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Blade and Soul: 2018 Fortune Falls Event Guide

By Michel Z2018-07-31

Fortune Falls is a returning event which will last from July 25 to August 15. In this guide, we're going over the event dungeon, fishing, and what rewards you can get from this event. Please click Youtubers Jarke and Eckogen's videos for more details on how to participate in the event, and all the content of this article is quoted from their videos:




To start the quest, you are going to the Jadestone Village and talk with Kaolang. Then you are going to defeat Tankers. Defeating a Tanker leaves you Tipsy which increases your attack power by 150 and deals additional damage for every stack. This will change to Drunk after reaching the maximum of 5 stacks.


This dungeon is very easy and you even don’t need to be level 55 to do this. After you have killed the final boss- Kegleg Jeg, you will get some Fishing hooks.


After you get the hooks, you’ll need to buy a Master Troller fishing outfit from the Dragon Express for 1 gold (the outfit will expire after the event is over). Then you head over to the lake in Jadestone Villiage.


Wearing the outfit enables you to interact with the fishing poles/nets. After pressing F to interact with the fishing poles/nets, you have to press F again quickly to claim your catch because you have 5 seconds to claim your catch, if you don’t claim it in 5 seconds, you will lose it.


Each use of a fishing spot costs 1 Fishing Hook, and is guaranteed to give you 2 Fleeting Angler’s Oil event tokens, as well as a random chance at the prizes below:

Fishing Spot Reward


Honing Fish

· 2 Void Fragment

· Chance of other rewards

Blacksmith’s Barracuda

· Random upgrade materials

Plunderer’s Platter

· 2 Ascendance Stone

· 3 Galaxy Fragment

Chance of other PvP rewards

Crystal Carp

· Open with 60 Soulstone Crystal to receive Steel Heart

· Open with 3 Moonstone Crystal to receive Silken Splendor

· Open with 30 Sacred Crystal to receive Ebondrake Wheel

· Open with 3 Elysian Crystal to receive Resolution

Booster’s Blowfish

· Transmute with Special Hongmoon XP Charm and 20 BnS Gold to receive Premium Hongmoon XP Charm

Goldfish of Fortune

· Sell to NPC for 1,000 BnS gold

Pet Pack


Sacred Vial


Divine Grace Stone


Booster’s Blowfish is a kind of upgrade material. You can transmute 1 Special Hongmoon XP charm into a Sparkling Hongmoon XP Charm using 1 Booster’s Blowfish and 20 Blade and Soul gold.


There are some other ways to get the Fleeting Angler’s Oil event tokens to upgrade your Pet Aura or just buy whatever you want. You can get additional Fleeting Angler’s Oils by completing the Daily Challenge and Weekly Challenge:


Quest Name

Fleeting Angler’s Oil Event Tokens

Daily Challenge


Dawn of Khanda Vihar

The Memory of Meganura


Fallen Aransu School

Aransu Has Fallen


Snowjade Fortress

The Eternal Champion





After collecting 3 Fleeting Angler’s Oils, you’ll be able to purchase a Fleeting Pet Aura – Stage 1 from the Dragon Express. This is a limited-time Pet Aura that can be upgraded, used, and then traded in for other rewards before the event ends. If you’re able to upgrade your Fleeting Pet Aura to the final stage, you can exchange it in the Dragon Express for a permanent Awakened Gusty/Loyal/Furious Hongmoon Pet Aura. It should be noted that, unlike similar events in the past, the upgrade between stages cannot fail.



Fleeting Angler’s Oil

Stage 1 -> Stage 2

5 5

Stage 2 -> Stage 3

10 5

Stage 3 -> Stage 4

10 8

Stage 4 -> Stage 5

10 8

Stage 5 -> Stage 6

10 10

Stage 6 -> Brilliant Fleeting Pet Aura

30 50

Even if you don’t make it all the way to the final stage, or if you just don’t need another Pet Aura, the Dragon Express holds a host of different rewards that can be purchased with various stages of Fleeting Pet Auras. Here are a few of the rewards you’ll likely want to keep an eye on:

· Star Power costume

· Sacred Vial

· Hongmoon Heptagonal Sapphire/Peridot/Ruby

· Transcendence Engine

· Pet Pack


Click for more official information about the Fortune Falls event. 


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