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Blade and Soul News: Automaton Assault Event Dungeon Overview

Michel Z April 08th, 2018 Blade and Soul    BNS Gold   

From April 11 to May 2, you are going to help Hongsil subdue her out-of-control creation, Princess Bloodlust. Head to the Dragon Express and claim your Automaton Assault rewards, including the 2017 Costume Design Contest winner Phantom Flower! What’s more, you’ll be able to use Transmutation to create a Spring's Special Outfit Pouch with your Blade and Soul Gold.



Automaton Assault Event Dungeon

· Event Dungeon: April 11–May 2

· Reward Redemption Period: April 11–June 20

· 6-member Event Dungeon

· Level 50 character or higher required


If you are level 50 or above, you can to and help Hongsil subdue her out-of-control creation, Princess Bloodlust by accepting Helping Hongsil from your Quest letters. After you complete the Automaton Assault Daily Quest, you’ll receive an Automaton Assault Chest which contains 5 Shop Gears (event token) and a chance at 1 Princess Cannonball (cannon token), along with some additional rewards:


Automaton Assault Chest


5 x Shop Gear

5 x Fortune Potion

Lucky Revitalizer

Rare Element

Chance to Receive

Princess Cannonball

Instant Mass Revival Charm

Hongmoon Special Firewater

Heroic Friendship Charm

Bravery Coin

Legendary Element

Legendary Jewel

Ascendance Stone

Dragon Forge Fragment

Aransu Orb

Ivory Beluga Orb

20 x Soulstone Crystal Bundle

5 x Moonstone Crystal Bundle

20 x Sacred Crystal Bundle

5 x Elysian Crystal Bundle

Premium Transformation Stone


You can also do the following daily quests to receive additional Shop Gear event tokens:


Quest Name



The Dragon’s Lair

Koldrak’s Lair

3 x Shop Gears

Brawl in the Basin

Celestial Basin

3 x Shop Gears


Players of all levels can obtain additional Shop Gears at the 1 hour and 2 hour mark through the Login Rewards feature:


Login Duration


Premium Rewards

30 min

1 x Ordinary Experience Charm

3 x Ordinary Experience Charm

1 hr

1 x Shop Gear

1 x Shop Gear

1 hr 30 min

1 x Ordinary Experience Charm

3 x Ordinary Experience Charm

2 hrs

1 x Shop Gear

1 x Shop Gear

2 hr 30 min

1 x Ordinary Experience Charm

3 x Ordinary Experience Charm

3 hrs

1 x Ordinary Experience Charm

3 x Ordinary Experience Charm


Dragon Express

After you’ve built up a large amount of Shop Gears, you can head to the Dragon Express and claim your Automaton Assault rewards!



Shop Gears

Phantom Flower


Phantom Flower Head Adornment


Sacred Oil


Pet Pack


Hive Queen's Heart


Raven King's Soul


Raven Feather


Hive Queen's Wings


Fleeting Frenzied Soul


Fleeting Serene Soul


Hongmoon Hexagonal Citrine


Hongmoon Hexagonal Ruby


Fortune Potion


Legendary Gem Hammer


Special Hongmoon XP Charm




Princess Bloodlust Cannon of Fate

· April 11–June 20


During this period, the Princess Cannonball which you got from the Automaton Assault Daily Quest can be used to fire the giant pink Cannon of Fate in Jadestone Village. The cannon has a chance to provide the following rewards instantly:


Princess Bloodlust Cannon Items

Bravery Coin Chest

Hongmoon Hexagonal Sapphire

Hongmoon Hexagonal Amethyst

Divine Grace Stone

Aransu Orb

Sacred Oil

Pet Pack

Hive Queen's Wings Box


Spring’s Special Outfit Bundle Transmutation

· April 11–June 20

You can use a special transmutation recipe to transmute 4 High Quality Fabric, 30 Shop Gears, and 20 BNS Gold to create a Spring's Special Outfit Pouch which contains a chance to receive one of the outfits below (If you don’t like the outfits you receive, you can salvage each of the costumes for 15 Shop Gears and try again).



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