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  • How to Level Up Fast in Silverfrost Mountains from Level 45 to 50 in Blade and Soul
    By John Ryan2016-04-05 00:00:00

    According to the regulation, if one player’s class is Force Master in Blade and Soul, he or she was forced on cleaning up all the main storyline quests and a few sub-quests with the location near the Silverfrost Mountain. The player maybe feels boring that using Qing Gong a lot because Jiang Liu City is too large. Here it is a guide on how to level up quickly from level 45 to 50 in Blade & Soul.

    level up fast in blade and soul

    Level 45 - 47

    When you enter into Silverfrost Mountains, Skypetal Plains is the first map. Level 45 to 47 will be needed on the Skypetal Plains for you. Mainly you need to do the main task for leveling up. You will meet the first top-level dungeon of Silverfrost Mountains Tainted Lab.


    Level 47 - 48

    After hitting level 47, you will see the vast majestic Zaiwei when you enter into Lumang Syndicate. And also you can meet the second top-level dungeon Talus Dungeon. To do the main task here will be a lot of fun. One thing is worth mentioning that if the task fails, you will have to start over again. So please take it easy and don’t ignore this. 


    When reach level 48, players will receive the main storyline quest, Chapter 4, Act 19, which players need to choose Hongmoon skill or “Evil Skill”. If you choose Hongmoon skill, the Evil Outfit will burn out and all the players on Evil outfit becomes your enemy.


    Level 48 - 49

    After hitting level 48, when you leave Zaiwei, you will enter into the birch forest. It is not a large map, but there are quite a few daily tasks for you. The third top-level dungeon Ogong's Folly here is waiting for you. There is something worth mentioning. If you have three players, you will have three times to play dungeon and complete it. 


    Level 49 - 50

    After hitting level 49, you will enter into the last map of Silverfrost Mountains in Blade and Soul. The last two top-level dungeons in the Shrieking Caverns and Chuanka Frost Caverns and new 24-player zones are waiting for you. The main task will be completed in this map. The White Interfax requires you to finish the task which can be crafted by crafting faction or dropped by Silverfrost Mountains dungeon drop.


    Level 50

    When you level up to 50, it is not easy to learn “Ultimate Evil Skill” which needs a kind of special skill book. After the level, you only need to do easy daily quests. The highest is Hongmoon level 10. It will take a long time to reach level 10. In addition to daily experience, you can also gain experience by killing wild mobs. You should do the three Heroic dungeons on a daily basis.


    Generally to say, if you pay attention to the above guides and make good use of your playing time, I think everyone can level up to 50 very fast within several hours, and hope these information can help you a lot. If you want to know more information about blade and soul, I recommend you visit Mmogah site which provides many services such as: blade and soul gold and blade and soul power leveling service.