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Blade and Soul New Class: A Greatsword-Wielding Tank Coming in 2018

By Michel Z2018-05-17

The latest Blade and Soul producer's letter provides a peek ahead at the biggest thing that is coming this year: a new class! The new class is a new greatsword-wielding tank character powered by brute strength. Read on to get more information about the new class, engine upgrade, and new raids.



The new class is a greatsword-wielding tank powered by brute strength – anyone caught standing it its way will feel the ferocity behind each swing as it unleashes devastating skills. Unlike other classes, in order to use certain skills, you’ll have to consume HP instead of Focus, so choose wisely. With its sturdy frame, it can also take as much punishment as it deals out, mitigating damage and even gaining temporary immunity to incoming status effects. The Blade & Soul team will be announcing more details as we get closer to the release date later this year, so stay tuned for more news at MmoGah.


It’s time to stock up on Blade and Soul and upgrade your weapons because in addition to the new class, there are also many other pretty cool things planned for the rest of 2018:

· The continuation of Blade and Soul’s Epic Quest: Act 9

· New 12-player raids with formidable bosses that will push your combat skills to the limit

· New solo and 6-player Heroic dungeons—next up is the Circle of Sundering where you will go one-on-one with Master Hong!

· New Legendary Equipment Upgrade System—further upgrade and customize your hard-earned gear!

· Powerful new equipment and beautiful cosmetics

· New game systems—including the addition of fishing—and enhancements to existing systems

· New events, holidays, and quality of life improvements

· And much, much more! 


Beyond 2018 you’ll see a move of the game’s engine from Unreal Engine 3 to Unreal Engine 4, which will improve your experience as the Earthen Realm’s visual detail and performance capability is greatly enhanced.



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