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What's to Sell for the Most Profit in Auction House

For great majority players, figuring out the game's economy is one of the most frustrating and time-consuming parts in Blade and Soul. Different from its competitors, Blade and Soul gold doesn't flow freely, while you'll get a small amount of copper and silver from completing quests, it won't be nearly enough for endgame crafting or buying high-quality weapons. Knowing which items make the most profit in the auction house, along with knowing which items will sell the fastest, and which is the quickest way to amass large stockpiles of gold.


However, keep in mind that these prices are just ballpark prices. Each server has its own economy, so what sells for five pieces of gold on one server may only sell for four pieces on another. On the whole, though, these items are guaranteed to bring in the most profit no matter which server you play on.

What's to Sell for the Most Profit in Auction House


While Moonwater Transformation Stones may be necessary to upgrade high-level weapons, all other players are going to rely on your standard Soulstone for their crafting needs. All factions and guilds use these stones, and they are frequently acquired from contested territory and quest rewards. Players who have more money than time will frequently purchase Soulstones from the auction house, making this an item you can quickly profit from in a short amount of time.


It's also an item that is guaranteed to always have a market, thanks to the Soulseeker achievement. This achievement tasks players with buying more than 10,000 Soulstones from the auction house, ensuring that somewhere on your server, someone is probably looking to farm this achievement.


To get the most profit out of your Soulstones, split them into smaller lots, as there are more players who will only need a few Soulstones to complete a crafting recipe as opposed to players who are looking to buy Soulstones in bulk. Depending on the number of Soulstones you list on the auction house and the server you play on, players can frequently make a few gold in under a short amount of time with just a few small stacks of Soulstone.

What's to Sell for the Most Profit in Auction House

Moonwater Transformation Stone

Without a doubt, one of the most expensive items on the Blade and Soul auction house is the Moonwater Transformation Stone. This important item is needed for weapon breakthroughs, meaning that without these stones, neither you nor your weapons are going to increase in power. As of January 2016, a recent patch has made these stones even harder to come by, making the auction house the best place to get large amounts of them quickly.


Further increasing the potential for profit, players will generally need over 20 of these stones in order to upgrade a weapon. At a potential price of five to 10 gold pieces per stone, you're looking at profits that can meet or exceed 2,000 gold if you put up a stack of 20 or more Moonwater Transformation Stones on the auction house.


However, just make sure your personal weapon is upgraded as high as it can go before putting these up for sale. The last thing you want is to take your profits and reinvest them back into these stones because you need to upgrade your own weapon.


An Evolving Economy

These aren't the only items to sell in the auction house, with crafting materials and endgame weapons and armor always selling for premium prices. However, like with most massively online multiplayer games, changes to the game can result in some items becoming cheaper and others become more sought after. As a rule of thumb, always read the patch notes to know what kind of changes are coming; if an item is being removed as a quest reward or is otherwise being made harder to find, there is a good chance it will climb in value on the auction house. If you follow this method, you'll always be ahead of the curve when it comes to profiting off of the auction house!

What's to Sell for the Most Profit in Auction House

Costumes and Skins

In a massively multiplayer online game like "Blade & Soul," at higher levels it's easy to blend into the crowd: Everyone is wearing the same armor and weapon, making it difficult for your character to stand out. Weapon and armor skins are one way to keep the benefits of your endgame equipment will making yourself look visually unique. It should come as no surprise that some of the most expensive items on the auction house are weapon and item skins.


They are also the items that players can make the most profit on as well. Many weapon and armor skins are found as random rewards from item boxes, meaning players have the chance to suddenly stumble upon a weapon skin that they can sell for hundreds of gold pieces. For example, the Artisan Infernal Illusion Dagger can sell for upwards of 200 gold on the auction house--not a bad profit for just opening a box!


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