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  • New Guide for Level 50 in Blade and Soul
    By Leo Jiang2016-09-30 00:00:00

    As more and more players are reaching level cap in Blade and Soul, so I would like to share a guide for new level 50's. I hope it helps any new players.


    Level 50 400AP to 500 AP (Details you need to do)

    Heaven’s Mandate

    Gold Storage

    Avalanche Den

    Awakened Necropolis

    Lair of the Frozen Fang

    Mushin’s Tower Floors 1-7

    Shiverstone Range Dailies

    Snowfrost Monastery Dailies

    Ebon Hall

    Ebondrake Hideout

    Chuanka Frost Cavern

    Shrieking Caverm

    Ogong’s Folly

    Talus Dungeon

    Naryu Labyrinth

    Bloodshade Harbor

    Blackram Supply Chain

    New Guide for Level 50 in Blade and Soul

    Order leveling up to reach 500AP

    1. Your weapon need to level up to Stage 10 of True Oathbreaker.

    2. You need to buy 25AP diamond

    3. You need to level up Pirate Bracelet to Awakened Oathbreaker Stage 10

    4. You need to get Hongmoon Soul.

    5. You need to level up remaining accessories to True Siren Stage 10.


    How to get Hongmoon Soul

    I recommend three methods to get Hongmoon Soul. All 3 methods are viable for you. I think method 3 is the hardest to do out of all and I would not recommend this. So you can choose the first two methods.


    Method 1

    You have to collect the following materials:

    1 Evolved Stone

    3 Honorary Ornaments

    80 Naryu Relic Pieces [Naryu Labyrinth drop]

    Where can we get: In front of Naryu Labyrinth in Moonwater Plains, Blackram Shipyard.

    Pros: Requires less BNS Gold

    Cons: You need to level up the soul to Stage 1.



    Method 2

    Broken Oathbreaker Sword Blade Point

    Broken Oathbreaker Sword Blade

    Broken Oathbreaker Sword False Edge

    Collect three Broken Oathbreaker Sword pieces.


    Where can we get: We have to buy the pieces from marketplace

    Pros: Gives you Hongmoon Soul Stage 1

    Cons: Can cost a lot of bns gold


    Method 3

    You need to collect the following materials

    250 Black Rose Feathers

    25 Retrieved Secret Techniques

    Where can we get: Dragon Express in your inventory, general goods tab.

    Pro: Gives you Hongmoon Soul Stages 1

    Cons: We require a very tedious grind that isn’t worth the time. I would not recommend this method.

    New Guide for Level 50 in Blade and Soul

    Soulshield Options for You

    As you progress in your AP you can get more choices. If you are able to do Choice 3 then I would highly recommend you go for that Soulshield Set. Currently with the dungeons you are able to do you’ll have two choices until you’re able to do higher level dungeons. Both Soulshileld options are fine it just depends on what you want.


    Choice 1

    Full Yeti Soulsheild

    Pros: A lot of crit.

    Cons: Not a lot of HP.


    Choice 2

    Full Naryu Labyrinth Soulshield

    Pros: A whole lot of HP

    Cons: Not as much crit as Yeti


    Choice 3

    This is for those who have friends, a guild, or are able to get into Asura

    Asura 1|2|4|6|8 and Be |do 3|5|7

    Pros: Sets you up for current endgame soulshield

    Cons: None


    AP achievement

    You are able to receive a varying amount of fee by achievement. I think there are two ways that are very simple, the other choices for the free AP are geared more towards higher AP players who can constantly spam the dungeon. I recommend you do one or both of these free AP achievements and work on the others later on.

    New Guide for Level 50 in Blade and Soul

    Choice 1: 3 AP achievement

    10 times for completing Naryu Labyrinth


    It is very simple to get and complete


    None. As it is simple to get and when you first reach 50 you could get it.


    Choice 2: 7 AP achievement

    100 times for completing Avalanche’s Den.


    It is very simple to complete and more AP


    To receive achievement with a long grind, if possible it should be a secondary goal. Although you don’t need to focus this achievement as by gearing up, you will be able to receive that AP achievement and do Desolate Tomb.


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