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Why FoHdin Is a Good Character to Start Off the First Ladder

FoHdin is actually a very easy-to-use character by which players can run through Chaos Sanctuary. And it's amazing with budget gear. So we recommend it, and we will talk about a lot of its benefits.


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A Budget Character

Fist of the Heavens Paladin, which is also called FoHdin, is one of the budget characters. FoHdin's items are ordinary items except for Enigma, which is more expensive. But players don't have to choose Enigma because FoHdin can still move freely in Diablo 2 Resurrected even without it.


Better Than Hammerdin

FoHdin is even better than Hammerdin because it is relatively less dependent on Enigma Runeword. It has large damage AoE and targets enemies relatively easily. Even without Enigma, FoHdin has nothing to lose in battle except walking slower. But Hammerdin needs Enigma because the trajectory of the hammer is weird. Using Enigma, Hammerdin can correct movement to catch targets.


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Below are some D2R items that are suitable for FoHdin:

Weapons: Baezil's Vortex is socketed with Heart of the Oak Runeword. Or Crystal Sword is socketed with Spirit Runeword.

Armor: Dusk Shroud is socketed with Smoke Runeword. Or Archon Plate is socketed with Enigma Runeword.

Shield: The shield is socketed with Spirit Runeword. Or players can use Herald of Zakarum.

Helm: Harlequin Crest or Griffon's Eye.


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Effective Skill Updates

There are many effective skill updates in patch 2.4, and FoHdin gives powerful output in battle. There are a lot of different options it can flexibly use.


Increase AoE

When FoHdin uses Fist of the Heavens, countless lightning bolts fall from the sky, and Holy Bolts can automatically catch friendly and hostile targets. For allies, Holy Bolts can replenish their energy. For enemies, including magic immune monsters, Holy Bolts can do great harm. This is another way FoHdin is better than Hammerdin because Hammerdin can not damage magic immune monsters. The more monsters, the more Holy Bolts. Besides, the damage range increases to the maximum range.


Reduce Casting Delay

The Cooldown is reduced from 1 second to 0.4 seconds. It increases FoHdin's flexibility. Then FoHdin can give full play to all its skills.


Pierces Targets

The Holy Bolts now can pierce monsters, and the damage is greatly increased.


Damage Demons

Fist of the Heavens and Holy Bolts can damage monsters that include the Undead and Demons now. Because Diablo 2 Resurrected has a lot of Demon and undead monsters, this is a very beneficial change in patch 2.4. Previous FoHdin was not recommended because its HolyBolts only affected Undead monsters. But now, this flaw is reduced.


Budget Gear

There are many different ways to distribute skill points. We use a level 80 FoHdin as an example:

To increase synergies, we can maximize Firt of the Heavens, Holy Shock, and Holy Bolt. We put 20 points into Firt of the Heavens, 20 points into Holy Shock, and 20 points into Holy Bolt. And then we can put one point into skills such as Holy Shield, Salvation, and Redemption. If we want to add our defense probability or get quick speed, we also can put many points into Holy Shield and Vigor.


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