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Hot New Items Coming to Blade and Soul on August 15

By Michel Z2018-08-10

This summer, some new costumes and HOT items are coming to the Hongmoon Store on August 15! Grab all of these new store items while they’re hot! These new items are available until September 5.


Favorite Fantasy Outfit Chest

120 NCoin/Hongmoon Coin

Straight from folklore, the Favorite Fantasy Outfit Chest is here to help you dress for success. Opening these chests will yield a costume at random, but if you don’t want what you receive, you can salvage it for Fantasy Emblems—a currency you can spend in the Dragon Express for other costumes from the Favorite Fantasy Outfit Chest, as well as a few unique extras. Check the tooltip before salvaging because different costumes give different amounts.

Have a look at the new premium Urban Legend outfit and other outfits you can obtain below.


The Favorite Fantasy Outfit Chest has a chance to contain:

  • Beat Cop Outfit Pouch
  • Birthright
  • Cream of the Crop
  • Dark Distinction
  • Daywatch
  • Demoniac
  • Entertainer’s Will
  • Nomad
  • Nobility
  • Revolution
  • Spectral Cycle
  • Strictly Business
  • Summer School
  • Urban Legend
  • Viceroy

Items you’ll be able to purchase from the Dragon Express using Fantasy Emblems:

Dragon Express



Endless Summer Bundle: 1,999 NCoin/Hongmoon Coin
Shark Kitty: 499 NCoin/Hongmoon Coin
Sea Life Illusion Weapon Chest: 449 NCoin/Hongmoon Coin
Summer Glow Bundle: 1,399 NCoin/Hongmoon Coin

Are you hot? Is swimming the only relief you can think of from the sweltering sun and humidity? If you’re crying for relief from the heat, then you’re in luck! Brand new swimsuits and an old classic in a new color will cool you down all summer. These are only available for purchase directly from the Hongmoon Store.

The familiar costume is not sold in the swimsuit bundle.



Designer Threads

There’s a new feature arriving on August 15 as well that’ll let you use your costume chest currencies well beyond their expiration date! If you have any leftover currencies from the previous Silver Saberfang or Rosethorn outfit chests, you’ll be able to exchange them 1:1 for Designer Threads in the Antique Exchange window. Designer Threads can then be exchanged at Clothing Merchants in-game for the previous Silver Saberfang and Rosethorn outfit chests, as well as accompanying items. You can also exchange your Fantasy Emblems for extra Designer Threads if you need more.


The Blade and Soul team will be following a similar process for the Favorite Fantasy Outfit Chest, and future costume chests.


Ruby and Emerald Gem Bundles

Price: 480 NCoin
Purchasable up to 9 times per account

Gems are truly outrageous. In the Hongmoon Store you’ll be able to find two new gem bundles: Ruby and Emerald. These bundles contain Hongmoon Hexagonal Gems as well as other useful items.

Note: Current gem bundles will be replaced with these new bundles on August 15.


Aransu School and Khanda Vihar Raid Bundles

Aransu School Bundle: 2,400 NCoin
Khanda Vihar Bundle: 800 NCoin

Raids can be difficult for even the most seasoned warriors. To help you on your journey, the Hongmoon Store will feature two new raid bundles that are offering supplies to help you transcend your greatest challenges.


Keep checking back for more BnS news and guides related to Blade and Soul gold. MmoGah also shares some interesting things about Blade and Soul. We have a 2018 Fortune Falls event guide for you to participate in the event which will last until August 15.




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