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Recommended Dungeons for Players in Blade and Soul

Most of MMOs are the same, being rich is one of the most important issues in Blade and Soul also. Having access to large amounts of bns gold will not only making it easier to craft the numerous items found within the game, but it will also allow you to purchase powerful items such as transformation stones and gems. You've got to work hard for your cash in Blade and Soul by completing quests, killing monsters and playing in the auction house. However, if you are looking for a way to get rich at a faster speed, there is an alternative method to make gold: dungeon farming.

Recommended Dungeons for Players in Blade and Soul

Farm Dungeons

The most important thing is to aim for the highest difficulty level you can when farming dungeons for gold. The "Heroic" tier of dungeons awards the game's best loot and you will find that even the amount of money that each enemy drops is increased quickly in this mode.


Remember the golden rule when farming dungeons for money: be fast. The quicker you clear a dungeon, the more money you will get. Finding a group by using the Party Finder tool instantly and as soon as you finish a dungeon, immediately leave and queue for another dungeon. In addition, don't forget to check for any daily dungeon quests, as these quests are a great source of additional income.


You may not even need to form a party, which Depends on your class, meaning that you will keep 100 percent of the loot you find. Primarily classes that rely on healing and you will find it hard to solo a dungeon by themselves, but classes like the Kung Fu Master will find that their area of effect attacks let them clear swathes of enemies without even breaking a sweat.

Recommended Dungeons for Players in Blade and Soul

Best Dungeon for Level 20 Players

Be sure to grab the daily quest "Getting the Axe" in the Cinderlands before running this dungeon. Every day you can complete this quest once for an additional 52 copper. Blackram Narrows offers much in the way of loot, including a number of sealed weapons that can be sold to a vendor. However, you won't want to run this dungeon for long periods of time, at about level 24, consider restarting any unfinished quests and travelling to new lands, as you will be able to find better money and loot.


Don’t worry about farming dungeons to make gold before reaching level 20, you've yet to get your full array of skills, and you will just find that it takes too long to clear a dungeon effectively to make farming for gold worthwhile. However, upon hitting level 20, you unlock your first Heroic dungeon: Blackram Narrows. Found in the Viridian Coast, running this dungeon on Heroic difficulty will shower your character in items and gold, which will make getting through the next set of levels that much easier.

Recommended Dungeons for Players in Blade and Soul

Best Dungeon for Level 35 Players

Once you reach level 35, you will unlock the next Heroic dungeon: Tomb of the Exiles. While both the Forgotten Tomb and Daggerbeak Rookery offer a good chance at loot, it is inferior to what you will find in the Tomb of the Exiles. This dungeon features far fewer enemies than Blackram Narrows, meaning skilled players should be able to complete it in as little as 30 minutes. Inside, you will find a variety of Darkstone and Infernal weapons that you can sell to merchants for a decent sum of money.


Keep in mind that the optional boss in this dungeon, the Spider Matriarch, can be skipped if you are just farming this dungeon for gold. The boss herself drops no loot, and the chest behind her only contains a few healing tonics and a chance at a head adornment. Skipping this boss will save you at least ten minutes per dungeon run.

Recommended Dungeons for Players in Blade and Soul

Best Dungeon for Maximum Level Players

Even by farming dungeons, the road to wealth in Blade and Soul is a long one. Remember to sell everything you loot, but first check the auction house: You may get three times as much gold for something by selling it to another player as you would to an NPC. As long as you focus on these recommended dungeons, you will soon find yourself with a steady stream of gold.


Upon hitting Level 45, a wealth of dungeons opens up before you. There is no one dungeon at level 45 that works better than the others in terms of gold farming. Some players prefer the better loot and extra money of the Blackram Supply Chain dungeon on Heroic difficulty; other players will find that they can clear the Challenging difficulty level dungeons like Pigsty and the Brightstone Ruins quicker, thus earning more gold per hour.


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