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Mushin's Tower Floor 1-7 in Blade and Soul

A long ascending tower where the Divine Fist, Mushin, was believed to have subjected his training to. Mushin’s Tower, believed to be the place where the Divine Fist was trained in Blade and Soul. Many warriors from around the world strive to reach the top of the tower.



There is a quest on clearing Floor 4 that allows the option to start from Floor 5 directly, this option requires a ticket that can be bought from the merchant Kangcha for 30 gold, or dropped from Floors 4-8. Well, this is a level 45 dungeon so a fresh 50 could definitely do it. Before you ascend the tower, the gatekeeper Hongsil asks if you’d like to start from Floor 1.

Mushin's Tower Floor 1-7 in Blade and Soul

First Floor

6 Warriors

There are 6 banners to choose from, which will spawn a human NPC representing Blade Master, Kung Fu Master, Force Master, Assassin, Destroyer, and Archer (uses the Summoner banner). Each class uses standard yellow attacks and can summon red timed area of effect circles around the room, with their HP varying between 170k~220k. All enemies have 1x CC bars. You are tasked to fight 1:1 with any class of your choice two times.


Second Floor

Silver Deva

Did you remember the Golden Deva from Cinderlands? This is his silvery cousin, and has a bulk of 374k HP. Has 2x CC bars. His attacks don’t follow a set pattern, but are relatively slow and predictable to a degree.


A spin2win.

A targeted hammer swing from the left.

A targeted hammer swing from the right.

A faster hammer swing downward in a rectangle causing knockdown, but doesn’t leave a fire puddle.

A hammer swing downward in a rectangle causing knockdown. This leaves a permanent fire puddle on where you’re standing.

Mushin's Tower Floor 1-7 in Blade and Soul

Third Floor

Rag-Tag Warriors

There are 16 adds of Blade Masters, Kung Fu Masters, Gunners, and Artillery Men, each with 15k~20k HP. In the middle of the room is a miniboss with three more adds behind him. Once the miniboss is dispatched, the adds accompanying him will disappear, and another miniboss will arrive from the entrance take his place with his own set of adds. There are three minibosses in total, with one main boss after who does not have any adds, but causes the other 16 adds to jump into the fight. All enemies have 1x CC bars.


Picking off the side adds will cause the miniboss to attack, but not attract the rest of the adds. However, trying to pick off the side adds while the boss is in play will cause all adds to come after you. Ideally you want to pick off the miniboss first, then work your way around defeating the other adds before the next miniboss arrives.


Oh Tak: Kung Fu Master with 35k HP.

Tanghong: Gunner with 31k HP.

Grave Robber Boss Han Woomul: Kung Fu Master with 35k HP.

On reset, the side adds will not respawn, but the miniboss adds will.

Bomani: Kung Fu Master with 224k HP. Unlike the other KFM adds he actively makes use of Shadow Dance, Counter, Leg Sweep, Grapple, etc.

Mushin's Tower Floor 1-7 in Blade and Soul

Fourth floor

Stalker Jiangshi

I’m sure you remember your very first field boss you farmed for weapon and soul shields. Now he’s come back to haunt you, with a few new tricks up his sleeve.


Here, Chungsil will sell you various consumables of Tower Training Dumplings and immunity potions. What you want is the HP Pill for 50 copper. The 6 Warriors from Floor 1 are also on this floor, and you may only recruit one to aid in the fight with the Stalker Jiangshi. It is recommended to pick the Kung Fu Master, as he will automatically joint Knockdown on his own. Once you have picked your choice, the Jiangshi awakens.


The Stalker Jiangshi has 700k HP, 2x CC bars, and follows a set attack pattern.

Targeted two hit swipe.

Targeted one hit swipe.

Jumps behind its target and performs multiple swipes in an arc in front of it.


As its health gets lower, the Stalker Jiangshi will do the following:

The Jiangshi performs a yellow area of effect roar. If the Kung Fu Master was picked, he will automatically perform a 2x Knockdown on his own


The Jiangshi will raise its hands up, and summon two 17k HP Bloody Jiangshi to harass you. The summoning can be interrupted with 2x crowd controls.

Mushin's Tower Floor 1-7 in Blade and Soul

Fifth Floor

Hulking Augerite

You’ve met this guy countless times in Sentinel Ruins and Augerite Caverns, this guy is no different. He stands with 729k HP, and the main clincher of this fight is you have to kill him as fast as possible before his hidden enrage timer of 5 minutes, otherwise he’ll summon an Orb of Shadows which instantly kills you.


There are four nodes in the room to provide buffs. These nodes can only be used once per minute and the same node cannot be used twice.


