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  • Blade and Soul - Hongmoon Secret Technique Guide
    By Leo Jiang2016-03-22 00:00:00


    Hongmoon Secret Technique can make inner strength practice after reaching class level 45. Now Hongmoon level cap is 5 in Blade and Soul, but it will be increased to cap level 10 on 23 March 2016. You can get more attribute addition, however there is no vitality restriction in Hongmoon Secret Technique. We can imagine that one character who is level 45 and Hongmoon 5 is higher than another one who is only level 45 and Hongmoon 0, so Hongmoon power leveling is very important in Blade and Soul. Practicing B&S Hongmoon Secret Technique is the precondition for character boosting. You can refer to the information below if you want to know more about it.


    HongMoon Secret Technique is the final tier skill for each branch.  It requires players to complete some special conditions in order to unlock the skills. Unlike other skills, most of them also require more than 1 SP to learn. The methods to unlock each HongMoon skills for Blade & Soul CN are showed here. The method to obtain these skills might be different for KR, JP, TW, NA, EU servers.


    hongmoon secret technique


    HongMoon Skill: LB 

    The left-click button (LB) for all classes is learned in the same method, by consuming the following items:

    ●Ocean Essence: Fire or Ice Bird at Wind Plain

    ●Deep Sea Weed: Fish Dragon at Wind Plain

    ●Golden Honey: Grizzly Bear at Wind Plain

    White Mist Mushroom: Grassland Yeti at Wind Plain


    The consumables drop from these monsters rarely. Instead of hunting them, one can also exchange for them at Achievement Merchant in GangRyu City (Location), provided that you have reached 1,250 Achievement Points.


    Put in the remaining required materials after initiating craft, which are:
    ●3 Training Certificates (Exchanged with 5,000
    PVP Beans at PVP Merchant)

    ●15 Evil Girl Flute (Pohwaran Daily Quests)

    ●20 Crystal Potion Essences (Crafted by Medicine Guild, or simply buy them from AH)

    ●50 Moonwater Refine Stones (Big 4 / Pohwaran 24)

    ●150 Moonwater Tokens (Various daily quests)


    Operating Guild Workshop:

    Divide the cost into 3 among 3 members as you will be crafting 3 pills. Have your Guild Master / Vice GM initiate the crafting process. The guild must have enough (to buy blade and soul gold) money to do so, which is:
    ●1 Gold

    ●15 Silver Coins (From Daily Quests)

    ●20 Faction Medals (From Faction Daily Quests)

    ●100 Spirit Stones

    Donate guild fund by clicking icon on the top right.


    NOTE: Anyone in the guild can donate these materials. You also need members from 5 different crafting professions of Level 3 to approve the crafting process:

    ●Fishing Guild

    ●Herbalist’s Guild

    ●Chef’s Guild

    ●Hunter’s Guild

    ●Medicine Guild
    Once every requirement is fulfilled, crafting will begin automatically. Each craft takes 3 days to complete. You may rent a second workshop at guild level 7 to craft 2 batches of pills at the same time.


    Very important note: HongMoon Pills are NOT TRADABLE! You may promote 3 pill crafters to Guild Elder and demote the rest to prevent shenanigans. Elders may retrieve items from workshop when given authority, DO NOT retrieve more than 1 pill.


    HongMoon Skill: 10 hits

    The following skills are similar to the ones listed for Celestial Beans, except that it applies to the remaining branches of the skills.

    Assassin: Shadow Slash (3) T5S1/3

    Force Master: Inferno (X) T5S1/3

    Destroyer: Ember stomp (3) T5S1/2/3

    Summoner: Rumble bees (RB) T5S2/3/4

    Kungfu Master: Comet Strike (4) T5S1/3/4


    HongMoon Skill: Celestial Bean

    The following skills (with default key in bracket) can be learned by consuming a Celestial Bean:

    Blade Dancer: Lightning Draw (C) T5S3

    Destroyer: Emberstomp (3) T5S4

    Assassin: Shadow Slash (3) T5S2

    Kungfu Master: Comet Strike (4) T5S2

    T = Tier; S = Stage

    The Celestial Bean can be obtained from PVP merchant with 5,000 beans, and require more than level 45 to consume.


