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How to Get Ahead in Diablo 4: Essential Tips for Dominating the Early Game

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With Diablo 4's open beta just around the corner, the excitement and anticipation for this new addition to the legendary Action RPG franchise are at an all-time high. Blizzard has promised to address some of the criticisms leveled at Diablo 3 while also incorporating classic Diablo elements that fans have grown to love.


One of the most exciting features of Diablo 4 is its seamless open world, which is not typically seen in many RPGs. The game also introduces new classes, a revamped leveling system, and an abundance of content. However, with all these changes and additions, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. That's why we've put together a guide of early game guidance and some essential tips to help you get the most out of your Diablo 4 experience, whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer checking in on the hype.


Take Your Time with the Open World

Diablo 4's open world is one of its most significant departures from previous games in the franchise. Take your time to explore and appreciate the intricate details of the world. You never know what hidden treasures or quests you might stumble upon.


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Why You Should Play on Veteran Difficulty

Diablo 4's open beta has arrived with two difficulty classes: Adventurer and Veteran. While Adventurer is the normal mode, Veteran is supposed to be the hard mode. In reality, the difficulty level in the Veteran mode is not significantly higher than that of the Adventurer mode. The main difference lies in the rewards offered: Veteran mode rewards players with a whopping 20% extra XP, which can significantly aid in reaching ultimate skills easily.


This is a great opportunity for players who want to level up quickly while not having to face an extremely difficult game. So, it's recommended that players opt for the Veteran difficulty level for a more rewarding experience. It's important to note that this may change in the future as the game develops and new updates are released.


Maximizing Your Skill Tree

D4's skill tree is quite extensive, which can be overwhelming at first. While it's exciting to have so many options, it can be challenging to allocate skill points and utilize the limited skill slots, especially in the early game. To simplify this process, we suggest focusing on core skills first. These skills serve as the foundation for your build and allow you to unlock complementary skills based on your chosen class.


In addition to core skills, investing in some general utility skills can greatly enhance your gameplay experience. These skills provide bonuses and perks that can make your life easier and increase your overall effectiveness in combat. By prioritizing these skills early on, you can create a well-rounded character that can adapt to different situations and challenges


In summary, while Diablo 4's skill tree may seem daunting, focusing on core skills and investing in utility skills can help you create a strong foundation for your build. This approach will enable you to explore more advanced skills and abilities later on while still maintaining a balanced and effective character.


Choosing Your Class

Diablo 4 features five distinct classes, with the rogue being the newest addition to the franchise. Each class has a unique playstyle and ability, providing players with a wide range of options to choose from. However, the sheer variety can be overwhelming, leaving some players confused about which class to try first.


If you're struggling to decide, we recommend playing whatever class feels most comfortable to you. With the added benefits of playing on the recommended Veteran difficulty during the open beta, you'll have ample time to experiment with different classes and experience the full spectrum of gameplay the game has to offer.


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Don't feel pressured to choose the "best" class or follow the meta. Instead, focus on enjoying the game and finding the playstyle that suits you best. Whether you prefer ranged combat, melee combat, or a mix of both, there is a class that will fit your playstyle perfectly. So, take your time, try out different classes, and have fun exploring the vast world of D4.


The Importance of Side Quests

D4's open world introduces a plethora of side quests to explore. While it might be tempting to wander around and engage in random activities, completing these side quests offers much greater rewards. These quests can be completed within seconds or a few minutes, and they compensate you quite well. Additionally, each zone of the game has a large number of side quests, so you'll never run out of things to do. Through these quests, you also gain access to the Renown system. So, make sure that you don't miss out on completing these side quests in the early game.



As you progress through the game, you'll acquire a lot of items, some of which will be beneficial to your current build, while others may seem useless. If you're new to the game, chances are that you won't be familiar with the equipment you obtain at the start. Rather than dismantling it, we recommend storing it in your stash for later use. That way, if you decide to switch things up later on, you won't have to start from scratch.


Weapons Matter

In Diablo 4, the initial stages of the game are designed to help you level up quicker and gather items faster. As you progress to higher levels, this process gradually slows down. It's important to note that your damage output in the game heavily relies on your weapons, and it's essential to check out every weapon you come across at least once. Even if you don't think it's an upgrade, a weapon with a higher DPS can make a significant difference in your gameplay experience. This becomes particularly important when you're traversing through dungeons and trying to clear them out. While your other equipment can vary based on your requirements and preferences, always try to use the highest DPS weapon available to you, especially during the early game. This will make your life a lot easier and save you time and energy.


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