Red: +50% Crit rate, +200 Additional Damage, +50 Piercing for 30 seconds.

Blue: +50% Crit rate for 30 seconds, heals 2% HP once per 15 attacks for 20 seconds.

White: +50% Crit rate for 30 seconds, +5% Defense for 40 seconds.

Green: +50 Attack Power, +100 Piercing for 40 seconds.


Now for the Augerite himself:

Targeted arm swing.

Staff swing in a frontal cone.

Staff slam in a rectangle inducing knockdown.

As its HP dwindles, the Augerite will do the following:

Field-wide Phantom Grip pull, but does not induce a crowd control effect after. This is a red attack, so it cannot be blocked.

Ready itself for a single spin; this is also a red attack, which is unblockable too.

A spin2win.

If you are too far:

Chucks a single rock projectile.

Does a rolling charge.

Mushin's Tower Floor 1-7 in Blade and Soul

Sixth Floor

Moonwater Big 4

Here we have a Wheel of Fate that spawns the “Moonwater Big 4”, each with 663k HP:

Dokumo of Skittering Tunnels

Hogdonny of the Pigsty

Azure Lord of Brightstone Ruins

Ogong from Hall of Ogong


Take a Life Essence from Hongsil for 2.50 silver to spin the wheel. You may use the Recall Device next to the wheel to play the Wheel of Fate again. Have fun fighting a giant monster! There is also a low chance to spawn Waddles the Fortune Pig, which has almost no HP and is essentially a “freebie”.

Mushin's Tower Floor 1-7 in Blade and Soul

Seventh Floor


He stands at 587k HP and has 1x CC bars, but don’t let that fool you. All his attacks have the inherit ability to create chill for movement speed reduction and approach disable and 3 chill stacks transition into Freeze for a root and an explosion, and some of his attacks grant True Sight indicated by a blue flower on his head, so Assassins if you can’t perfect your permanent-stealth he will see you and wreck you. If you thought climbing the six floors was easy (or hard), then you’re in for a real treat. Yumna Fei’s elite bodyguard and right hand, the Peerless Blade Junghado awaits as the final boss of Floors 1-7.



Junghado uses the following attacks in no set pattern at this phase:

Single targeted swipe.

Two hit targeted swipe.

A thrust with a bit of wind-up. This creates freeze instantly.

Blideside to your back.

Anklebiter for knockdown, followed by Divebomb, the latter of which pierces defense.

At 91%, Junghado casts “Black Tiger Sword, Claw of the Tiger”, which is Backstep into a Five-Point Strike.

Any time you are too far in any phase he will cast “Black Phoenix Sword, Wing of the Phoenix!” and cast Flock of Blades, uses Lightning Rod to throw a lightning puddle, and then a Five-Point Strike.

Mushin's Tower Floor 1-7 in Blade and Soul


“I wish to test myself against the Hongmoon arts!” Junghado declares as he switches his pattern.

Two Flickers in a rectangle.

Blindside to your back.

Another Flicker.

Holds his hand up with his sword behind his back in reverse grip. This is actually a counter stance and lets him teleport to your right if you hit into it.

Shoulder Charge into a unique stun that cannot be escaped from. Also triggers Freeze.

Lightning Draw through you in a rectangle, inflicts Daze.

Walks up to you and Fissure, throwing an energy wave in a rectangle. that inflicts Daze. Has a bit of wind-up. This is a red attack so it cannot be blocked.

Walks up to you and then uses Backstep.

Walks up to you and repeats #1.

At certain HP thresholds, Junghado may do one of the two:

“Umbra Sword, Breath of the Turtle!” which is multiple ice area of effect exploding flowers on the field.

“Black Dragon Sword, Roar of the Dragon!” Junghado gains True Sight and casts a red area of effect around him, then a three-hit Multislash, the last hit being a knockup. If this connects he will do a single air combo, then Divebomb. He is immune to damage throughout the entirely of this skill, even if an Assassin remains in stealth he will still be immune.

Mushin's Tower Floor 1-7 in Blade and Soul


Junghado will slightly modify his attack pattern.

Three Flickers.



Counter stance.

Shoulder Charge.

Lightning Draw.




Junghado will randomly cast “Black Dragon Sword, Roar of the Dragon!” in the middle of his rotation.


Junghado additionally has an enrage timer of 4:30. Once he reaches past this timer he will repeatedly spam “Black Dragon Sword, Roar of the Dragon!” essentially becoming immune, until you are dead.


The above is the guide for Mushin’s Tower guide, only for your reference. If you have no time or energy to level your character, you can choose our professional bns power leveling site for help, or you can buy bns gold (bns gold kaufen) to speed up your level.


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