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ArcheAge Unchained Leveling Guide

Shirley Huang December 12th, 2019 ArcheAge Unchained    Archeage Gold    Archeage Gold Help   

ArcheAge Unchained Leveling GuideThis is a real player Pohx’s video. It will bring you a really quick and easy leveling tutorial. Here mmogah.com as a professional archeage gold store would like to share this archeage unchained leveling guide with you. All the content of this article is quoted from this video.

Let’s start from the basics, so starting from level 1, this is going to focus on an East guide, but if you are west, you can pretty much do exactly, it also apply to your zones. Now at level 1, you are going to have this big green quest line which is your race essentially. You are going to do this from level 1 all the way to level 30, you don’t need to do any yellow quest.

You also want to do your mount quest, and then you can also get a boat those are like the three main ones. When you hit level 30 if you are an east side, it will put you over to unis tier. There I would recommend doing about half of the quests in unis there. Yellow quests archeage runs on a really simple system, so I am going to use the term questing hubs, so basically when you get to a set area, you are going to pick up the 5-7 yellow quests. It’s going to tell you go killed and talk to Arnold, bring the barrel, you back here and turn in your quest, and then go to your next questing, so you go to next one and you are pretty much going to do that until you complete about half of this.

After you have completed about half of this, your main storyline is going to tell you to go to Halcyona. Now you are going to go ahead and going up to unis tear through here, and you will see a house world gate from here, you are going to teleport with the world gate. It’s completely free and you will end up in Halcyona. Now this is the place where it gets a little interesting, it’s a little important after this once you have reached Halcyona.


You should do every single yellow quest available to you with exception of mirage isle. All the way down here and take a quest details map display to unlimited, this will show you all the quests all over the map regardless of where you are. It’s very good to understand if you’ve missed a quest or not going back over here to Halcyona.

It’s important to note that your main storyline is going to be here along with the questing hub along with a new icon, which looks like a little sprout, it’s a little leaf, it’s called the blue salt Brotherhood. It is going to progress just like your main storyline, as you are requesting, so you finish your quest here, the main storyline will take you to the next questing hub along with the blue salt brotherhood that will take you to the next questing hub, so you are pretty much go from boom and you are going to keep going, you can pick up the Mirage.

Next one you pick up your questioning, it’s going to tell you to go to hell swamp where his house, you just go through and at health swamp, so from hell swamp you are going to do the exact same thing, go to rook born, keep on doing the exact same thing. Now there is going to be a point in time where your blue soft brotherhood that is going to ask for you to build a farm wagon.

Make sure you are fitting within the level range. Some of your labor and remember that spending labor directly impacts your experience, so if you feel like you are a little bit behind, it’s totally as like as you are leveling to spend your labor on random things, because you are a casual and you are playing slow, you are probably going to be labor cap if you are not really doing much with your labor, so feel free to shop any tree, because you are going to be using your main storyline gear pretty much all throughout the game, it’s ok to identify the accessories, because you won’t be getting accessories for a long time, but it’s just not really necessary as a tip if you are going to identify the gear though feel free to break it down with an Evan stone, so you can start getting stuff to sell on the auction house.


After you’ve hit level 45, your main storyline quest is going to tell you to go to Diamond shores, it should give you a teleport scroll when you go to Diamond shores which is going to be located right here. I believe it is not going to show but it’s going to be located right over here if you are east side, make sure you go from the north side. This is an enemy faction here and the cannons have like 10,000 attack range and they will just snipe you, so you want to come across up here, but this part is not really very important, this is important after you’ve hit level 50 and you are trying to get your Haram gear, so you are going to golden ruins, asking a friend, boating or gliding to get to agus island. I recommend setting your recall here, because this is most likely where you going to be leveling for a little bit. I leveled personally and they guess island from level 45 to level 55.

Whenever you gain experience at max level, you can fill up your bar still you get an Ancestral level. It’s kind of like Paragon and Diablo 3, but they are much more grinding this. When you are on Aegis Island, there are some very popular spots, so going on spawning in these corners. Wendigos are usually not as populated, they are really aggressive, they jump on you but if you get a party, you can take them down pretty easily. Griffins are located somewhere in the middle here, these are like the most contested stuff if you are soloing. Try to take on usually at the shoreline that aren’t too crowded, so you can go for that and then there is baby elites, there is the 20,000 health mobs and the 40,000 health mobs, you can level at western Haram. There are some mobs over here, they are going to a lot more intense and I don’t know if there is a level requirement to get here, but this is where I personally leveled after level 55.


Take your gear to Haram, go from your level 50 questing gear into your Harem gear which is very strong, so I am still using all tier 1 gear, so if you are looking like at my weapon, this is the same weapon like grade or tear. This is the same tier of weapon you would get as a caster. This is the gear you are going to use and it gives you an immense stat boost, especially if you are trying to solo, so make sure you get on that ASAP.


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