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What Do You Think the Most Profitable Profession in Blade and Soul

Leo Jiang October 12th, 2016 Blade and Soul    BNS Gold   

It goes without saying which game you are addicted to, the issue of money will always rear its ugly head in Blade and Soul. Whether because you are flat broke and it is causing problems, or you have got your eye on an expensive item. Everyone needs a way to make money and buy blade and soul gold.

Most Profitable Profession in Blade and SoulGo with Pottery

I would recommend dailies and farming soulstones, if you just want to make quick cash and be on your way. However, if you want good, sustainable income, then pottery is undoubtedly the simple and convenient way to go. As you know most of the professions have their niche and are capable of generating money in the game. However, pottery supplies many ingredients required for the other crafting professions. This makes it a veritable cornerstone of the crafting market.


It makes the paper used to make talismans, the dishes required for cooking, purifying essence used for weapons, gems, and fusion bopae, as well as medicine bottles for potions. Needless to say, if you play your cards right it is a very important craft and therefore a gold mine.


Through pottery you can earn the amount of money is dependent on the server, the amount of activity in the auction house, and just how much time and effort you put into farming. The going price will always be inflated or deflated by supply and demand, so I suggest that it is best not to put all of your eggs in one basket. For example: do not farm for just one or two items.


Farm for a wide variety of items and hold on to the ones that are cheap or buy out the lower priced items and raise the price yourself. You may find that the price of medicine bottles or purifying essence is higher than saying water bottles and pickaxes, but do not count on that.

Most Profitable Profession in Blade and SoulAuction House Is Always a Good Way to Make Money

It is always a good way to make money in the auction house, but it is more of a gamble than crafting and requires an intimate knowledge of prices and demand. So, unless you are comfortable with it, or just have a lot of cash to burn, do not put too much stock in it. it is better to play it safe until you have built yourself a nice little nest egg to fall back on.


Naturally, to go along with your pottery you will need gathering professions. If you cannot farm the ingredients for, it won’t do you much good to have. Ergo, you will need to pick up both Harvest and Lumber. These are the go-to gatherers for pottery and will also set you up for either Bopae or Cooking as a second profession. Either of which are decent enough at making money. Figuring out which is better on your server though, if need be, might require a little bit of time spent in the auction house on research. That or just picking one to start with and switching it later on.


Either way, checking and rechecking prices to get an idea of what sells for how much and when they sell for the most you will be spending a fair amount of time. Usually weekends when more people are there and therefore there will likely be more competition in the market. During the weekdays some crafts might sell better, as generally people have less time to farm and sell. Though, keep in mind that demand is also likely to fall because less people will be on needing these items. So test the waters to see if the raise in price is worth how long it might take for the item to sell. It is a waste of time and money to have re-list something over and over. It might just be worth the lower sale price if it sells quickly.

Most Profitable Profession in Blade and SoulAll in all, how much money you can pull in will depend on the effort expended, but even the casual gamer can make a decent amount with pottery. Remember to keep your options open and do not just farm for what’s selling well. The markets are always in flux and you need to prepare for this sort of thing. Always have something to fall back on for those times your ‘best seller’ isn’t doing so hot and happy farming!


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