    The long procedures for unlocking the skills have been explained by Kamisama. There are a few updates (which are not stated in his guide) on the quest to obtain the skills after Dec 2015:

    The scroll to initiate the quest can be obtained from achievement merchant with 70 silver coins which requires 1,250 achievement points.

    The final scroll required at the end of the long quest can be purchased at achievement merchant after you have completed the achievement of casting the specified skills 10 times each on the following bosses:

    – final boss of Yeti Cave

    – final boss (drilling machine) of Split Maze

    – final boss of Thunder Prison

    Recovered HongMoon Skill Book 1

    The following skills can be learned after using the Recovered HongMoon Skill Book 1.

    Blade Master: Block (1) T5S1
    Assassin: Decoy (2) T5S3
    Kungfu Master: Counter (1) T5S3
    Summoner: Dandelion (4) T5S3
    Force Master: Impact (1) T5S1
    Destroyer: Hurricane (TAB) T5S1Blade Dancer: Vortex (TAB) T5S3

    Recovered HongMoon Skill Book 1 can be exchanged at the Achievement Merchant with 300 x Recovered Page, provided you have reached the 1,450 Achievement Points. The Recovered Page can be obtained through daily quests and various events.


    Recovered HongMoon Skill Book 2

    The following skills can be learnt after consuming the Recovered HongMoon Skill Book 2. The skills are similar to the ones listed for Recovered HongMoon Book 1, except that it applies to the remaining branches of the skills.

    Blade Master: Block (1) T5S2/3
    Force Master: Impact (1) T5S2/3/4
    Kungfu Master: Counter (1) T5S1/2/4

    Recovered HongMoon Skill Book 2 can be combined from
    ●Lost HongMoon Book Part 1: rare drop from 4-man Yeti Cave final boss
    ●Lost HongMoon Book Part 2: rare drop from 4-man Hellgate Nightmare final boss

    The Lost HongMun Book Part 1 & 2 are tradable, which can be purchased from Auction House.


    HongMoon Skill: 3 Pills

    The following skills can be learned by consuming
    ●HongMoon Pill: guild craft

    ●Grassland Ghost Pill: drop from Faction Boss in Spirit Stone Steppe

    ●Bloody Ghost Pill: drop from bosses in Bloody Desert (only open on weekends).

    Blade Dancer: Guardian Tempest (Z)

    Summoner: Grasping Roots (1)

    Blade Master: Soaring Falcon (Z)
    Assassin: Lotus of Escape (V)

    Force Master: Phantom Grip (4)

    Destroyer: Stone Shield (V)

    Kungfu Master: Rising Dragon (Z)

    HongMoon Skill: Icy Flame Oil


    Icy Flame Oil need to be combined from:

    ●Frozen Snow Jade: exchange at Achivement Merchant in GangRyu City for 300 x Recovered Page which require you to collect full set of Shura Bopae to unlock.

    ●Shura Flame: rare drop from 4-Man Snow Jade Palace final boss, tradable or can be purchased from Auction House. It can also be exchanged with 600 x Black Feather from Destiny (Floating) Altar.


    Recovered HongMoon Book 3

    Recovered HongMoon Book 3 can be obtained by combining 500 x Lost HongMoon Page, which can only be obtained through event.


    Treasure Trove

    Opening Treasure Trove is an easy way to obtain these materials to learn HongMoon skills if you are lucky. Among the items which can be obtained through Treasure Trove are:
    ●Shura Flame

    ●Recovered HongMoon Book 1 & 2

    ●Grassland Ghost Pill, Bloody Ghost Pill

    ●Celestial Bean

    ●6 consumables for LB, including HongMoon Pill


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