the many unique features that Diablo 4 has to offer, and they are an essential element that players should keep in mind when preparing for the upcoming first season. These stone statues, which are spread throughout the open world, grant players a permanent +2 stat boost across various attributes. The buffs offered by these altars are incredibly beneficial to any player, regardless of the class they are going for, as they help establish a solid foundation for pretty much any build.


As these altars are not renewable from season to season, they do require players to go through a bit of a challenge to reap their rewards. Therefore, players should begin hunting these altars as soon as the game launches to gain a significant advantage over others in the first season.


So, If you’re looking to establish a robust build and gain an edge over others in the game’s first season, hunting down the Altars of Lilith should be at the top of your priority list.


Utilizing Skill Points

Another helpful little tip for early-game is to invest one skill point into an ability to fill up your skill bar, even if it’s not necessarily the best option in terms of damage output. This is especially useful at the start as it allows you to have a few extra options at hand. Later on, as you unlock new abilities, you can easily respec out of those initial abilities. Luckily, respeccing is quite inexpensive early on, so don’t be afraid to experiment and adjust your build as needed.


Aspects and Legendary Items

One of the most exciting additions to Diablo 4’s item and gear system is the introduction of aspects. These are passives that players can add to their equipment, providing a range of upgrades and additional utility to their character. During the beta, players quickly learned the importance of extracting legendary aspects from their gear and then getting tailored benefits by slapping them onto other gear. These passives provide significant benefits to your character, so it’s vital to hunt down the items that contain them.


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Acquiring these items was rather simple in the game’s beta; however, the same could not be said about the full release of the game, as the legendary gear will no longer drop in the open world. To acquire these legendary items, players must clear dungeons, so it’s essential to look up which dungeons to target based on the build you’re going for. It’s worth noting that aspects you get your hands on will be stored in your codex of power, which allows you to apply them infinite times on rare and legendary gear. The Codex of Power is the best way to play around with aspects as unlike aspects directly extracted from items, which can only be used once, the Codex of Power allows infinite uses, making it a valuable resource as you level your character up.


It’s also important to consider which item slots to imprint your legendary aspects on. Certain slots, such as amulets and two-handed weapons, provide increased aspect effectiveness. This is a free increase in passive buffs, so it’s wise to be strategic with your aspects and prefer selecting items that go into these slots. By carefully planning and utilizing these aspects, you can gain a significant advantage in combat and tailor better suited for your playstyle.


Your Companion for Traversing Sanctuary

Mounts play an essential role in Diablo 4, providing players with a faithful companion to traverse the vast and diverse world of Sanctuary with ease. While there are many different types of mounts available in the game, unlocking them requires completing the questline Donan’s Favour. After unlocking mounts, players need to be level 36 to fully utilize them, but it is definitely worth the effort. Once unlocked, mounts can be purchased from stables, found as loot in the world, or received as mission rewards later in the campaign. Additionally, mounts are available across all of your characters once acquired.


What makes mounts even more interesting is that they grant powerful dismount attacks that are specific to each class. So, it is crucial to time these dismount attacks right to maximize their effectiveness. With this in mind, mounts are undoubtedly a must-have for your Diablo 4 experience, as they’ll save any player looking to explore the world of Sanctuary from a lot of headaches.


Leveling Up

In Diablo 4, the most efficient way to level up your character is through clearing dungeons, completing side quests, and participating in world events. However, there’s an additional method that can give you an edge in the leveling process: elixirs. These elixirs can be purchased at the alchemist and provide various perks that can help boost your character’s performance. It’s a good idea to keep a few on hand as you prepare for your journey through Sanctuary or are planning to target any boss or dungeon.


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If you’re looking to gain even more experience, co-op play is a great option. Playing with others grants you bonus experience points for every enemy they defeat. So, teaming up with other adventurers can be a great way to speed up your progress and earn more rewards along the way. Don’t hesitate to join forces with your fellow players and take on the challenges of the world together.



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