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  • Three Reasons Why Fire Druid Is a Good Character to Start Off the First D2R Ladder
    By Ansley2022-04-29 00:00:00

    Which class is your choice for starting D2R Ladder? Typically, players follow the standard route of a Blizzard Sorceress, which is a smiter for Mephisto. And players can obtain Torches to trade early on and get more wealth and high runes. Besides, as soon as players obtain Enigma Runeword, they will choose Hammeredin, which is the most popular Paladin Build, because Hammeredin is an all-purpose build that excels in the chaos sanctuary.


    But this time, MmoGah will talk about Fire Druid. In patch 2.4, Druid has probably received some of the most substantial changes, especially fire spells on the elemental skill tree. It is an excellent choice for players to progress and obtain wealth at the start of the Ladder. There are three reasons why.


    Improve Druid Skills - Volcano, Molten Boulder, and Armageddon

    These three skills now create more substantial physical damage than before. They can actually get substantial damage from Armageddon, which buffs up the radius and the number of meteors that are falling and the falling rate. So it actually hits monsters more than what it did in the original patch. So that is actually great. Although Fire Druids can not obliterate firemen monsters when they run through a Chaos Sanctuary, they can do better than before when meeting them.


    Below are the changes for the skills of Druid in patch 2.4.


    Druid skill 1

    Druid skill 2

    Druid skill 3


    Reduce Stupid Annoying Cooldown

    Prior to the 2.4 Patch, if players cast Armageddon, they could not cast another spell for seven seconds. But now, that is not the case anymore. There's no cooldown delay between any of the fire spells. So players can actively cast their Armageddon. And then, in different areas of the map, they can cast a Volcano, a Fissure, and then send out a Molten Boulder. In different locations, players have insane AoE with the Fire Droid, more than what they can get with the Wind Druid. Although Wind Druid has the hurricane, it doesn't have such a big AoE.


    Introduce New Areas for Magic Finding

    These include areas like the Stony Tombs and some of the ice caves in Act five. And players will rarely see fire Immune Monsters. So fire immunities aren't really an issue in there. These new targeted areas are equivalents of the ancient tunnels for the Blizzard Sorceress. So Fire Druids can start out with very basic gear and completely obliterate monsters that have the potential to drop every ladder item in Diablo 2 Resurrected.


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