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Blade and Soul News: False Idols Update Arrives on July 25

By Michel Z2018-07-12

During his reign, the Grand Celestial Emperor longed to be a god, to invoke fear and respect amongst his people. But mortality had taken its toll on his aging body.




As his frail form began to fade away within the darkening chambers of Nightfall Sanctuary, he ordered his engineers to build two automatons to serve as his public-facing administrators. Filled with his malice and insatiable greed, they would ruthlessly exact the Emperor’s rule over the people of a crumbling empire long after the Emperor’s corpse had turned to dust.


With the Kuranos Cube returned to the inner sanctum of Nightfall Sanctuary, the alcove doors have opened once more and the Templar and Barrier Keeper, living idols built as the prime mechanical wonders of an empire that is faded and no more, have awoken within their halls.


No one has paid them tribute in some time and now they’re seeking restitution – in blood. 

Enter the Hall of the Keeper raid and the Hall of the Templar raid and bring an end to the Automatons’ blind servitude.



Fortune Falls In-game Event

Challenge the Hopped Up Giganura in Fortune Falls, and fish up some surprises in Jadestone Village in the Fortune Falls Event; giving players a chance to upgrade their Fleeting Pet Aura to exchange for rewards, including a permanent Awakened Hongmoon Pet Aura!

In addition, players can exchange higher stages of Pet Aura to earn better rewards such as the Star Power Costume, and much more!

Star Power Costume


Premium Membership Benefits

Additional Premium Membership benefits are incoming! Get free monthly items to customize your character, tailor your costumes, mail outfits to your alternate characters, and improved Login Rewards!


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