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Why Hydra Sorceress Is a Good Character to Start Off the First D2R Ladder

Hydra Sorceress is a bit controversial character that needs a little long time to be operated before. Some players don’t choose it because of this. But now, the downside of Hydra Sorceress has been greatly reduced as patch 2.4 has updated the Hydra fire skill. So Hydra Sorceress needs to be reacquainted. And it is a viable budget starting character to the Ladder.


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An Excellent Boss Sniping Character

By reduction in the cooldown associated with casting the Hydra spell, players can now have six active Hydras at one time. Few monsters can suffer fireballs from so many heads of Hydras. And because the casting delay was removed, players can summon Hydras much easier than before. Almost in two seconds, they can summon six Hydras. The lethality is highly increased. And sometimes Hydra Sorceress outperforms Blizzard Sorceress for tricky and boring Mephisto. Trying Hydra Sorceress instead of Blizzard Sorceress, players will not be disappointed.


Versatility in Terms of Extra Skill

Once players have maxed Hydras and its synergies, they can pump a bunch of points into Warmth to have a very high-level mana recovery and pump a bunch of points into Enchant to buff up your mercenary with extra fire damage. Or, if players want to run through the Chaos Sanctuary and run into those cold immune Oblivion Knights, just cast a couple of Hydras in front to run quickly.


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A Very Safe Playstyle Build

In some of the new areas like the Stony Tombs, which are reworked in their level 85 areas, players can hang back and cast Hydras out in front of them. Hydra Sorceress is an effective slacker playstyle in which players just need to hide in the back of Hydras and let them do the dirty work. But this playstyle shows powerful effects in combat situations. With the Teleport skill help, players can give a surprise attack in no time. Just recasting Hydras, they will do the work of taking out all the minions fast.


Budget Gear

It does not need high gear. We can use the level 80 Hydra Sorceress, for example. In the skill tree, we put one point in Frozen Armor and put one point in Static Field, Telekinesis, and Teleport. We maxed Hydra, Fire Bolt, Fire Ball, and Fire Mastery, and then we put left points in Warmth. We can use Spirit Runewords, Crystal Sword, Smoke, Helmet, Amulet, and those rare series of no plus skills d2r items such Rhyme, Shield, Ring, Belt, Magefist, and different assorted rare boots. With these, we can face Mephisto single one.


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So Hydra Sorceress is an excellent character to start off the first Ladder.


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