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  • Archeage Unchained Gold Making Guide 2020
    By Shirley Huang2020-06-26 00:00:00

    ArcheAge Unchained Gold is the main in-game currency, and you can use it to purchase equipment, cosmetic items, mounts and other items from the in-game Marketplace. Each gamer wants to get gold quickly, but gold making is not easy. Here mmogah as a professional archeage gold seller would like to share with you some ways to get rich quickly.

    This is a real player Init Yeah's gold making guide, and it will be useful for all types of players: Casual, New, and experienced players! All of the content is quoted from this video.

    Here I share some ways that players can make a lot of archeage unchained gold in this game without spending too much effort.


    Family Cargo Quest

    It is a daily method, and it does make you quite a lot of money in all. Honestly, I make most of my money by doing this, because I am a casual player, so you can keep an eye on Jules. Other people are definitely worth doing as well. Basically, the first one is going to do your family cargo run quest and make on its outcome essences into whatever’s most valuable at the time. For example, each day, I will take all of my characters, and I will do my family run doing the cargo from my trade outlet, and then taking it to the other one. It turns 31 gold to the cost of the cargo and a captain’s protection in 2-20 Onyx Archeum Essence at the moment, it can be profitable, but it’s definitely worth turning them into something.

    archeage unchained gold making-1

    For example, opaque polishes sell for about 14 gold, 13.5-14 gold at this moment. If it’s costing you 31 gold to get 20 onyx archeum essence for each character every day, then you can make 6 opaque polishes out of that run, so it cost you 31 gold to get the essences. If you plant Nash and yourself, which doesn’t take a long time, and it is absolutely worth doing to increase your margins, then you will be turning those 20 onyx archeum essence into 6 opaque polishes. For example, 6 opaque polishes at 14 gold each equal a massive 84 gold, so that’s a profit of 53 gold you are not including the ingredients that you need to make the polishes, because when you plant alien osseous, it really doesn’t cost you all that much whatsoever, so it’s not even really well counting if you want to manage the 3 gold off, and you are making 50 gold per character per day. If you do this every day and you can have two characters per account, then that’s a 100 gold that you can profit per day just run sitting on the ship being a lazy ass and not really doing much just literally turn it up, and then handing it in and that’s all you need to do obviously if you have more than one account. Then you can definitely run this on every single character and make yourself up to 200 plus gold.

    archeage unchained gold making-2

    Every single day just to quickly recap, so your family cargo run every single day, turn the 31 gold into one, it’s rqm essences turn those into other things is worth the most at the moment.

    archeage unchained gold making-3


    West and Hiram Mountains -Farming Coin Purses

    It is probably going to be aimed towards people who have a little bit more spare time on their hands and don’t mind a bit of a grind, and it’s going to be killing monsters in the West and Hiram mountains for ancestral coin purses between one and a half gold. I believe about 1.8 gold each time, you open one, it costs labor and takes quite a lot, but the silver pearl ratio is incredibly high and it’s definitely a method that’s worth doing to make yourself some gold requirements for this method really is only just being able to solo the Western Hiram mountains mobs, which are probably going to be the animals and mutated animals or the abyssal legion. The best thing about this method is if you like to solo, you are hiring quests or not into the raids or even if you just don’t have long enough to be on and do a raid, then you can literally jump on and pick up the quest by yourself, and just grind them away while you are making some money, and then pick up whatever you need from that questline, and you’ve done it while making a lot of money for yourself. Especially for non-casual players, the longer you stay here, the more gold you are going to get, because killing the mobs is a chance to get the drop, and it’s not guaranteed on every single kill, however, don’t let that put you off, because it is a highly common drop rate and it’s definitely worth doing to get some gold, but I would highly recommend people that aren’t going to get burnt out just from grinding mobs and killing mobs, then this is definitely good for you if you are someone who doesn’t really like to sit in there and kill him.

    It’s not too easy to give a figure just because some classes can farm gold faster than others, and some classes will consume a lot more food than others. For example, I have a death wish. I am just drinking soup after soup, just like I’ve got a full-on addiction to soup or something.

    Because I run out of mana stupidly quick whereas if you run a different class where you didn’t really need to worry about manner or health, then you don’t need to use that and you get a lot more profit out of it, but if you kill things faster and use less food, then you’ve got a lot more gold per hour, it’s definitely worth doing and a good money making method.


    Use Farm Land On

    All characters available                                                                                                            

    It is going to be another good method for casual players, and it’s another daily method. It’s finitely something worth doing every person who has an account on archeage has 2 characters, so it’s definitely worth leveling up both characters to the point at least where you have both of your farms accessible, so you will get a 16 by 16 farm once you have done your blue salt brotherbood questline and from level 45. I believe once you’ve done that, you can bring your 16 farm and your 8 by 8 farm back to your family’s area where if you’ve got a house, these down together, so you’ve got access to 4 farms at least just from your two characters if you are in a family, and then you can open this up to access to just your family as long as you are with people that you trust. Of course this way you can go on your main, and you can chop down trees, or you can get compost to get some worms out of it anything that’s profitable you have more area to plant.


    Flipping Items on Auction House

    It is something that everybody can do in the state, it’s not difficult to do, but it will take some practice to flip on the auction house. Flipping items on this place, and I’ve done it myself and made loads of gold overnight. It’s something there if you work with an item long enough, you can see the sort of the trends on it, and there is even a graph that you can look at, and it will show you what the highest and lower sales are, then you can get an idea of what stuff sells for at the peak point and quiet points of the day.

    Everybody cuts down cedar trees, everybody crash logs, everybody fills Yongsan house with lumber, and everybody fills the auction house of lumber, at this time, the price comes down, because everybody owns them. Let’s knock 5 silver off there, and it drops down, and then I buy as much as I can, it’s at the low price of maybe 30 to 35 silver, and wait until it’s not peak time or until I see that price go up to about 45 plus, just put it back on and sell it.


    Now it will take some practice and understanding finding different items. Of course, there are different ones and just understanding when’s the best time to sell, however, look at the graphs find out what the high and low is, and look at the last few days see if it’s a consistent price shift, but obviously, if everybody listens to this and starts doing it with lumber, then it’s going to affect it. Flipping is definitely something you can do on the auction house. Keep in mind the fees if you can’t shift some items, then you are going to have to keep relisting. It’s going to cost you because you have to pay to list your items. However, you can make a lot of gold from this. If you do more practice, you can make a lot of gold with no effort, and even you are sleeping.


    There is still going to be worth your time in making some money. If this video is helpful for you, please share it with your friends. For more archeage unchained guides or tips, you can visit this page. Of course, if you are tired of making gold by yourself, you can buy archeage unchained gold from a reliable site:, which is the best place to buy gold by many players.